Thursday, September 30, 2010

Slots Site That’s Barely Changed in 12 Years, Celebrates Birthday with Flashy Facelift

New games lobby for enhanced Flash games; Birthday Bonuses mark celebrations

lobby-newlook-1-160.jpgAlthough has been around since the very beginning of online casinos, other than adding new games it has changed very little. For its 12th birthday this week, the slots and video site has launched a new look that shows off its selection of one-of-a-kind games, many with newly enhanced graphics and sound effects, even better. Special Birthday Bonuses this week invite players to join in the celebrations.

“Even players that told us to never change anything are telling us that they like this little facelift,” said casino manager Michael Hilary. “It makes it much easier to browse through the games. But the basic organization is the same and our design team has kept the same comfortable look and feel that the site has had since the beginning. It’s still black with white type!”

Players get a Birthday Bonus just by logging in between October 1st and 7th. The first time they do they’ll find a free $50 automatically added to their account. Then to top off the birthday celebration, there will be a random draw where 2 players will win $1,212, 12 players will win $112 and another 48 players will win $12. Each deposit during the birthday week is one entry in the draw. Bonus and contest details are posted on the site.

This summer, Slotland introduced new enhanced versions of five of its most popular games with improved graphics and sound effects. With stunning game graphics that fill the whole screen the new games make familiar favourites more fun than ever. The re-designed games have brief video tutorials to get new players started. Five spectacular new games debuted in July: Jacks of Better, Golden 8, Reel Riot, Treasure Box and Wild Heart video poker. Since then, the new Lucky Ducts has been added. currently features 16 one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games. Six of the most popular games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. They’re all instant play casino games with nothing to download or install.

All of Slotland’s slot machines are tied to one progressive jackpot. Recently reset after two big wins this summer, the progressive jackpot is currently over $58,000. Meanwhile at Slotland’s sister casino,, the jackpot recently topped $100,000.

Over $23,000 in Cash and Prizes Added to Online Poker Tournament Series at Intertops Poker

Global Gaming Events presents its largest overall prize pool to date

Intertops and Global Gaming Events (GGE) have teamed up once again for what will be some of the biggest money-added tournaments ever held in the online gaming industry.

The Online Forum Challenge Mega Money Events will be a series of seven online poker tournaments over the next four months. Intertops is adding over $23,000 in amazing cash and prizes, making this the largest overall prize pool for any GGE series since it started running its massive added prize pool tournaments over four years ago.

The first set of OFC Mega Money Events kicks off in October with a $5,000 free roll on the 16th and then continues the next day with a $5.50 buy-in event with $2,000 in cash and prizes added to the prize pool. These first two tournaments will also award a total of $1,500 in prizes for the best performing affiliates.

A second set of OFC Mega Money Events will commence in November, followed by a third set in December. The last event will be a bonus $2,000 free roll for any player who plays in two of the three buy-in tournaments during the OFC Mega Money Series.

"We're all really excited to partner with Intertops once again and bring this new Mega Money Series of events to both players and affiliates alike," says Tara Wilson, GGE Director of Operations. GGE is the parent company that owns and operates flagship brand Online Forum Challenge. "This is a big moment for GGE, and we greatly appreciate Intertops for sponsoring the biggest series we have had to date. These OFC Events are such a great way for players to build their bankrolls, while the affiliates earn revenue by promoting these events with their own links.”

Players are required to pre-register for these events at Global Gaming Events ( in order to participate in this Mega Money Event Series. Pre-registration is open right now for the first set of events, and details for all tournaments can be found on the GGE website as well.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Canadian Slots Player Hits $107,064 on Slotland's 'Wild Heart' Video Poker Game

Win comes only weeks after slots and video poker site’s last big jackpot

slotland-wildheart-160.jpg paid out a $147,711 progressive jackpot win only weeks ago and the popular slots and video site’s progressive jackpot has already been hit again. A Canadian player has just won $107,064 playing the Wild Heart video poker game. Wild Heart is one of six slot machines and video poker games now available with enhanced graphics and sound effects.

The Slotland progressive jackpot tends to be won every six to eight weeks for an average of about $150,000. The latest win is less than usual but comes only five weeks after the last win.

“I know some jackpots go years or months without a win, but ours is won quite frequently,” said Manager Michael Hilary. “We don’t usually have to wait very long between wins but we were pretty surprised to have another big jackpot winner again so soon!”

