Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tournament Runner-up Vows to Win Free Roll This Week

Regulars become known at their favorite poker sites, and lately everyone at is cheering on player “Brill” in the retro-Vegas casino / sportsbook site’s weekly free-roll poker tournaments.

“Brill’s been playing in our Wednesday night game for a long time,” said Manager Rene Quesada. “The last two weeks, he’s come in second. Maybe next week will be the week he wins the coveted shirt and visor!”

“This week, victory is mine!” said the confident tournament regular. “I have a strategy that I've formulated over the years that seems to work for me, and I call it my ‘Brill Strategy’. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that I’m a semi-conservative player with an aggressive streak and a good knack for knowing how much to bet at certain times, and how to extract the most chips from an opponent in a given pot. Of course, no matter how good of a player you are, you need to get lucky or at least avoid getting unlucky...” does offer several high stakes poker tournaments, but the weekly Wednesday night Free Roll is one of its most popular events.

“Often the tourney bonus prizes are poker chips, poker shirts, cool stuff like that,” said Quesada. “But in January we surprised everyone by making the prize of the week an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl. And we sent a bunch of Wednesday night winners to our Radio Music Awards party in Vegas too.”

Brill, a 23-year-old recent Business Computer Systems graduate, has also been playing in the Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament at He has qualified to play in the online elimination round and hopes to make it from there to the million-dollar Final Table. Another weekly tournament at awards $10,000 WSOP seats in each of three daily heats.

“Playing in a tournament is a different world from regular games,” said the tournament regular. “The thing that makes tournament play so exciting is that every player is given the same amount of chips, and you need to use your skills and mind to try to maneuver your way and somehow obtain all of the chips in play. It’s actually pretty intense if you think about it, especially in a tournament with hundreds of players. It really is a war of the minds, more than anything else, and the feeling you get from knowing you've gotten all the chips from every player.... it’s priceless.”

The WSOP and the Million Dollar Free Roll Final Table are Brill’s goals for this summer. For tonight though, his focus is on winning the regular Wednesday night free roll and wearing that silk shirt.

Any player can join tonight’s tournament at 11:00 p.m. EDT by logging on to