Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Intertops Poker Players Return from CAPT Velden Happy, if not Winners

Intertops Poker Players Enjoyed CAPT Velden Austrian Poker TournamentI told you last month about two Intertops Poker players that won their way to CAPT Velden, the Casinos Austria Poker Tour event.  Well, turns out Christoph and Michael did OK the first day but didn’t make it to the final day of their €500 event. Although the weekend at the Austrian casino resort didn’t end as they’d hoped they had a good time anway.  I mean, they WON their trips to Velden in online qualifiers at Intertops so they were ahead before they left home! -

A player known only as “Joe” beat 214 other players to win the NLH Main Event at CAPT Velden, taking €105,400 of the €395,000 prize pool.

 “Velden is one of the biggest tournaments in the CAPT season in terms of participants and it takes place in a great setting!” Christoph said. “It’s kind of the kick-off tournament. For me it’s also fun to meet a lot of players that I know but don’t see very often.”

“I played OK but I was very unhappy with one hand where all signs were telling me that my opponent was bluffing but I didn't have the guts to call with my weak hand. After I folded, my analysis was proven to be right when my opponent showed his cards.” “

"Competition was good this year, many players of different skills. Fun to play them and I learned a few things from observing some fun hands that went down on my table.”

By Larry Colcy, The Gamblogger