All of the slots at Slotland are tied to the same jackpot. Every time a player plays max bet on any of these games, some of the wager goes into the progressive jackpot pool. Hitting the right combination with a max bet placed wins the progressive jackpot. To win the jackpot on Wild Heart WINNIPEGLEG got a Royal Flush on all three lines when he had a max bet on each line.

“Believe me, I’ve often daydreamed about what I’d do if I won a jackpot,” said the winner. “Now that it’s happened I can't remember any of the wonderful things I wanted to do! I’ll probably donate some to a good cause and invest some of it. But I’m also going to buy a few treats for my wife and myself!”

Wild Heart, a multi-hand video poker game with an exotic jungle theme, is a unique variation of Double Joker video poker. It’s a triple play video poker game where players have a chance to win on several lines at a time. The object is to get the best possible five card poker hand on one or all three lines. There are three 54-card decks, each with two wild cards. The same cards are dealt to all three lines. Players can hold one or more cards and, on the next spin, receive up to five new cards on each line.

There have been many smaller jackpot wins on Wild Heart but this is the largest since May 2008 when a player won $88,000 on the popular video poker game. currently features 16 one-of-a-kind slot machines and video poker games. Five of the most popular games are also available on mobile phones and PDAs. All of Slotland’s slot machines give players the option of placing a maximum bet for a chance at the progressive jackpot. They’re all instant play casino games with nothing to download or install. Many are now available in Flash format and fully compatible with iPhones.

The jackpot at Slotland was re-set to $50,000 after this win. The jackpot at Slotland’s sister casino,, was also won last month for almost $100,000 and is already over that again.

Phil Helmuth Makes Lady Gaga Poker Face Entrance at WSOPE

ub-helmuthgaga-160.jpg Last week, London was in for a treat this when UltimateBet's Phil Hellmuth made his grand entrance to this year's World Series of Poker Europe (“WSOPE”) at the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square. Eleven-time WSOP bracelet holder Phil Hellmuth was the focus of another eye-grabbing grand entrance, accompanied by 11 Lady Gaga lookalikes, and a very British marching brass band.

“I was pumped to see such a huge crowd gathered at ‘the Empire’ like never before when I arrived to take my seat at the WSOPE. Quite the arrival I’d say. The London double-decker, the brass band and 11 Lady Gagas all add up to the most unique media event in poker so far, “ said the legendary UB pro Phil Hellmuth. “My crazy themed grand entrances to the WSOP in Vegas are an institution, and now London’s WSOPE seems to have embraced a whole new tradition too.”

The London press, the local paparazzi and a thousand-strong crowd were entertained ‘Las Vegas style’ in Leicester Square on Thursday afternoon, when UB Pro poker player Phil Hellmuth paraded out of a big red double-decker bus, and into the thick of the dancing, prancing posse of Lady Gaga lookalikes.

The hero Lady Gaga had taken prime position in front of ‘the Empire’, and was leading the other ten impersonators in a rocking rendition of the pop diva’s number one hit Poker Face, backed by a 23-piece marching brass band, whom together heralded the arrival of poker royalty at the Leicester Square Casino for Day 1A of the WSOPE* Main Event.

In an unexpected twist, the 11-time WSOP* bracelet holder stepped centre stage dressed remarkably low-key and in a conservative all-black ensemble - no funny hats, not a historic costume in sight - this time choosing to leave the theatrics to the fine British brass band and the modern-day rock star ‘wannabees’ creating the anticipation and the atmosphere with their Poker Face performance.

In recent years, Phil’s WSOP* entrances have become legendary for their larger-than-life characterizations. This year in Las Vegas, Hellmuth made his way to the Rio for the WSOP Main Event dressed head-to-toe as an MMA fighter, with MMA’s Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer by his side. The over-the-top entrance was in keeping with UB's edgier 2010 WSOP theme.

Phil Hellmuth doesn't reserve his grand entrances exclusively for Las Vegas. Last year, the legend of the game arrived at the Leicester Square venue in a magnificent horse-drawn carriage, leather sandals and all, evoking the mighty Julius Caesar. In 2008, the online poker site held a Phil Hellmuth lookalike contest and invited London locals to show up to the WSOPE dressed as the 11-time WSOP* bracelet winner.

