Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dog Knows When to Spin and When to Walk Away Winner Credits Dog for Big Win

If she hadn’t listened to her dog, a recent winner wouldn’t have hit the jackpot like she did when her trusted companion urged her to take one more spin on her favourite slot machine.

Player MAGAMILL was having a lucky streak. Within ten minutes of making a $25 deposit, she’d run her balance up to over $300.

“Players attribute good luck to all sorts of things,” said Manager Hannah Morante. “Horoscopes, lucky charms… but this is the first player I’ve known to take winning advice from her dog!”

“I was playing Jacks or Better and I was only betting fifty cents and a dollar per round. I thought that being this far ahead of the game, I should cash in and run with the money,” said the excited winner.

MAGAMILL’s dog Shelby always sleeps at her feet while she plays the online slot machines at

“I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk or if she wanted a treat from upstairs, but nothing would get her to move, for me to leave my computer. Now this is a hundred pound dog, so when she doesn't move and is blocking you, you are not going anywhere!” said MAGAMILL.

At her dog’s insistence, the regular player decided to take one more spin, this time on her favourite game, Wild Heart. She bet the full amount, $15, and spun. To her amazement and delight, she hit two straight flushes and a four of a kind and won $350, more than doubling her account balance.

“I figured I was really ahead now and should probably quit with my $650. But I looked down at Shelby and this beast looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, ‘Keep playing, stupid!’ So, I did, next bet $15 again. Yep, you got it, two wild hearts fall down with two Jacks, and I've got $120, for sure, but if I discard the last card, I have a better chance of hitting, and yes, you got it, I hit the fifth Jack on the top line! I couldn't believe my eyes, another 375 bucks!”
So far ahead of her original $25 deposit, MAGAMILL was anxious to cash out. This time her dog agreed and the slot playing team logged off for the night. has nine unique online slot machines and now offers three of the most popular games on mobile phones. The site is well known for its progressive jackpots (available both online and on the mobile games) which are hit every six weeks or so for $150,000 or more.

Friday, May 26, 2006 & Add Fuel to Fire as New Yorkers Stand In LIne for Hours

Most Generous Sites on the Net take a bite out of the Big Apple's gas prices and their newly launched gave away over 8 thousand gallons of gasoline this morning to hundreds of New Yorkers excited to be apart of this generous offer. The line up in what on-site traffic officers called the longest gas line in New York City this decade spanned over ten blocks backing up to the Brooklyn Bridge.

From 6AM EST this morning, the Westside Highway Mobil station at the corner of Canal St. & West Side HWY offered up to $40 in free unleaded gasoline compliments of the online poker and casino group. PokerShare’s “deal” was designed to help New Yorkers enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend without having to fret about the high price of gasoline.

Several morning shows and radio personalities interacted and interviewed the drivers who were clearly not only happy with their free gas, but with their 15 seconds of fame. The PokerShare team and gas station management team were all suited up, and supporting the PokerShare Pump Girls, who filled the tanks of eager New Yorkers. With only 6 pumps in service and cars backed up during morning rush hour, NYPD eventually had to shut the party down!

Lucan Toh, CEO of and said, “It's a travesty that with gas prices so high in America, someone like PokerShare who wants to give back and give away free gas gets shut down hours early with thousands of gallons waiting to be given out. But PokerShare is about giving back to the people who support it, so we’ll be back.”

New Yorkers who had heard about the event through flyers, radio and TV promotions, and word of mouth came from as far away as South Jersey. Even off-duty police officers and city officials came to the station to get their share of gas. “I left work to fill up – this is just too good to be true, when is the last time you got gas for FREE,” said one customer. and their newly launched hope that everyone involved will have a better Memorial Day Weekend because of the event. hoped that the event could run a full five hours, but are already planning their next “PokerShare City”, where they will once again help relieve the price of the pump. The most generous site on the Web plans to choose their next city via a poll on the ( website.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tournament Runner-up Vows to Win Free Roll This Week

Regulars become known at their favorite poker sites, and lately everyone at is cheering on player “Brill” in the retro-Vegas casino / sportsbook site’s weekly free-roll poker tournaments.

“Brill’s been playing in our Wednesday night game for a long time,” said Manager Rene Quesada. “The last two weeks, he’s come in second. Maybe next week will be the week he wins the coveted shirt and visor!”

“This week, victory is mine!” said the confident tournament regular. “I have a strategy that I've formulated over the years that seems to work for me, and I call it my ‘Brill Strategy’. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that I’m a semi-conservative player with an aggressive streak and a good knack for knowing how much to bet at certain times, and how to extract the most chips from an opponent in a given pot. Of course, no matter how good of a player you are, you need to get lucky or at least avoid getting unlucky...” does offer several high stakes poker tournaments, but the weekly Wednesday night Free Roll is one of its most popular events.

“Often the tourney bonus prizes are poker chips, poker shirts, cool stuff like that,” said Quesada. “But in January we surprised everyone by making the prize of the week an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl. And we sent a bunch of Wednesday night winners to our Radio Music Awards party in Vegas too.”

Brill, a 23-year-old recent Business Computer Systems graduate, has also been playing in the Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament at He has qualified to play in the online elimination round and hopes to make it from there to the million-dollar Final Table. Another weekly tournament at awards $10,000 WSOP seats in each of three daily heats.

