Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mobile Gambling Leader Introduces Yet Another Real-Money Mobile Slot Machine Adds New Golden 8 Slot Machine to Mobile Phone Games Suite

Following on the success of their first two real-money slot machine games for the mobile phone platform, has launched yet another mobile slot machine. The Golden 8 has long been a favourite at the popular slot machine website and now makes its debut on their new WAP gambling site for mobile phones and PDAs.

“We haven’t had a big jackpot winner on a mobile device yet,” said Hannah Morante of “But all the mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpots as our web games, so it’s bound to happen one day. Don’t be surprised if someone in the queue in front of you starts kissing their mobile phone in excitement someday – they may have just won $150,000!”

The Golden 8 mobile features a bonus round triggered by spinning Blue Diamonds. Bonus round bets are taken from the previous spin so a common strategy is to maximize bets when you’ve collected five diamonds and are waiting for the sixth to trigger the free bonus round.

While many of’s regular online players occasionally play their favourite slots on their phone, the pioneering mobile entertainment provider is finding the mobile games appeal to quite a different kind of player.

“Traditional online slots and casino players are older than most mobile entertainment consumers. They may not even have a mobile phone yet, and if they do they probably just use it for phone calls,” says’s Mobile Games Marketing Manager, Martin Smith. “Younger adults, on the other hand, are more apt to look at their phones as a toy – a small portable computer that can be used for a variety of entertainment. They may have never spun a slot machine before, but when it’s on their phone it’s something new to try.” now features three unique games in its mobile suite and eight different slot machines plus video poker on the web site. Every six weeks or so, a new mobile game is added – about as frequently as Slotland’s famous progressive jackpot is hit for $150,000 or more.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mystery Celebrity Wins $32K Casino Jackpot winner could have been Snoop Dogg, Deborah Gibson, Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough or Brian Littrell, Lauren Holly, Michael Buble or Vida Guerra

A mystery music celebrity has won a big casino jackpot at, but respecting the winner’s privacy, the retro-Vegas gambling site won't say who the winner actually is. Just like Vegas, what happens at stays at provided a backstage poker table at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas recently. An account with $5000 pre-deposited was included in the booty that the performers and award winners received that evening. One of the celebrity account holders has been playing at since then and recently won $32K playing online casino games.

“Our players never know if the person next to them at the Blackjack table or Roulette wheel is someone famous!” says Rene Quesada, the Manager that handles all celebrity accounts. “Snoop Dogg, Deborah Gibson, the Backstreet Boys’ Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell, Lauren Holly, Michael Buble, Vida Guerra and many more performers and celebrities were all partying with us at the Awards show – it could be any one of them.”

Photos from backstage at the Radio Music Awards

While’s casino games and poker rooms are always popular, this week, as March Madness culminates in the Final Four championship, the action is focused on the sportsbook.

“We’re just like Vegas,” said Quesada, “At the hotels on the strip, you don’t just bet on who will win. They offer tons of team and players betting propositions and so do we.”

Whoever the mystery celebrity winner is, they seem to be on a roll. If they’re a sports fan, they might want to put some of that casino jackpot on the Final Four.

Online Stakes Heat Up As PokerShare Returns

Online poker’s most generous website welcomes back existing players with Tain Network

After four months analysing new software,, the online poker room that shares its cash with its players, has announced its new site launch on the Tain network.

The most generous poker site on the net has amicably settled its disagreement with Excapsa Software and Game Theory and, has launched its new software. For now, PokerShare is available in Beta mode exclusively for existing players. Poker Room Manager, Max Wright said, “We’re excited to finally return to the market, we have a great new product which I’m sure will be a hit with all of our old players. I want to get as much feedback as possible before we open the doors to new players next month.”

When launched in 2005, it challenged the status quo in the online poker industry by providing poker players with an unmatched value proposition in what was and still is a crowded market place. offer players the chance to share their success simply by playing; thus its meteoritic rise as the destination of choice for the savvy poker player.

Now on the Tain Network, with the new and improved software, remains true to its unique “earn while you play” vision. The company even plans to launch an online casino, in May 2006.