So, love him, or love to hate him, one thing’s for sure; Phil is no shrinking violet, and he’s determined to make his presence known – at the poker tables and away from them.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad Beat Jackpot Soars Over €500K on GTECH G2 IPN Poker Network

Europe’s largest independent poker network takes the sting out of losing with a good hand

g2-ipn-160.jpgThe Bad Beat Jackpot on GTECH G2’s International Poker Network (IPN) has just gone over €500,000 and until someone loses with quad 10s or better it will continue increase. Whoever hits this jackpot is guaranteed to win over €150,000. Even just being dealt cards in the winning hand gets every player at the table a payout of over €10,000.

“Losing is bad enough, but losing with a good hand can be painful,” said Tony Ure, Head of Poker Networks at GTECH G2. “The Bad Beat jackpot gives pain relief for everyone at the table!”

To qualify for the Bad Beat at IPN poker rooms, players must be at a designated Bad Beat table and use both pocket cards in their winning or losing hand. The losing hand must be four-of-a-kind tens or better. Four or more players must be dealt into the hand.

Although it’s been hit for lesser amounts since then, one of the biggest IPN Bad Beat Jackpots ever hit – over €600,000 -- was last November when a Poker Heaven player walked away with €105,254. Even the other players at the table were each got €15,036.

“I was aware that the jackpot was over €600K. When I lost with such a good hand I immediately left the table to see if I had won,” said the player known as o1nfl1p. “When I realized I had just won over €200,000 I was speechless. The atmosphere at the table when all the players realized we had won the Bad Beat Jackpot was amazing. I’m planning to buy an apartment with some of the winnings and of course I intend to play a lot more poker!”

The IPN is Europe’s largest independent Poker Network. It has more than 4,000,000 players across Europe and has dealt more than a billion hands. The IPN includes such popular poker sites as,, and the poker room. There is a list of International Poker Network poker sites at

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UB's P-P-P Poker Face Phil Hellmuth Gears Up to Make a Rocking Entrance at the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event

Eleven-time WSOP bracelet holder Phil Hellmuth prepares for another eye-grabbing grand entrance to the Casino at the Empire, Leicester Square in London on September 23rd

ub-philhelmuth-160.jpgSeptember 22, 2010 (Miami, FL) – London-town, forget about ‘Changing the Guards’ at Buckingham Palace, and move over Big Ben, because UB's Phil Hellmuth, arguably one of the kings of the poker world, will make his grand entrance to this year's World Series of Poker Europe* (WSOPE*) on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at The Casino of the Empire, located at 5-6 Leicester Square.

The London press and the local paparazzi will do more than a double-take in Leicester Square this Thursday afternoon at 4pm when UB Pro Phil Hellmuth makes his way into ‘the Empire’ to take his seat at the poker table for Day 1A of the WSOPE* Main Event.

In fine Hellmuth-fashion, expect the 11-time WSOP* bracelet holder to be up front and centre stage; the man of the moment will provide the focus of a curious mix of some fine British brass band ‘pomp and circumstance’ and modern-day rock star glam, so it will be no surprise if the crowds go a little “GaGa” for the entertaining spectacle in the Square.

While full details of exactly what Phil Hellmuth will do have not yet been revealed, if this summer's WSOP entrance in Vegas is any indication, his London entrance will be one of the biggest highlights of the tournament.

Dressed as an MMA fighter - silken robe, boxing gloves and high-top trainers all part of the illusion - Hellmuth made his way to the Rio in Las Vegas for the WSOP along with MMA’s Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer by his side. The over-the-top entrance was in keeping with UB's edgier 2010 WSOP theme.

Phil Hellmuth doesn't reserve his grand entrances exclusively for Las Vegas. Last year, the legend of the game arrived at the Leicester Square venue in a magnificent horse-drawn carriage dressed as the mighty Julius Caesar. In 2008, the online poker site held a Phil Hellmuth lookalike contest and invited London locals to show up to the WSOPE dressed as the 11-time WSOP* bracelet winner. In 2007, Phil Hellmuth grabbed the European media spotlight once again as he toured London's most famous sights aboard a Hellmuth-branded double-decker bus, accompanied by a swag of models.

