Friday, September 30, 2011 Mentoring Leads to Success in €100K GTD for Paul Gunn

Badbeat com Sponsored Player Paul Gunn Takes Second in €100K GTDAttributing his improved performance to the mentoring he’s received over the last two months, sponsored player Paul Gunn took second place and pocketed €16.6K in the €100K GTD at Royal Vegas Poker on Sunday night. If you're looking to step up your own game you'll be happy to know that Badbeat now makes poker training materials developed through their mentoring program available free online., the original and leading poker staking site, has been sponsoring and mentoring promising players like Gunn since 2005. This summer it made its revolutionary new MyGame poker training system, modeled on that experience, available free to anyone that wants to learn, win and transform the way they play. It builds players’ poker skills from the ground up by analysing actual play. Access to tutorials, the unique hands analysis tool, Report Cards, and Social gaming features are all free after registering a new account with any of Badbeat’s partner poker sites. A new iPhone app now enables MyGame poker trainees to compare Report Cards with others enrolled in the program and even get advice and access training videos from their phone.

Gunn described Sunday’s tournament, and how the confidence he’s gained from coaching has changed his game: “For the final hand the blinds are 50/100k and we’re pretty much level - I raised 200k - he pushes - I call instantly holding JJ - he turns over the 10c 8c, so I couldn’t be more pleased…until the flop comes Ac 2c Ad, Turn 7h and River 9c! I was gutted but at the same time chuffed with the result and knowing that I played the hand right.”

“I’ve learned to be pretty aggressive on the bubbles as people tighten up trying to cash more and floating in a lot of pots then bluffing. It worked a treat. Since I’ve been back with these last two months I can’t give my mentor Jon Huckle any higher praise. He’s given me the confidence to believe in my game.”

“This is a great example of what a good player can do with the correct tournament selection,” said Paul’s mentor Jon Huckle. “With some coaching he’s learned to control his daily spend on MTT’s and use his profit to buy into the larger weekly events rather than killing his bankroll. He’s managed to cash consistently and build his profit. It was only a matter of time until he hit big!”

“Paul has responded very well to our training and mentoring,” said founder John Conroy. “We’re so pleased with his development so far that we’re rewarding him with a seat at the £300 Deepstack live event at DTD Nottingham next weekend!”

Frighteningly Generous Halloween Cash Back Bonuses at Grande Vegas Casino

Grande Vegas Casino Halloween Madness Cash Back Bonus to Refund Three Players October DepositsGrande Vegas Casino is being frighteningly generous with casino bonuses during their Halloween Madness celebrations. Three lucky players will get every penny they deposit in October refunded!  They'll be randomly chosen at the end of October and will receive a no-deposit cash back casino bonus. Many more will receive surprise bonuses when they check their casino message centers.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic to play for a whole month, have a great time, and then get back every penny you spent?!” said a Grande Vegas Casino spokesperson. “We can’t do that for everyone, of course, but we’ll sure be spreading a lot of cash around to a lot of players.”

“Let’s face it, lots of casinos have great games,” said a regular player at Grande Vegas Casino. “These days you expect that. It’s the nice touches that make the difference though, I think. Like being generous with bonuses like Grande Vegas is!”

Grande Vegas surprised players with notes in their message center about deposit bonuses and cash-back bonuses several times in September. They’re not saying when, but they will be making more surprise announcements in October including one for an add-on tournament. Since players have just 24 hours to respond to these messages they’re advised to continue checking their message center inboxes frequently.

“I love checking my messages to discover the ‘Bonus Fairy’ has sent me a nice surprise. That little extra money means I can have a little more Saturday afternoon fun time than I thought I would have! How great is that?! And the best part is, Grande Vegas is doing this all the time!”

There are more than 300 casino games to choose from at Grande Vegas Casino, including slots, blackjack and roulette. Several slot machines with progressive jackpots over a million dollars are among the most popular. Someone playing Jackpot Pinatas could win over $1.7 million. On Aztec’s Millions the progressive jackpot is currently over $1.2 million. The Midlife Crisis/Shopping Spree jackpot is at $1.1 million and Cleopatra’s Gold is over a quarter million.