Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mobile Gambling Leader Introduces Yet Another Real-Money Mobile Slot Machine Adds New Golden 8 Slot Machine to Mobile Phone Games Suite

Following on the success of their first two real-money slot machine games for the mobile phone platform, has launched yet another mobile slot machine. The Golden 8 has long been a favourite at the popular slot machine website and now makes its debut on their new WAP gambling site for mobile phones and PDAs.

“We haven’t had a big jackpot winner on a mobile device yet,” said Hannah Morante of “But all the mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpots as our web games, so it’s bound to happen one day. Don’t be surprised if someone in the queue in front of you starts kissing their mobile phone in excitement someday – they may have just won $150,000!”

The Golden 8 mobile features a bonus round triggered by spinning Blue Diamonds. Bonus round bets are taken from the previous spin so a common strategy is to maximize bets when you’ve collected five diamonds and are waiting for the sixth to trigger the free bonus round.

While many of’s regular online players occasionally play their favourite slots on their phone, the pioneering mobile entertainment provider is finding the mobile games appeal to quite a different kind of player.

“Traditional online slots and casino players are older than most mobile entertainment consumers. They may not even have a mobile phone yet, and if they do they probably just use it for phone calls,” says’s Mobile Games Marketing Manager, Martin Smith. “Younger adults, on the other hand, are more apt to look at their phones as a toy – a small portable computer that can be used for a variety of entertainment. They may have never spun a slot machine before, but when it’s on their phone it’s something new to try.” now features three unique games in its mobile suite and eight different slot machines plus video poker on the web site. Every six weeks or so, a new mobile game is added – about as frequently as Slotland’s famous progressive jackpot is hit for $150,000 or more.