So, love him, or love to hate him, one thing’s for sure; when it comes to Phil Hellmuth and his WSOPE* arrivals, simply expect the unexpected, and he’ll never disappoint.

Media and poker fans in the UK are invited to join Phil Hellmuth for his grand entrance at 4pm on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 at 5-6 Leicester Square in London.

Those who are unable to attend can read about Hellmuth's entrance on UB's blog at Real time updates can be followed at UB’s Twitter account:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WinADay Making Wishes Come True with New Jackpot Jinni Slot Machine

Bonus cash and free prize draws for players and VIPs mark launch of new one-of-a-kind slot machine has put its own unique spin on the popular “genie” slot machine theme with the new Jackpot Jinni that launched today on the site. Featuring a big blue genie, snake charmers and sultans the exotic new game is a five-reel slot with 18 pay lines, a bonus game and a special Cash Bonus symbol.

WinADay is celebrating the launch of its latest one-of-a-kind slot machine with special bonuses, a free gift draw and an exclusive VIP bonus draw. Everyone that plays the new Jackpot Jinni 15 September to 22 September is automatically entered to win up to $500 in the Jackpot Jinni Best Bettors bonus. Players that spin ten rounds on Jackpot Jinni during the launch week will also be eligible to win another $100 in the Jackpot Jinni Gift Draw. VIP players will be entered in a separate VIP Draw when they’ve played ten rounds on the new slot machine and three VIP players will each win a $250 bonus.

“There are so many ways to win in this game, including a chance at our big progressive jackpot,” said manager Michael Hilary. “I have a feeling the Jackpot Jinni is going to make a lot of players’ wishes come true!”

By collecting magic lamps players can earn ten free spins in a bonus game where three jackpots are available to be won. There’s also a Bonus Cash scatter symbol that multiplies winnings whenever it appears.

Like all slot machines at WinADay, Jackpot Jinni is tied to the site’s progressive jackpot which was just hit in August for nearly $100,000 and is already nearly that much again.

This month WinADay’s Game of the Month is the Jacks Show video poker game. Everyone that plays it is automatically entered in a draw for $500 in prize money and a chance to win a Dell Studio 15 laptop in a year-end draw.

With new games added almost every month, now has 18 unique slot machines, video poker, keno and roulette games that can be played only at WinADay. All games are instant-play so there’s no downloading or installation required.

WCOOP Seat to be Auctioned by PokerStars at Bidibot Penny Action Site

World Championship of Online Poker poker tournament seat could sell for pennies

Bidibot online poker penny auctionA seat at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) valued at $1,050 is on the block at online poker penny auction site The seat for Tuesday the 21st poker tournament will be auctioned on Sunday 19th September and if the recent GUKPT seat that went for $16.03 last week is any indication, it could go for pennies.

With a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000,000, this year’s WCOOP event is bigger than ever and now players have a shot at it for a discounted price. The 2010 WCOOP will run 62 events, including three High Roller tournaments, and will conclude with the No Limit Hold’em Main Event, with a guaranteed prize pool of $10,000,000.

“PokerStars is a brand that resonates through the poker fraternity and we’re delighted to have them on board with Bidibot,” said Bidibot CEO, John Tabatabai. “Partnering with such a renowned and trusted brand really brings home the value we’re offering with our penny auctions and we’re very excited about the packages that we’ll be rolling out in the near future… watch this space!”

In Bidibot’s continuous online auctions, poker players bid on poker credits at their favourite online poker rooms like, VictoryPoker and Betfair placing as many one cent bids as they like until the auction is over. Each new bid adds another 30 seconds to the countdown timer until, sometimes after some fast and furious bidding in the final moments, $10 – $200 poker credit packages routinely sell for just a few dollars.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

US-friendly Online Casino Awards Trip to Foxwoods Casino Resort

New 'Goblin’s Treasure' slot machine features two jackpots, free games feature and multipliers up to 25 times

In a random draw last week, Taylor C. of California and Sheila S. of New York won a deluxe travel package to Foxwoods Casino Resort courtesy of Everyone that played at the US friendly online casino this summer was automatically eligible to win.

“My husband is ecstatic about going to Foxwoods but I bet he’ll be spending more time on the golf course than in the casino!” said Sheila S. “I love playing at Grande Vegas Casino! There are so many games to choose from and I’ve never had any hassles with withdrawals.”