“PokerShare was the first poker site in the world to offer its players the opportunity to share in its success,” said Lucan Toh, CEO PokerShare. “We’re extremely proud of this and very excited about welcoming back our loyal customers on the Tain poker network. We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Tain.”

PokerShare chose the Tain network, says Toh, “because of its focus on, and high concentration of, ‘real money’ players, as well as its innovative user interface and corporate ambitions.” Also significant is the fact that the network is the largest in Europe, routinely hosting 6,000 players at peak times.

Roberto Savio, Director of Sales and Marketing for Tain, said: “This is the beginning of a long and exciting relationship. PokerShare is a site that, above everything else, puts the customer first; and that fits in with our overall philosophy. I’m looking forward to a healthy future with PokerShare.”

Poker Share says its goal is to become one of the top ten poker sites within the next twelve months. With such a strong concept, it looks like they are well on their way.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weekend Upset Fuels Final Four Frenzy

UConn Bettors Take a Loss But Millions Wager on NCAA Championship

Online sportsbooks were busy taking bets from confident UConn bettors last week but after the weekend’s surprise Huskies loss to long shots George Mason U., those punters are left wondering where to put their money this weekend. 11th seed George Mason seems an unlikely choice – but then, a couple of days ago, not many expected them to even make the Final Four.

“A lot of guys just assumed UConn would go through to the Final Four,” said Manager, Tony Delgado, “Odds were 2-1 that they’d go all the way. George Mason?! Where’d they come from all of a sudden? We had them at 100-1 last week and now they’re real contenders at 9-2.”

"We weren't supposed to make the Tournament and we did," said George Mason point guard Tony Skinn in a post-game interview on Sunday. "We weren't supposed to beat Michigan State and we did. We weren't supposed to beat North Carolina and we did. We definitely weren't supposed to beat UConn and we did. We don't mind being a Cinderella."

The Patriots have made it past the Huskies, but they’ve still got Florida to deal with. The Gators trounced Villanova this weekend and are at 8-5 to go all the way.

NCAA Basketball odds were updated immediately following the weekend action and will be updated through the week. Current Final Four odds, as posted March 26 on

George Mason 9-2
Florida 8-5
UCLA 3-1
LSU 5-2

Tons of team and game props will be added through the week.

"America loves betting on March Madness. It’s actually bigger than the Super bowl since it's so many teams over so much time,” says Delgado. “But everyone has their local or alumni favorite to back, and as the teams are eliminated, they look to bet against their team's biggest rivals. March is when America bets; is where America bets."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Online Sportsbook Brings Vegas-style March Madness to the Internet has as many team and cross sport parlays, if bets and proposition bets as any Las Vegas hotel -- without the crowds

Super Bowl may be the single biggest betting event of the year, but from the Opening Round to the Final Four and on to the NCAA Championship, much more money is bet on March Madness college basketball. Office pools are more popular than ever, but these days millions of bets are placed on the Internet through online sportsbooks like

I talked to Rene Quesada, Manager of, about March Madness wagering:

Quesada: March Madness is always the second biggest event on our calendar, but this year there’s a lot of extra interest – there’s been some great conference races, a couple of favorites have already been eliminated, and there’s a lot of in some of the lesser-known teams. As always, we ran a $1 Million Dollar Bracket Contest, and a second-chance Sweet 16 Bracket Challenge, and those really draw the crowds. So yes, it’s busy around here right now – we’re getting new players signing up in droves this time of year, people that don’t necessarily bet on other sports.
At, we try to re-create the Las Vegas gambling experience. Most of our players go to Vegas regularly and are fairly serious gamblers. March Madness is nuts in Vegas though. Some of our guys are tired of the line-ups and competition for a good spot in the lounge. We offer as many props as any Vegas hotel, so they can bet March Madness at home and hit the strip in the off-season.

I suppose now that Duke is the only North Carolina team left, some Tar Heels fans will bet on them, but so much Heels-Blue Devils rivalry I think a lot of Heels fans would bet on just about anybody BUT Duke.

