Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Intertops Poker's $3000 GTD St Patrick's Day Poker Tournament is on March 17th, Satellites Begin Today

Many cities and towns would usually have parades or other community events for St. Patrick's Day but, with that not being a great idea right now, people will be looking for other ways to feel festive. That's where Intertops Poker comes in! Instead of your usual celebrations, why not check out the casino's $3000 GTD St. Patrick’s Day Poker Tournament on March 17th to see if you have the luck of the Irish?

The St. Patrick's Day Poker Tournament is a Progressive Bounty Special. What that means is that every time you knock another player out and collect their bounty, your own bounty will increase!

The tournament is being held of the 17th but, satellite tournaments where you can win your way into the main even, begin today! The $3 satellites will be held twice a day, March 10th to 17th.

"Progressive bounty tournaments are more fun and more thrilling than standard bounty tournaments," explained Intertops Poker's manager. "You collect half their bounty when you knock a player out, while the other half of the bounty is added to your own head. The better you are as a player and the more opponents you knock out, the more cash you collect and the higher your own bounty gets!"

St. Patrick's Day honors the patron saint of Ireland and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. Modern celebrations usually involve parades, parties, green costumes and lots of shamrocks but the day has traditionally been a feast day to honor the holiday's namesake.

Intertops Poker is the busiest poker room on the worldwide Horizon Poker Network and offers hundreds of slots and table games in its Casino Games section. This year Intertops – the world's most trusted online gambling brand -- celebrates the 25th anniversary of the very first online bet, taken in its online sportsbook in 1996.

Progressive Bounty Special
Wednesday, March 17th at 7:15 pm Eastern
(Thursday, March 18th at 01:15 am CET)
Ticket: $60 + $6 (buy-in + fee)
6 min blind levels / 2,000 starting chips

Twice Daily, March 10 – 17
11:15 am & 5:15 pm Eastern (5:15 pm & 11:15 pm CET)
Tickets: $3 + $0.30 (buy-in + fee)