“I first checked out Grande Vegas when I heard they had the biggest progressive jackpots that we American online casino players can play for,” said Taylor C. “I do recall reading about the Foxwoods contest in a player newsletter at the beginning of the summer but I’d honestly forgotten about it. So it was quite a surprise – a really pleasant surprise – when Customer Support contacted me to tell me to start packing for my free trip to Foxwoods!”

The ‘World at Your Feet’ promotion at continues to give players an extra 100% deposit bonus each week. Until 22 September the featured city is Dubai and players can receive up to $100 free by entering ‘DUBAI’ as the coupon code before depositing. This is in addition to the casino’s regular 100% Welcome Bonus (coupon code '100MATCH'). Deposit bonus details are on the promotion page at

As if more than 300 games were not enough, Grande Vegas Casino has just launched another slot machine, Goblin’s Treasure. Sneaky goblins are a wild symbol and in combination with other symbols can multiply wins by up to 25 times. Both Major and Minor Jackpots increase with every bet it's won. The Win-Win Bonus at the end of the Free Game feature can multiply winnings by up to ten times.

Home of the largest progressive jackpots available to American casino players, the total jackpot pool at Grande Vegas is currently more than $6 million. There are even four games with mega jackpots over a million dollar: Jackpot PiƱatas, Aztec’s Million, Mid-Life Crisis, and Shopping Spree.

Grande Vegas Casino, now operated by the Jackpot Capital Group, is a deluxe US friendly casino known for its excellent customer service, reliable payment processing and stability on the American market.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Asian Poker Tour Will Rock Macau's 'City Of Dreams' in November

apt-cityofdreams-160.jpgCity of Dreams, in collaboration with APT, will host The Asian Poker Tour in Macau from Saturday to Sunday, November 6 to 14, 2010. The last leg of the Asian Poker Tour for 2010 and one of the biggest events in Asian poker is set to rock Macau for nine days offering a jam-packed schedule of poker events and tournaments at City of Dreams, an integrated entertainment resort that is the newest “must experience” destination in Macau.

The festival of poker including a main event with a buy-in of HK$32,500 + HK$2,500 (approximately US$4,180 + US$320), will be staged for the first time at City of Dreams, a collaborator for the event. City of Dreams is an ideal venue for the event ever since the opening of Hard Rock Poker Lounge in June 2010, it definitely enhances the face of the Macau Poker scene and provides a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere designed with the players’ comfort in mind to attract the world’s top poker players as well as high-end bachelor parties and private events.

Mr. Jeff Mann, Chief Executive Officer of APT said he is looking forward for the success of the much-awaited event and working with City of Dreams: “We are delighted that APT Macau has a new home and in particular a new and enthusiastic collaborator: Especially Hard Rock Poker Lounge, boasts full integrated bar and lounge facilities and is perfect for private parties and special events in Macau will add a new edge to the APT Macau event. I think players are going to have a lot of fun. We are planning for a 9-day festival of poker that will include a main event that is expected to attract a record number of players from around the world; at least 10 side events, numerous satellite tournaments and other activities, and for sure it is going to be Hard Rock poker all the way.”

Last year, online poker specialist Mr. Adrien Allain from France won his seat through a US$6 online qualifier, and then went on to take HK$3M (US$389,103) first prize from a total prize pool of almost HK$10M (US$1.3M) by becoming the APT Macau 2009 Main Event Champion.

Visit the Asian Poker Tour ( for the complete tournament schedule and details.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

GUKPT Package Auctioned for Just $3.18 at Bidibot Penny Auction Site

Poker Pro Mark Herron places winning bid as penny auction site sells GUKPT seat for lowest price ever

bidibot-gukpt-160.jpg9 September 2010 (London, UK) – A GUKPT package valued at over £1000 sold for only $3.18 at online poker penny auction site last weekend. Poker pro Mark Herron placed the winning bid for the Grovesnor UK Poker Tour tournament package. enables poker players to bid on unique poker tournament and poker site credits worth up to tens of thousands of pounds for as little as a penny, with the last unique bid being credited with the auction piece.

Auction-winner Herron said he was ready to invest much more to claim the seat.