24,000 players entered the contest but, with all the upsets, no one’s left in the running for the million. Last year though, we had two guys in the game right until the final matches – it was looking like we were going to have to write a pretty big check! So you never know…
We’re also running a “second chance” Sweet Sixteen brackets contest – win $16,000 for picking the winners from here on in the tournament.

Quesada: It’s spread over a month or so, but more money is wagered on March Madness than the Super Bowl, and Super bowl is the single biggest betting event any time, anywhere. We give players so many ways to bet - team parlays, cross sport parlays, if bets and tons of proposition bets. And we offer in-game betting.

Who wouldn’t love to cash in on a long shot? Underdogs have their appeal, but then it’s hard to bet against strong favorites like Connecticut, Duke, Villanova and Texas. I’d say we’re pretty evenly split.

Again we’re split evenly.

Quesada: Basically, everybody bets on March Madness. The people who attend or attended the colleges and universities involved in this event bet on March Madness. The people who have a "strong" university in their state bet and the people who live nearby a college or university that is participating bet on the event, too.

Quesada: Our NBA action is pretty steady. With the NCAA, there’s more opportunities to bet on the local team though, so a lot of people that don’t usually get into basketball tune-in when it’s the hometown team. After the NCAA Championship, a lot of those players still have an appetite for basketball and start following the NBA playoffs.

Quesada: Most people wager about the same amount on a college basketball game as they would on an NFL game or baseball, golf, NASCAR, or whatever or any other sport. At sites geared more toward recreational bettors, the average bets are not high, usually $25 - $50 at a time. The average player likes to lay down $50 - $100 at a time.


APR 01, 2006 07:00 PM ET
(As posted at March 22, 2006)

Boston College 12-1
Bradley 100-1
Connecticut 2-1
Duke 5-1
Florida 11-1
George Mason 100-1
Georgetown 25-1
Gonzaga 15-1
LSU 25-1
Memphis 8-1
Texas 12-1
UCLA 8-1
Villanova 7-1
Washington 35-1
West Virginia 30-1
Wichita St 75-1


(As posted at March 22, 2006)


George Mason - Total Points
Over 63 (-115)
Under 63 (-115)

Wichita St - Total Points
Over 61 (-115)
Under 61 (-115)

Total 3 Point FGs Made by BOTH Teams
Over 13 (-125)
Under 13 (-105)

Largest Lead of the Game
Over 11.5 (-135)
Under 11.5 (+105)

Jai Lewis (G Mason) Total Total Points+Rebounds
Over 21.5 (-115)
Under 21.5 (-115)

Kyle Wilson (Wichita St) Total Points (Must Start)
Over 10.5 (-130)
Under 10.5 (Even)


Washington - Total Points
Over 75 (-115)
Under 75 (-115)

Connecticut - Total Points
Over 81 (-115)
Under 81 (-115)

Total 3 Point FGs Made by BOTH Teams
Over 12.5 (-130)
Under 12.5 (Even)

Largest Lead of the Game
Over 15.5 (-115)
Under 15.5 (-115)

Brandon Roy (Wash) Total Points+Rebounds+Assists
Over 30.5 (-115)
Under 30.5 (-115)

Rudy Gay (UCONN) Total Points - Must Start
Over 16.5 (-115)
Under 16.5 (-115)


Georgetown - Total Points
Over 62.5 (-115)
Under 62.5 (-115)

Florida - Total Points
Over 65.5 (-115)
Under 65.5 (-115)

3 Point FGs Made by BOTH Teams
Over 13.5 (-115)
Under 13.5 (-115)

Over/Under Largest Lead of the Game
12.5 (-115)
Under 12.5 (-115)

Roy Hibbert (G-Town) Total Points+Rebounds
Over 20.5 (-115)
Under 20.5 (-115)

Taurean Green (Florida) Will he Miss At Least 1 Free Throw
Yes (No Attempt/NO Wins) +130
No (No Attempt/NO Wins) -160


Boston College - Total Points
Over 69 (-115)
Under 69 (-115)

Villanova - Total Points
Over 71.5 (-115)
Under 71.5 (-115)

