Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iPhones, iPads and Games Consoles on Christmas List at

Online penny auction site gets in festive spirit with a range of great electrical gifts at bargain prices.

bidibot-ticket-160.jpg, the online gambling-specific penny auction site, is set to roll out a new Christmas campaign that will see poker players picking up high quality stocking fillers at massively discounted prices every day.

Players registering to the site will be in for a festive feast of home and mobile entertainment as daily auction lots including laptops, iPads, iPhones and games consoles - such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 64 - are auctioned off to the highest bidder. It may sounds like a normal auction, but when customers consider that each bid increases the bid price by just $0.01, then they get a feel for the huge value available at this Christmas.

In the past two weeks, two bidders - rje8686 and TheHulk - have each claimed a brand new games console for under 5% of the normal retail cost. The Sony PlayStation 3 winner, rje8686, posted the final bid of $12.17 to claim his prize for a staggering 96% discount on the normal retail value, while The Hulk secured an Xbox 360 with the new FIFA 11 game for a mere $2.01 - a massive 99.26% saving.

"While most of the auction lots we offer at are online casino and poker chips, we're also very aware that it's Christmas for poker players too, so we're delighted to be offering these high quality, high value products at bargain prices," said Bidibot CEO, John Tabatabai.

"Registered users are averaging well over 90% discount on face value packages across our whole site, and the last two console wins were no different, and to be able to offer this sort of value with Christmas approaching is just fantastic. And, with 100% extra free bids on your first deposit, the time has never been better to join in the fun."

Registration is free, and new members will receive $10 worth of free bids and have their first deposits matched with 100% extra free bids.