Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Head-to-Head $5K Blackjack Tournament Declares Winner

Lucky18Casino.com continues to offer the net’s best blackjack tournament action

For seven weeks, Lucky18Casino.com blackjack players have been going head-to-head in yet another exciting blackjack tournament powered by 21GNET tournament technology. Last weekend’s $5000 “Head-to-Head Blackjack Tournament” championship saw intense competition when a six-level, 64-player field narrowed to just the Final Four.

While most large online casino blackjack tournaments are off limits to players in the U.S., Lucky18Casino.com welcomes players from all over the world. They are the only online casino to accept Amex, Mastercard and Visa from all customers, including U.S. players.

The dealer made it difficult for the wannabe champions by pulling one blackjack after another, like in the semi-final round featuring two rookies ‘Mademan’ vs ‘Kurestrio,’ when the dealer swept 33% of the chip stack after one lucky pair of cards. ‘Kurestrio’ was out of chips long before the final hand, forfeiting the game and sending ‘Mademan’ it to the finals.

There he would meet ‘Black_jd’ who had his way with ‘John_doe’ in the other semi-final. ‘John_doe,’ an up-and-comer with an aggressive style and severe lack of name creation imagination, played well but not good enough to take out ‘Black_jd,’ who was also going to the finals.

Knowing the dealer had been scorching all night, both ‘Mademan and Black_jd’ started with conservative wagers when they went head-to-head and both were glad they had when the Dealer started with a blackjack.

Down by close to 900 chips with only a few hands left, “Black_jd” was forced to split his chip count in the 14th for any hope of being in the game. Finally receiving some fortune, he doubled his chip count and had a shot. In the 15th and final hand, he bet his max to finish an unlikely comeback but all hopes were shattered when the dealer ended the game as he began it. Blackjack!

Lucky18Casino.com Head to Head Blackjack Tournament Final Standings:

1st: ‘Mademan’ ($2,500)
2nd: ‘Black_jd’ ($1,500)
3rd: ‘Kurestrio’ ($500)
4th: ‘John_doe’ ($500)

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