“Playing in a tournament is a different world from regular games,” said the tournament regular. “The thing that makes tournament play so exciting is that every player is given the same amount of chips, and you need to use your skills and mind to try to maneuver your way and somehow obtain all of the chips in play. It’s actually pretty intense if you think about it, especially in a tournament with hundreds of players. It really is a war of the minds, more than anything else, and the feeling you get from knowing you've gotten all the chips from every player.... it’s priceless.”

The WSOP and the Million Dollar Free Roll Final Table are Brill’s goals for this summer. For tonight though, his focus is on winning the regular Wednesday night free roll and wearing that silk shirt.

Any player can join tonight’s tournament at 11:00 p.m. EDT by logging on to

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Online Casino Launches “Aces, the Movie” Finalizes Hollywood Deal for Poker Movie Launch

The deal has been inked – is sponsoring the sexiest poker movie of the summer. The Vegas-style online casino / poker / sportsbetting site plans special events, on-site promotions and contests to celebrate the release of Aces, the Movie. players will be invited to the Los Angeles premiere of Aces, the Movie on September 26th. Throughout the summer, many will win their all-expense paid trip in weekly tournaments and summer contests.

Aces, the Movie is a sexy thriller exploring the world of poker that has fascinates and thrills millions of Americans. Brooke (Lacey Toups, CSI Miami), Elle (Christina Morris) and Pieti (Sheena Chou, Burned) are all gorgeous … and mathematical geniuses. Looking for a challenge and some fast money, the ladies head for Sin City and high-stakes, competitive poker. Once in Vegas, face to face with the pros, they set their plan into action, relying on high-tech gadgetry, brainpower and unequivocal charm.

After being taken for all he’s worth by the trio, world-renowned poker champion Fang Chow (Garret Sato, Pearl Harbor, Alias) becomes suspicious of the beauties’ gambling tactics and invites them to Rio de Janeiro to join a handful of the world’s leading players (including Platinum-selling rapper Domino) in an intense No-Limit Texas Hold ’Em tournament. After Chow ensures no cheating will be possible, Brooke finds herself trapped in a battle of wits, strategy and skill as she plays for their lives.

Aces, the Movie is being released by Warner Brothers and Polychrome Pictures nationwide on DVD and it will also be available through Time-Warner Video-On-Demand. will be distributing thousands of copies of the DVD, which features poker lessons from the movies sexy cast.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Two Huge Progressive Jackpots Overdue for a Hit’s ‘Free Ride’ Progressive Jackpot Approaching $250,000

Two of’s three progressive jackpots are sky high – one well over $200K -- and all are statistically due to be hit. On average, Aces’ jackpots are won twice a week, usually for about $50K each time. The Hook Line & Sinker slots jackpot was just hit on Friday and is way over a hundred grand already. This week two progressive jackpots are setting record highs.

Current Progressive Jackpots*:

Caribbean Stud $161,698.84
Free Ride $237,550.68
Hook Line Sinker $124,470.33

* At as of May 15 08:43 MDT (Las Vegas)

Progressive jackpots raise the stakes for card and slots players. By adding a dollar to a bet to play the progressive, players become eligible to win huge jackpots.

“We’re part of the biggest online gambling company in the world, so our progressive jackpots are played by literally millions of players,” said Rene Quesada, Manager. “That’s why they get so big even though they get hit pretty often.”

Part of the excitement of progressive jackpots is watching the jackpot ticker constantly changing as millions of online players up the ante by adding the progressive to their bet. At, an hour can add $10,000 to the pot.

“I never used to play the progressive until my friend won $36,000 that way,” said player “WANNABET” of Kansas. “I’d just spin and hope for the best. Then I realized you can never win the really big money unless you top up your bets. Now I do it all the time – it’s way more exciting with $200,000 on the line I’ll tell ya!” players can add the Progressive Bet playing Caribbean Stud, Bermuda Poker or slot machines.

Current progressive jackpot values are updated in real-time at

Monday, May 01, 2006 to back Hollywood’s next big poker movie has made a sponsorship offer to the producers of the hottest poker movie since Rounders. The retro Vegas-style casino, poker and sportsbetting site plans to launch the movie with special celebrity events in Los Angeles and Las Vegas this summer. Tons of poker tournaments and contest prizes will mean lots of players will join the party!

“Online poker has become such a huge cultural phenomenon,” said Manager, Rene Quesada. “This movie really explores the lifestyle and excitement that poker players dream about. It has it all… beautiful women, exotic locations, suspense, cheating, and winning.”

Matt Damon may have revived the genre in Rounders (1998), but Hollywood has been fascinated by poker and poker culture since Hopalong Cassidy saved the day by posing as a newbie poker player in Sunset Trail (1939) and Gene Autry starred in the classic poker murder mystery Loaded Pistols (1948). Warren Beatty also played a sly, cheating, debonair poker player in Kaleidoscope (1966) while in Maverick (1994), Mel Gibson and Jody Foster needed $3000 dollars to enter a winner-takes-all poker tournament. Steve McQueen managed to get into the highest stakes game of his life in perhaps the best poker movie of all time, The Cincinnati Kid (1965).

The movie deal is just the first of many great things to come from the new and improved The site is part of Sportingbet Plc – the biggest online gambling company in the world – and has long been popular with Vegas gamblers.

“Most of our players first got into casino games, poker and sports betting at hotels on the Vegas strip,” said Quesada about typical players. “Something like 65% tells us that they still make one or more trips to Las Vegas every year, but 100% enjoy having everything that Vegas has to offer right on their home computer.”