Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Slotland Celebrating 3000th Facebook Friend with Contest on Facebook Page

When you've been around as long as Slotland you've got a lot of friends.  The casino, which celebrated its sixteenth birthday recently, has just welcomed its 3000th Facebook Friend. Players like to share their online gambling experiences with other players on Facebook.  The casino also posts special bonus offers and pop quizzes awarding free chips on the Slotland Facebook page. To celebrate its Facebook milestone, the unique casino is running another pop quiz.

The quiz question is "What was the first game Slotland announced on its Facebook page?"  Ten randomly selected contest entrants will get a $30 free chip.

“We recently ran a quiz asking players to name our very first five-reel slot,” said Slotland manager Michael Hilary. “That was a long time ago, so I was impressed by how many got it right! It was ‘Magic’, by the way.”

At Christmas, Slotland hid three bonus codes on its Facebook page: one freebie no-deposit bonus, a 100% match bonus and a 200% match bonus. Thousands of players found them and enjoyed some extra money in their accounts over the holidays.

“When we launched the new Gods of Egypt game, which has a bonus game where players try to guess which of three jars in the pharaoh’s tomb is hiding a prize, we asked players which one they usually picked,” said Hilary. “It’s completely random, of course, but a lot of players seem to pick the middle jar.”

With its site-wide progressive jackpot currently over $150,000, Slotland is looking forward to celebrating another big winner soon and that will, no doubt, be happily discussed on Facebook!