Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WinADay's Latest Jackpot Win Continues Trend to Larger Jackpot Payouts

Chinatown Jackpot Winner at WinADay Casino Plans Trip to Olympics in RioThe progressive jackpot that most games at WinADay Casino are tied to is hit so often that it never climbs to million dollar values but lately the jackpot wins have been getting bigger and bigger. Allison P recently won $205,200 playing the unique casino’s popular Chinatown slot game, one of the frequently-won jackpot’s bigger payouts ever.

This jackpot winner says she plans to use her winnings to go to the Olympics in Rio next year.  She'll also buy her mom a new car.

“I’ve always wanted to go to the Olympic games so now I can seriously look into going to Rio next year,” Allison told a WinADay customer service rep. “The money will also come in handy as I want to buy my mom a new car.”

“I love Chinatown but there’s so many other fun games that I enjoy,” said Allison, who’s been playing at WinADay since 2012. “I played the new Castle Siege most over the holidays.”

The jackpot winner’s advice to other players? “Switch games if you feel unlucky on a particular game. Find one that suits your current mood and luck. If you still don't feel lucky, take a break and play another day.”

 This is the third jackpot payout in a row that’s over $200,000.

“We’ve seen a definite trend,” said Michael Hilary, WinADay’s manager. “There are more and more people playing, so the jackpots are getting bigger and bigger.”

In August, Sascha K from Germany won $226,053 playing Slot 21 which combines slots and Blackjack. This isn’t the first time that the jackpot has been won on the Chinatown slot. Not long ago, Vera M., a young mother with a fascination with anything Chinese, struck it rich playing the Chinese-themed game. Her $255,462 win was a record-breaker at the time.