“I have now won over $5,000 worth of prizes on, including the seat and all for only $1,000 investment – it's very, very sick,” he said. “I intended to take a shot at it and was willing to invest quite a bit to win it. I was confident I would win but never did I imagine it would be for so little! I had about 50 bids left and was willing to deposit another 500 to go for the seat.”

Bidibot CEO, John Tabatabai said, “The GUKPT auction was extremely popular and is a taste of the kind of packages players can expect at We created this site to offer the kind of real value to players that they’d be unable to find elsewhere. This is something we’re very proud of, and well done to Mark for claiming what is a superb value prize.”

Packages from industry giants, VictoryPoker and Betfair are among the valuable casino and poker items currently being auctioned on the site. The $50 to $200 packages will include sports exchange prizes in addition to poker packages.

Last week an iPad sold for the discount price of $5.10, and this Saturday, September 11th at 6pm another iPad go under the hammer, possibly for even less!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New VIP Program Means Extra Benefits for Regular Players at WinADay Casino, like its sister site, is already known for its exceptional customer service. The customer service staff know their most frequent players quite well and periodically give them special bonuses and treats, but the unique online slots and video poker site has now formalized its priority services benefits by creating its official VIP Program.
As a welcome bonus VIPs receive $50 when they enter the Bronze level, another $100 when they get to Silver and another $200 when they reach Gold. These are in addition to 100% VIP match bonuses of $100 to $250. Players are invited to join the first level of the VIP program when they have been with the site for at least 60 days and deposited $5000.

WinADay gives a monthly bonus to players that play its designated game-of-the-month, this month the the Jacks Show video poker. If a VIP player wins they will receive double Game of the Month Bonuses -- $1000 instead of $500. Other VIP benefits and terms and conditions are on the website:

The human touch is what sets WinADay’s customer service apart but some new technology is also helping players get support when they need it. The new Live Chat system now offers all players instant, live, one-on-one customer support.

WinADay has just added several new slot machines, most recently Leprechaun Luck which last month produced a $96K jackpot winner. Still primarily a slots and video poker site, WinADay has introduced other traditional casino games lately: Roulette 5 (5 wheels, 2 zeroes), La Roulette (European rules), Slot21 and Keno. There are now 17 games, all instant play, no downloading or installation required.

Just hit last month,’s progressive jackpot is already back up to nearly $70,000.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Antonio Esfandiari to Compere British Poker Awards

The ‘Magician’ is confirmed as star host for the London Poker Festival’s red carpet event

The British Poker Awards will be co-compered by celebrity poker player Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari and Michael Caselli of Bluff Europe Magazine on Monday September 13th at London's Kensington Close Hotel.

The British Poker Awards will begin at 7pm, when guests will be treated to a cocktail party, followed by the Awards ceremony at 8pm. The ceremony will also feature the comedian and poker enthusiast Yianni Agisilaou, warming up the crowd up for Esfandiari. Following the Awards ceremony there is an optional £50 No Limit Hold'em tournament.

“Antonio is one of the game’s biggest personalities and I am so excited that he is the Master of Ceremonies at the first British Poker Awards,” Caselli said. “This awards night is a special event for the British poker scene, as we honour those who have made outstanding contributions in the game, but it’s also going to be a night where the poker playing public can come and meet their favorite players and watch the best players in the land receive their awards.”

The British Poker Awards will honour the game’s top achievers in a number of categories, including Best Overall Poker Player, Best Cash Player, Best Tournament Player, Best Online Player and Best UK Card Room.

Esfandiari will preside over an audience of nominees that will include James Akenhead, Vicky Coren, Marty Wilson, Neil Channing, Tony Kendall and Tony Holden, among other notable stars of the game.

Voting is open until the 10th of September, and tickets to this star-studded event are now on general sale at the website for just £39. Visit

Intertops Poker Hosts Free 'Super Bowl Tickets Poker Tournament'

Sportsbook Has New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts as Early Favorites for Super Bowl XLV

intertops-nfl2010-160.jpgEvery NFL wager at Intertops Sportsbook earns one chance to win a trip to Texas for Super Bowl XLV, and now the world’s most trusted online sportsbook is giving poker players another way to win an all expense paid trip to the biggest American sporting event of the year. Everyone that wagers at least US$100 at the Intertops Sportsbook between now and September 12th will win a seat at the 'Super Bowl Tickets Poker Tournament' on September 24th. The winner of that tournament will be in Cowboys Stadium in February courtesy of Intertops.

