Monday, July 17, 2006

Stars of’s Poker Movie Launch Blog & Podcast

Upcoming Episodes Will Feature Live Podcasts from WSOP

The stars of the sexy new poker movie presented by online casino have launched a new blog and a premiere podcast episode to share their experiences shooting the film in Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro. The cast will be in Las Vegas for the Championship weekend of the WSOP, July 27 – 30 and yours truly will be there to help them publish their blog and podcast from The Strip. (Haha... One of the benefits of being buddies with the manager of!)

The blog – Three Girls, One Summer, No Limit – is at where there is a link to the movie trailer video and to the girls’ podcast. The free podcast is also available at iTunes.

ACES the Movie is a sexy thriller about three beautiful, smart college girls that take on the underground card room circuit in Las Vegas. They eventually get caught cheating but they’re just as smart as they are beautiful and they end up in Rio de Janeiro beating some very high rollers at their own game. The movie will be released by Warner Brothers and Polychrome Pictures in the fall; is doing promotional events throughout the summer and will be hosting a DVD release party in September.

So far in their blog, ACES stars Lacey Toups, Christina Morris and Sheena Chou have written about learning to play Texas Hold’em for their roles, and how much they enjoyed shooting the final beach scene. Their first podcast is an interview with Sheena where she talks about searching the back woods villages of Brazil with director Daniel Zirilli looking for a poker game, and about learning to play poker as a pre-schooler from her elderly Chinese great-uncle.

“We had a lot of fun shooting ACES in Vegas. I can’t wait to go back,” said Christina Morris, whose ACES character acts as the seductive decoy that distracts high rollers while her team cheats them out of their money.

“They’ve got this crazy schedule of interviews and photo sessions and special appearances for us,” said Lacey Toups who plays the brainy ‘mark’ in the movie. “I don’t know where we’ll find time for blogging, but I promise we will! As Christina says in our movie ‘One night in Vegas – we’re asking for trouble!’ If she’s the party girl she was in Rio then we’re going to have some good stories and wild pictures for our blog, that’s for sure!”

“We’re going to be hosting the Wednesday Night Free Roll Tournaments at,” said Sheena, the spoilt Chinese schoolgirl in the movie. “I doubt I’ll win but that’s OK. The prize each week is a trip to our DVD Release Party in LA and I already have my invitation to that anyway!”

This Wednesday night (11:00 pm EDT), Lacey Toups hosts the Free Roll at where another winner will win a trip to the DVD Release Party. Director Daniel Zirilli will host the online poker tournament the following week and it will be Sheena’s turn the week after. The celebrity host August 2 will be Christina Morris.

Be sure to check out the cast’s blog for live reports from the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas July 27th to 30th.