Thursday, July 28, 2005

MLB Wild Card Odds -- Battle for final playoff spots heating up has posted odds on which team will stake claim to the Wild Card spots in the American League and National League races. With several of the Division pennant races still up for grabs, determining who will qualify directly for the post season and who will claim the Wild Card spots is anyone’s guess.

National League

The leading favorite to capture the Wild Card in the NL is Houston with 6-5 odds. The Astros are well back of St. Louis in the Central Division but have one of the best records among the non division leading teams. The only team with a better record right now, and not leading their division, is the Washington Nationals. However, the Nationals have struggled lately and are only 6-1 favorites to take the Wild Card.

Other teams in the hunt include the Chicago Cubs (5-1) and the Philadelphia Phillies (6-1).

“The Wild Card is likely to go to whoever finishes second in the Central,” says Peter Childs, Odds Maker, “The five teams in the East will really beat each other up over the remainder of the year to see who can take the pennant. It’s hard to see two teams from that division going on a run and keeping up with Houston.”

American League

Though it seemed unlikely a few weeks ago, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox have picked up steam and are right back in the hunt for both the AL East title and the Wild Card spot in the American league. The Yankees and Red Sox are 8-5 and 9-5 favorites respectively. Other teams with a chance include the Oakland Athletics (5-1) and Minnesota Twins (6-1).

“At the start of the year, everyone assumed the Yankees and Red Sox would have the best records in the League, meaning one of them would be the Wild Card team,” says Childs. “Despite their slow starts, it seems both teams may very well end up in the playoffs after all.”

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National League Wild Card – Who Will Win

Houston Astros 6-5

Chicago Cubs 5-1

Philadelphia Phillies 6-1

Washington Nationals 6-1

Atlanta Braves 8-1

Florida Marlins 10-1

New York Mets 10-1

Field (any other team) 10-1

American League Wild Card – Who Will Win

New York Yankees 8-5

Boston Red Sox 9-5

Oakland Athletics 5-1

Minnesota Twins 6-1

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 15-1

Baltimore Orioles 18-1

Cleveland Indians 18-1

Texas Rangers 30-1

Toronto Blue Jays 35-1

Detroit Tigers 40-1

Field (any other team) 75-1