3 Point FGs Made by BOTH Teams
Over 15 (-115
Under 15 (-115)

Over/Under Largest Lead of the Game
Over 12.5 (-115)
Under 12.5 (-115)

Craig Smith (BC) Total Points - Must Start
Over 19.5 (-115)
Under 19.5 (-115)

Allan Ray (Villanova) Total Points+Assists - Must Start
Over 21.5 (-115)
Under 21.5 (-115)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Katharine McPhee Closing in, But Chris Daughtry Still the Favorite to Win American Idol bettors have their eyes – and bets -- on the fairer foe

If bettors have anything to say about it, the next American Idol will look better in a bikini than the current favorite. Players at the world’s sexiest sportsbook and casino are putting their money on the beautiful Katharine McPhee to win no matter how much support leader Chris Daughtry gets from the voting public and even difficult-to-please judge Simon Cowell.

“We took a lot of razzing last week when word got out that our players were putting their money on the most attractive contestants in the Amazing Race, despite the horrible odds,” said Tim Williams of PlayersOnly. “With American Idol, I’d have to say they seem to be listening more to their heads than their hormones.”

As contestants are eliminated each week, odds are adjusted. While Daughtry went from 5-2 to 2-1 after his performance last week, McPhee closed the gap, improving her odds from 4-1 to 7-2. Daughtry is taking 17.8 per cent of wagers and McPhee has 16.1 per cent.

Initial favorite Ace Young still has 11 percent of wagers at, but his odds (5-1 last week) have plummeted to 9-1. As one of the show's early frontrunners, being one of the bottom three vote-getters last week came as a surprise to both the judges and the studio audience.

"I don't get it... I don't get it, not at all," vented judge Paula Abdul "I think America has to remember you have to vote for every single person you like, whether they are #1 or they are #12."

While the largest contestant in the group, Mandisa, is holding her own at odds of 8-1, players aren’t showing much interest. Only 3.2 per cent of bettors are backing the talented but overweight contestant. No surprise there.

In a telephone interview on Howard Stern's Sirius satellite radio show last week, Judge Simon Cowell predicted the final three in this season's finals will be Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Kellie Pickler. He obviously hadn’t consulted the following odds currently posted at

American Idol Season 5 (FOX) - Who Will be The Winner

Contestant Odds Betting Trend
Chris Daughtry 2-1 17.8%
Katharine McPhee 7-2 16.1%
Mandisa 5-1 3.2%
Taylor Hicks 5-1 9.5%
Paris Bennett 8-1 10.9%
Ace Young 9-1 11.1%
Elliott Yamin 10-1 6.4%
Kellie Pickler 12-1 6.5%
Lisa Tucker 12-1 13.0%
Kevin Covais 60-1 0.2%
Bucky Covington 80-1 0.6%

Odds on American Idol, the American presidential race, the PGA, NASCAR and March Madness college basketball are all continually updated at, the worlds sexiest sportsbook, casino and poker room.

Top NCAA Contenders Still Favorites Even After Round 2 Upsets

65% of bettors are still in the game, most still counting on the Huskies

Montana trounced resounding favorite, Nevada, and without experienced seniors, the Tar Heels made a shocking early departure. Albany may have given UCONN a bit of a scare, but the Huskies are still the top contenders for March Madness with odds of 2-1 they’ll take the NCAA Championship.

“Nevada fans are out of it, and North Carolina fans are still in a state of shock, but about 65% of the bettors at still have a chance of winning their NCAA tournament champions bet,” commented Tony Delgado, Manager of “Of those bets, 16.6 per cent are riding on UCONN, 11.1 per cent on Duke, 7.9 per cent on Villanova and 5.6 per cent on Texas.”

Jim Calhoun has a talented squad. If the Huskies get down to business, they’re tough to beat, so odds makers have set their odds at 2-1.

The Duke Blue Devils are exhibiting the confidence and talent that have made them a Sweet Sixteen team for the past nine years. Their dominance over George Washington on Saturday solidified the odds ranking of coach Krzyzewski’s squad as a contender – current odds place them at 5-1.

