Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Casino Pays Out Largest Ever Customer Win in Greece

€940,966 jackpot is largest win ever in Greece and’s biggest casino winner to date

Last week, congratulated a lucky Greek customer on his €940,966 jackpot win by flying him and five of his friends and family to London to receive his winnings and celebrate his incredible good fortune. After toasting his win at Sportingbet’s London offices, the young accountant and his entourage were taken to lunch after which he and his proud fiancĂ© went on a shopping spree.

Mr. K Vasileiadis staked a relatively small amount (€27) on the Super Seven’s online slot machine and won the massive jackpot of €940,966. This is the largest online casino win in Greece ever, and the biggest casino win on

“This is a huge win and I am delighted for Mr. Vasileiadis,” said’s CEO. “He is a loyal and valued customer and I am sure he will enjoy spending the money. I hope that the experience of this win will stay with him for a long time to come.”

Vasileiadis, who usually plays at for a few hours each weekend, said the massive win has certainly changed his life but that he has no plans to leave his job. His fiancé said that their wedding would probably be bigger and sooner than planned though.

Everyday hundreds of people win at, and Mr. Vasileiadis’ success is an excellent example of how online casino’s can and do produce real winners.

“We believe that the customer journey from depositing to winning should provide them with the ultimate gaming experience,” added the CEO.