Monday, August 21, 2006

Venerable Vegas Site Gets New Games & Poker School in Makeover

After millions of games and billions in wagers, launched a new and improved site this week. The long-popular online casino with the easy-to-remember name is keeping its retro Vegas look and feel, and still offers every kind of gambling found on The Strip, but has added new instant-play games and a new Poker School & Casino School for newbies.

“Most of our players are old school gamblers. They like Vegas.” said Manager Rene Quesada, “So we’re keeping a re-vamped ‘rat pack’ look and we still offer everything Vegas offers: casino games, poker, horses and sports betting. We just modernized our games – new instant-play Flash games that don’t require downloading or installation – and we’ve added a lot more resources, especially for inexperienced players.”

Most casino and poker sites have the basic rules of their games buried somewhere on their site, but the new Casino School and Poker School provide more thorough and easier-to-understand explanations of both game play and betting procedures than most. The Sportsbook and Horsebook both feature easy-to-understand animated tutorials and there’s even a Texas Hold ‘Em video tutorial by the star of the new poker movie is sponsoring.

“ has been around since 1998 and a lot of our players are experienced gamblers that have been playing with us for years,” said Quesada, “But, especially with this summer’s movie promotion, we’re seeing more and more new players that want to play but need a little help with how to bet, especially in one of the most popular games, Texas Hold ’Em.”

As the sponsor of ACES the Movie, is sending all new players a copy of the sexy new movie about three beautiful young women that take on the underground card rooms of Las Vegas. The new site features clips and photos from the movie in addition to the Texas Hold ’Em video tutorial with the movie’s star, Lacey Toups.

Like Las Vegas, attracts a lot of celebrities so players never know when they’re going to be playing against a movie star or rock icon. Snoop Dogg, Lance Bass, Deborah Gibson, Lauren Holly all have accounts at Wednesday night tournaments are frequently hosted by the stars of Aces the Movie.

No fly-by-night operation, is part of Sportingbet Plc, the world’s biggest online gambling company. Known and trusted for years, has a reputation for quick payouts, exemplary customer service and generous bonuses and promotions.

Beginner's Luck

New Player Wins $116,828 Jackpot

A new player has hit the sixth major jackpot of the year at “Iringion” of Massachusetts won $116,828 playing the popular Wild Heart slot machine at the world’s most popular slots site.

“I wasn’t even a real slots fan before this,” said the excited winner. “I used to prefer online poker and other card games, but after this experience you can be sure I love spinning slots now!”

“Some people think you have to play slots a lot before you win anything,” said Hannah Morante of, “But this beginner winning a very big jackpot after playing such a short time shows that anyone can win any time.”

“Iringion” decided to try out Slotland’s unique games when he realized that several are, in fact, card games.

“I’ve found the Slotland card games to be quite loose,” said the winner. “I just figured that there are more slots and players probably play the slots more often than the card games, which is why I see so many slot machine jackpots. I did recall Striking Sevens hitting recently, so I really was not expecting the jackpot by playing the card games! “

On his winning session, Slotland’s most recent progressive jackpot winner knew he’d really hit a groove of nice paying hands when he saw a couple of straight flushes and several four of a kinds land in his lap while playing Jacks or Better. When he switched to Wild Hearts, it was slow at first and he was down $600. Then he was dealt three Wild Royal Flushes for an automatic $1,500 win – and there were still two wild cards in each deck. Agonizing for a moment about whether or not to take the guaranteed $1500 or go for the glory, with a progressive jackpot or over $116,000 luring him to give it a try, he trusted his decision to a flip of a coin.

“When the cards came up, I will never forget seeing that beloved jack of diamonds fall on the bottom line!” recalls the winner of his winning hand. “And can you believe it? I also DID get another wild card on the middle line! Kind of like extra frosting on an amazing cake!”

“Our jackpots get hit so often – usually every six weeks or so – and for such large amounts, you’d think we’d get used to hearing about yet another big winner,” said Hannah Morante of “But the whole office always gets excited whenever a players has this kind of good luck!”

Asked what he plans to do with his big win, the winner said he still hasn’t calmed down enough to think that far. “I never expected it to be me to win the jackpot, so I never really thought very hard about what to do with so much money. But don't worry I am sure I will figure it out!”