“Since so many of our poker players visit our sportsbook during the NFL season”, said an Intertops spokesperson, “We thought we’d give them a chance to win their way to Super Bowl by doing what they do best – play Texas Hold’em!”

To add to the fall football festivities, every dollar wagered on NFL games at Intertops Sportsbook (beginning September 9th and throughout the NFL season) earns one entry in a free contest with a luxury trip to Texas to for Super Bowl XLV as the prize.

Intertops is also offering a weekly Free NFL Pool Competition. Throughout the NFL regular season players that correctly predict the winners of the week’s action will get tokens worth up to $100 -- and full water cooler bragging rights for the week.

As the NFL season begins Super Bowl may seem a ways off, but Intertops bookmakers have been studying and comparing the teams and have already posted odds. They’ve picked the Indianapolis Colts (+800) as favorites to win the Super Bowl ahead of last year’s champion New Orleans (+900).

The comprehensive sports book offers a full range of NFL betting propositions including special group bets where the wager is on who’ll do best among groups of Contenders, Pretenders, Hopefuls and Hopeless. For “Most Regular Season Passing Yards” Intertops bookmakers have Drew Brees at +350, Peyton Manning at +400, Matt Schaub at +600, Aaron Rodgers at +650 and Tom Brady at +800.

All new customers at Intertops receive a 25% bonus on their first deposit. To kick off the NFL season there’s another 20% deposit (up to $100) available throughout this NFL season opener weekend (ending September 12th. Details are on the Special Offers tab at

All odds quoted are as of today and are subject to change.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Evander Holyfield Wins Live Poker Knock Out at Poker in the Park

World heavyweight champion beats Shropshire dad that won online qualifier at

Evander Holyfield won the celebrity “Beat the Champ” poker tournament live at Poker in the Park last night. As always, preparation paid off and Evander ‘Real Deal’ Holyfield rose to the occasion to win the special tournament held last night at Poker in the Park in London’s Leicester Square.  Thousands of poker fans attending Europe’s largest poker festival watched the game between the five-time world heavy weight champion and the Midlands father who faced him on the felt.

“It’s like fighting,” Holyfield explained before the live tournament. “If you want to win you have to prepare so I’m preparing for this tournament just like I prepare for any challenge.”

Preparation paid off for Holyfield who has been an ambassador for, the unique online poker site that sponsored the live celebrity tournament, since he discovered the difference real cards can make to online poker.

Evander Holyfield with Leif G. ("GutShotRot") at Poker in the Park 2 September 2010. Click to enlarge

Leif G. ("GutShotRot") won his way to the live Poker in the Park tournament by winning a series of qualifying tournaments at – the only online poker room to deal real cards rather than computer-generated cards.

“That was amazing,” said the Ludlow, Shropshire man after going heads up with Holyfield.  “He is one intimidating opponent, that’s for sure! What a thrill! I’ll never forget this!”

Last night’s prize pool of €2300 split was split 75/25 between the winner and runner up -- but GutShotRot returns to his local with full bragging rights.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

GUKPT Seat Could Go for Pennies This Weekend at Bidibot Poker Penny Auction Site

Poker penny auction site unveils GUKPT tournament entry auction for September 5th

bidibot-160.jpgThe online poker penny auction site,, is featuring a seat at one of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) events as one of its auction packages this Sunday, September 5th.

The auction site, which allows players to place bids as low as 1 cent, has confirmed that a seat at this year’s GUKPT events will be up for grabs this weekend after the 2010 Poker in the Park event, on September 2nd and 3rd.

Bidibot CEO, John Tabatabai, said, “This is a really big opportunity for poker players to mix in with some of the finest talent on the UK poker scene, and we’re delighted to be offering such a great package,” he explained. “Not only that, but they could be buying into the poker tournament for as little as 1 cent! Bidibot isn’t just offering real value for money; it’s providing online poker players with the kind of opportunities and packages that they are unable to access elsewhere at such discount costs.”

Players can make as many bids as they like until the penny auction is over and each new bid adds another 30 seconds to the countdown timer. Bidibot has also announced that Visa and MasterCard are now accepted on the site.

Bidibot will be live at this year’s Poker in the Park in Leicester Square, London on September 2nd and 3rd.