Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Household Slots Tournament Adds Excitement

Husband and wife compete against each other on WebTV & computer

Logged on side-by-side – one on the household computer and the other using WebTV – a husband and wife team at Slotland.com has created their own household slots tournament. When players TOOTY and REENY34 go head to head, the jackpot prize -- picking a chore for the loser to do -- is better than cash they say.

“My wife and I have been pulling slots at Slotland.com for over seven years now,” said TOOTY, “But this month was special because we purchased a new computer and now we play in the same room, at the same time. I’m on WebTV because the TV screen is bigger and my wife is on the computer because she says it’s faster.”

The pair starts out with $100 each and they can choose whatever games they like. Every three hours, whoever has the most money picks one chore from a list of chores for the other to complete during their break.

In a recent after-dinner tournament, they each won $250 within twenty-five minutes hitting four of a kind at Jacks or Better – TOOTY twice on $5 bets and REENY34 just once but with a $10 bet. TOOTY later changed strategy when REENY34 took the lead and switched to placing max bets playing the Treasure Box slot machine.

“After three hours of competition, my wife had $900 in total wins and I had $700. I did the chore that night!”

“Many other online casinos don’t allow two members of the same household to open separate accounts,” said Hannah Morante of Slotland.com. “Which means Slotland.com is about the only place where you can enjoy head-to-head competitions.”

“Actually, they could have as many friends join them as they can fit in their living room,” reminds Slotland.com Mobile Gambling Manager, Martin Smith. “You can play our most popular slots on any mobile phone or PDA!”

America -- Intertops is Open for Business

Pioneering Online Gaming Site will Allow Americans to Play

Intertops announced today that they remain open for business and will accept all bets and process all payments from American citizens.

Developments in Washington, DC earlier this month compelled publicly-traded gaming sites such as 888.com and PartyPoker to cease all US services. All services at Intertops.com will seamlessly continue, offering sports betting, casino, poker and games.

Intertops commented, “We consider online gaming to be legal in most U.S. states and sanctioned by the World Trade Organization.”

“We are licensed and regulated in both Canada and Antigua and comply with every law within the jurisdictions in which we operate. We are dedicated to offering our worldwide customers a efficient and enjoyable service via our online sportsbook, casino, poker room and games. As a privately owned and independent company we have arranged to fully accept and disperse payments for US-based gamblers.”

After offering the world’s first online betting platform in 1996 and an online casino in 1997 Intertops.com started its poker room and games in 2003. Intertops will not only continue to serve its own customers but has made arrangements to accommodate an considerable amount of new customers that have lost their betting accounts due to the shut-down of many online gaming sites earlier this month.

Intertops added “Intertops has been in business for 23 years, 10 of them online. Our reputation as a responsible and trustworthy gaming site stands alone. We will continue to ensure that deposits and payouts are as quick and safe as they have always been.”