Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grandma Wins $775 on $15 Pull

Wild Hearts Paid Off and Grandson Gets New Shoes!

The big jackpot is still waiting to be won at, but smaller wins that make big differences happen every day. For one of the popular slot machine web site’s thousands of grandmas, a recent $775 win on a $15 bet meant paying off some debts and buying her grandson new shoes.

“Of course it’s exciting to win a huge jackpot – and we’re certainly overdue for a big progressive jackpot winner,” said Hannah Morante of “But smaller wins can make big differences, too. We see lots of players win a few hundred on a small bet, and we’re excited every time!”

The lucky granny, known at as “MAGAMILL”, was going through a stack of bills one night, wondering how they’d ever get paid off.

“I sure don’t rely on winning at the slot machines to pay off my debts,” said the grandma, “I just decided to play that night to forget about bills for awhile.”

After making a small deposit she went straight to her favourite slot machine, Wild Heart. She made a maximum bet of $15, which may not be much for some but for MAGAMILL it was more than she’d usually bet on one spin. Fortunately, that’s when good fortune came calling.

“On my third pull, to my amazement appeared two kings, one Wild Heart, another king, and oh my god, another Wild Heart! Not on one line, not on two lines, but on all three lines!” recalls the ecstatic player. “I had just won $775. Imagine betting just $15 and winning that much!”

MAGAMILL considered quitting while she was ahead, but she felt lucky and kept playing. In five minutes, she’d gotten her winnings up to $1000 and that’s when she cashed out. Her win that night didn’t exactly pay off the mortgage, but it was more than enough to buy her grandson something he badly needed – new shoes. has winners like this every day but every six weeks or so the big progressive jackpot gets hit for well over $100,000. Since there hasn’t been a jackpot winner since January, the feeling around is that it must be about time. The only question is which of Slotland’s nine unique slot machines will the winner be playing? And will they be at their computer or will they be playing one of the five real-money games now available on mobile phones?