As March Madness tournament turns into an all out battle,’s current odds on the Sweet Sixteen are:

Connecticut 2-1
Duke 5-1
Villanova 7-1
Memphis 8-1
UCLA 8-1
Florida 11-1
Texas 12-1
Boston College 12-1
Gonzaga 15-1
LSU 25-1
Georgetown 25-1
West Virginia 30-1
Washington 35-1
Wichita St 75-1
George Mason 100-1
Bradley 100-1

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March Madness a Showcase for Future NBA Stars Following Future Superstars Leading Duke, the Gators and Connecticut This Weekend

Guys like Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neil, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul dazzled fans during March Madness and then parlayed their performance into mega bucks. Sports bettors that can spot the future superstars – whether their teams make the Final Four or not – can make some wise bets this month. is watching several hot young players in key match-ups this weekend during the NCAA First and Second Round and through to the NCAA Finals.

“Right now in the Big Show you have several dominant players who are pulling in millions, even though their teams didn’t capture the grand prize when they played in this tournament,” says Brand Manager, Tony Delgado. “But they all had their moments leading their college teams. Who will be the players that step up this spring at crunch time and use their great play as a springboard to the NBA?”

Joakim Noah will be talked about more then once this spring if he leads the Billy Donavan Florida Gators to a Final Four appearance. With his athletic body and mind for the game, Noah could be enticed with millions of dollars to leave Florida early, as he is just a freshman. The Gators are listed at 25-1 at and if Noah continues to shine, this could be a great investment.

J. J. Redick and Sheldon Williams will get showered with attention during The Dance, but Duke’s 6-foot-10 freshman Josh McRoberts could play a starring role. Duke has taken on all comers in 2005-2006 and is currently 9-2 at

The analysts will rave about Connecticut’s point guard Marcus Williams or forward Rudy Gay, but keep an eye on their athletic forward Josh Boone,” said Delgado. “Just watch -- this guy will earn millions in the NBA. He’s a holy terror and understands the importance of DEFENSE!”

Every week, offers players one totally free bet – losing bets are completely refunded, so it’s a win-win situation. This week’s Free March Madness Bet is “Will Adam Morrison (Gonzaga) score more or less than 29 1/2 points Thursday night?” For NBA action, the Free Bet is “Will Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas) score over or under 29 1/2 on Sunday?”

Tomorrow is the last day to enter SportingbetUSA's March Mayhem Brackets Contest for a chance to win an LCD TV. March Madness and NBA odds are continually updated at – Where America Bets.

Closing Day for Free Vegas-Style March Madness Brackets Contest NCAA Props Rival Hotels on The Strip

Las Vegas is a great place to be for March Madness, but for those that can’t make it to the Strip, retro Vegas-style sportsbook captures its essence online with a list of props that would make any Vegas shark’s head spin. Of course, playing at does mean not having to get up early to stake out a prime viewing spot in the lounge, and no long lines for last minute bets.

Sports bettors book reservations months in advance to grab a seat in the middle of the action. Particularly during the first week of March, when the games are scheduled fast and furious, Las Vegas casinos are filled to the brim with both professional and casual gamblers. With so many opportunities to wager on the nearly constant stream of basketball games, few can resist the allure of NCAA March Madness in the gambling capital of the country.

At, it’s not just the kitschy retro Rat Pack photos and promos designed for serious players that make it feel like Vegas.

“March Madness at the big hotels on the Strip is all about props,” says Manager Rene Quesada, “And no one offers more ways to bet on NCAA hoops than!”

Aces has lines on the side and total on every tournament game plus hundreds of props including:

· First Half and Half-Time Lines
· Largest Margin of Victory in Any First Round Game
· Will a #14, #15, or #16 Seed win at least 1 Game?
· Will Southern Ever Have the Lead vs. Duke?

Entries close Thursday for’s March Mayhem Bracket Contest as the Opening Round concludes and the First and Second Rounds continue over the weekend. There’s no entry fee and the player that scores the most points predicting March Madness winners wins $1000 cash, an poker tabletop and chips, and a silk poker shirt. updates odds and posts news, scores, and updates on college hoops daily.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Return of the Richest Poker Game of All Time

The Inside Story of the $20 Million Poker Game at

Wynn Las Vegas

In what is considered the largest head-to-head poker game of all time, self-made billionaire banker Andy Beal matched $20 million against a rotating cast made up of the best high-stakes poker players in the world, including Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harman, Todd Brunson, and Ted Forrest.

