Thursday, April 25, 2013

Almost Time to Retire after a $95,000 Winning Spree on 'Loose Caboose' Slot

Slots Winner Can Retire after Winning Streak on Loose Caboose Slot at SlotasticA Slotastic Casino slots winner is one step closer to a comfortable retirement after an incredible weekend winning streak on his favorite slots game, the Loose Caboose. 

It seems Robert E. was having trouble falling asleep so he decided to play some online slots games for awhile. First thing he did was cancel a payout request he’d submitted that afternoon so he’d have money in his account to play with.  Then logged on to Loose Caboose and started winning right from the start.

The 59 year old player, who is preparing for retirement with his wife, won a $35,000 jackpot almost immediately. He kept playing the same game over that weekend and won another $60,000. By Sunday night he’d won $95,000. “That jackpot sure got me off to a great start,” explained the winner. “Then I kept getting free spins that really boosted my wins.”

 "You know, when you're getting old, you don't see too well, so I did a double-take when I heard the winnings! I had to get my wife to come over and see how much I suddenly had in my account. She couldn’t believe it either -- but her eyes are better than mine and she said I sure had won a pile of money!"

Robert says he won’t be splashing his winnings around.

"I am a very low key person, so I won't splurge with all this money,” he told a Slotastic! customer service agent. “But that’s not to say we won’t take a nice trip in the near future.”

 "I love that game Loose Caboose. It's my absolute fave, even when I am not winning! For me it's the entertainment that counts, although winning sure has its pros!"

Slotastic! welcomes players from around the world. Although it specializes in slots games there’s also a complete selection of table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette. If you're new there you can claim a $300 Welcome Bonus.

You're in Control in Slotland's New 'Airmail' Slots Game with Re-spin Feature

New Airmail Game at Slotland Puts Players in Control with New Re-spin has just launched a new slots game with a "re-spin" feature that's great for players that want some control so they can play strategically.

It’s up, up and away with the new Airmail slots game that celebrates the golden age of aviation. It's a five reel, twelve-plus-one payline slot game with a retro design that’s a tribute to the early days of flying. It has a new “re-spin” feature that gives you the option of trying for a better combination of symbols by spinning one reel again.  Three Scatter symbols (an airplane engine) trigger the Re-spin Bonus Feature and up to 6 re-spins of a single reel.

To celebrate the launch of its 29th one-of-a-kind online slots game, until May 1st Slotland is giving a $23 freebie, offering match bonuses, and holding a contest.

The symbols on the reels include a vintage seaplane, an early airship, luggage labeled with exotic ports of call, air mail letters to foreign destinations and a swashbuckling pilot. They take you back to flying’s heyday between WWI and WWII when daring pilots raced to be the first to cross the Atlantic or to fly around the world.

“On some slots, like Treasure Box, you can hold a reel with high value symbols and keep them for the next spin,” said Slotland manager Michael Hilary. “’Re-spin’ is sort of like that except you re-spin just one reel and keep the rest.”

Like most of Slotland’s slot games, Airmail is tied to the site-wide progressive jackpot that is currently over $105,000. Five "Zeppelin" symbols on a payline with a $20 bet on the spin wins the jackpot. The minimum bet on Airmail is only $0.10 and the maximum, with max bets on all pay lines is $26.

Slotland now has twenty-nine one of a kind real money online slots. Any mobile device capable of handling web content including iPad, iPod Touch and PS3 is great for Slotland’s games. For iPhone and Android phone users there’s now a specially designed mobile site.