During the month of February, Beal played many of the world’s best poker players in head-to-head games of Texas hold’em, for stakes of $30,000-$60,000 and $50,000-$100,000 at Wynn Las Vegas. Average pot size per hand was over $300,000 with the largest pot at $1.9 million. To play in a game of such astronomical stakes, twenty of the world’s best poker players had to combine bankrolls. They played three series of matches in February where each side started with at least $10 million on the table, with millions more in reserve. Wins and losses ran as high as $10 million in a single day, and one session featured two $8 million swings.

This game is the latest (and largest) installment of the richest poker game of all time, started in 2001 when Beal, the publicity-shy owner of one of the most profitable banks in Texas, whose other hobbies have included theoretical mathematics and astrophysics, became interested in poker. On six occasions between 2001 and 2004, he played “heads up” – one-on-one – against members of the group of high-stakes pros who took turns opposing him. Although the professionals won in most of those matches, Beal developed into a world-class high-stakes heads-up hold‘em player, who once won $5.5 million in five days and on another occasion won $12 million in one day.

The only person allowed table side to document this historic rematch “hand by hand” was Bluff poker columnist Michael Craig, author of The Professor, The Banker and The Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time (Warner Books, June 2005). Craig himself was influential in arranging the multimillion dollar rematch and at Beal’s insistence, agreed to sit at the table to document the 2006 games.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Massive Jackpot Continues Winning Trend at Online Casino

Cathy T. this week cashed in a $280,927.71 jackpot from InterCasino’s Video Casino Progressive Jackpot. The win marks one of the biggest progressive jackpot wins this year, and Cathy was eager to express her gratitude to Intercasino Manager, Ryan Hartley.

“I never thought I would be the one to win a jackpot like this, but not long after I signed up with InterCasino I picked the lucky numbers that changed by life,” said Cathy. “The personal congratulations from Ryan Hartley made the experience all the more special, and I thank him and the rest of the InterCasino staff for the excellent service.”

Intercasino’s online casino software brings Video Keno, the number-guessing game made famous in Las Vegas lounges, to the personal computer of gamers the world over. Even more exciting than the games themselves is the prospect of winning some truly spectacular jackpots at any given moment.

“I’ve been present for each and every jackpot awarded at Intercasino, and I never tire of watching how these awards change the lives of our customers for the better,” said Casino Manager Ryan Hartley. “We look forward to awarding the next lucky individual with a jackpot from Video Keno or any of the other entertaining games that are playable at Intercasino.”

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

African school funded by opens soon

Malawi School Construction Nearly Complete, Teachers Being Hired

The rainy season has made it challenging, but the school in Malawi being built with funding from is almost finished. Word is out in surrounding villages that teachers are now being hired for the school that will open next month.

Over thirty villagers worked all winter on the school. As the local Project Manager interviews prospective teachers, crews are working on the final touches -- drains around the building, latrines, painting and decorating the classrooms.

The project, named “New Hope for a New Generation”, will provide education and opportunities for the children of an impoverished African village. Although they likely have no idea what a slot machine is, never mind the Internet, their lives will be forever changed by the generosity of the popular all-slots web site.

“We’re so happy that the community is able to make such a big difference in the lives of so many people,” said Manager Hannah Morante. “People tell us all the time that they choose to play slots at because they know it is a different kind of online casino.”

“The whole village has pulled together to get our school built,” said vigilant Project Manager, Tereza Mirovicova. “We had one man that didn’t understand the spirit of the project and tried to get things for himself only. Luckily the Village Headman and his family understood and helped us.”

In the school garden, volunteers have planted maize, sweet potatoes, peanuts and casawa to feed the students that will soon fill the new school. The maize, a staple in Malawi, is now over 2 metres high and ready to harvest just as classes begin.

Brokeback Mountain is both critics’ and the odds makers’ choice for this weekend’s Oscars

Best Supporting Actor hard to call but predicts it won’t be a gay cowboy

Although not everyone is ready to see a gay romance dominate the Oscars, Brokeback Mountain is an obvious favorite with both critics and odds makers. favors the controversial picture to win at 1-10 odds (odds at as of March 2, 2006).

Although is a little bit of Las Vegas online, they’re offering better payouts than Vegas hotels on Brokeback Mountain. The Las Vegas Sun reports that the Wynn Las Vegas, for example, put the movie's odds at 3-5.

“I know some books have shortened the odds on Brokeback Mountain this week,” said Manager Rene Quesada. “We’ve still got it at 1-10 though – a pretty good payout if you think Hollywood is ready to honor a gay cowboy movie. If not, you could go with Crash – but a three dollar bet only wins two.”

Brokeback Mountain has already won the Directors Guild Award the Producers Guild Award and the Golden Globe. Since 1989, when the PGA came into existence, nine pictures have won all of these awards and eight of the nine have gone on to win the Academy Award for best picture.

Odds makers seem to doubt Best Supporting Actor will go to a gay cowboy. Jake Gyllenhaal is only given 7-2 odds for his role in Brokeback Mountain while George Clooney is at 2-3 for Syriana, as is Paul Giamatti for Cinderella Man.

Although some critics argue that she really played a Supporting Actress roll in Walk the Line, Reese Witherspoon is an obvious winner in the Best Supporting Actress.

“Reese Witherspoon for Best Actress – that’s a no-brainer,” said Quesada. “At odds of 1-6, we’re seeing a lot of players putting money on her.”

Complete odds for this weekend’s Academy Awards are updated daily at where other entertainment props on American Idol, The Amazing Race and Survivor Panama are also posted.

Amazing Race Wagering Shows Sensible Choice Not Always the Most Popular

Despite the Odds, Players Favor Blond Bombshells to Win

The odds may favor two more experienced traveling duos, but players are true to form in putting their money on two sexy sisters. While odds favor the smart, young and athletic Ray and Yolanda at 7-2, and Barry & Fran (5-1) who have been traveling the world together for forty years, PO punters are nevertheless putting their money on two attractive but inexperienced travelers. Danielle & Dani are relative long shots in the contest at 7-1.

“It wouldn’t be much fun if we all bet on the obvious favorites now, would it?” mused Manager, Tim Williams. “I guess our players figure a pretty face and a tight pink t-shirt could come in handy in this race!”

According to the CBS web site: “Armed with bold personalities and a fearless attitude, the duo believes that anything is possible with good looks and thick accents, which they aren't afraid to use if it helps them to win the $1 million prize.”

In it’s ninth season, Amazing Race returns to its original format after an experiment with families racing against each other last time out. It’s back to teams of two racing around the world, never knowing where they'll go next or what they'll have to do once there. There are four sets of friends, three dating couples, two married couples, and two couples comprised of family members. The eleven teams will be asked to perform various duties while they travel around the world. Those who can't keep up with the quick pace will be eliminated from the competition as the weeks go by until just one team remains.

“The odds will change every week as teams are eliminated,” said Williams. “A smart bet early in the game – that’s how to clear some coin on this.”

Current Odds on the 9th Amazing Race:

Ray & Yolanda: 7-2
BJ & Tyler: 4-1
Fran & Barry: 5-1
Danielle & Dani: 7-1
David & Lori: 8-1
Jeremy & Eric: 11-5
John & Scott: 6-1
Joseph & Monica: 8-1
Lake & Michelle: 7-1
Lisa & Joni: 10-1
Wanda & Desiree: 6-1

In setting the odds on each team, odds makers consider their travel experience, physical condition and personality traits. Odds on the Amazing Race will be posted at and updated daily throughout the series. also posts odds on American Idol, Survivor Panama, Donald Trump’s Apprentice, Survivor Panama and the 2008 Presidential Election.

The Amazing Race 9 premiered on CBS on February 28 and, following its special two-hour premiere, will air regularly on Tuesdays at nine.