Thursday, February 16, 2006

First Jackpot Winner of the Year Wins Second Largest Prize Ever Players Wins $155,917 Proving That Little Players Can Win Big

Last month,’s first big jackpot winner of the year won $155,917 playing Striking Sevens, making her the all-slots site’s second largest jackpot winner ever. “COWGYRLGHOST” always figured that little players like her, who never deposit more than $50 a month and never make maximum bets, could never win the really big jackpots that she was constantly hearing about at

“Actually, most of our players are like COWGYRLGHOST. They just play the slot machines for a few minutes here and there, whenever they need a little break,” said Hannah Morante of “Our new mobile slot machines mean the next big winner could hit the jackpot on the train, standing in a bank queue, or walking behind you on the street tomorrow!”

“Generally I love card games so Striking Sevens has been my favorite for a couple of years,” said COWGYRLGHOST when asked how she came to hit the big jackpot. “I like the Jacks or Better and the Wild Hearts games. You can even play Jacks or Better on your cell phone now. But I really love getting wild cards like you only get in Striking Sevens.”

COWGYRLGHOST felt lucky from her first deposit in January. She won a 100% Deposit Delights bonus and decided to take that as an omen and jump her wagers to $3 per hand.

“Now I am not one to believe in instinct, but following my gut really paid off this time! My first three hands were junk. My heart was beginning to pound pretty hard and my head was screaming at me to stop and cash in my chips. I steadied myself and decided to stick with my decision to play out 20 hands at max bets.”

It wasn’t until her sixteenth hand, though, that COWGYRLGHOST realized she’d been right to trust her hunch and play on.. When she was dealt a Jack of Hearts, it was all she needed to win a hand she’d thought she’d certainly lost.

“I looked at my account, where just a few minutes ago I was so proud I’d gotten my $50 deposit up to $600 plus balance, there was an astounding $156,000 PLUS balance! “

Slotland’s latest jackpot winner will take a month off work and pay off the mortgage on her new Wyoming home.

“I recently transferred from to get back to nature but also to cut my cost of living. I had reduced my mortgage payments by getting a wonderful house in a smaller town and a cheaper state, but now those payments will be zero!. And that will still leave me plenty of money to decide how else I should treat myself.”

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

NASCAR Drivers Worried About Bump Drafting at this Weekend’s Daytona 500

Odds makers call it a tight race with Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon & Dale Earnhardt Jr. all at 9-2

Defending Nextel Champion Tony Stewart is so worried about reckless driving on NASCAR tracks this season that he’s checking his life insurance before this weekend’s Daytona 500. Although defending champion Jeff Gordon was favored earlier this week, odds makers currently have Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. all at 9-2 (at as of February 15) to win this weekend’s race.

The 2006 season only began last weekend in Daytona, and drivers are already firing shots at each other over some questionable driving according to defending Nextel Champion Tony Stewart. With inclement weather postponing the Budweiser Shootout until Sunday the day ended with Nextel Cup stars Jimmie Johnson and Terry Labonte having their qualifying laps set aside for rules infractions and Hamlin's veteran teammate Tony Stewart saying the practice of ``bump drafting'' at Daytona International Speedway is going to get someone hurt or killed.

"I was watching TV before we came down here and they were talking about the tribute to Dale Earnhardt," said Stewart, referring to the fact the legendary driver was killed five years ago in the 2001 Daytona 500. "Five years from now we're probably going to have to do another tribute to another driver because we're going to kill somebody. It could be me or Dale Earnhardt Jr. or anybody out there."

What has the two-time NASCAR Nextel Cup Series champion so upset is the reckless use of bump drafting, where a car from behind rams into the rear of the car in front in an effort to increase momentum and speed up the draft. That is used to help get by another car but it's a dangerous tactic that often knocks the car out of control.

"This isn't a new topic," Earnhardt Jr. said. "It was brought up last year and guys had the right idea. I don't think softening the guys' rear bumper in front of you is the answer, rather I think it's softening the front bumper."

When asked if he learned anything from the 72-lap Budweiser Shootout, Stewart said, "Yeah, I learned to look at my life insurance policy today (Sunday) or on Monday as soon as I can get the office open."

With all the crazy props that some online sports books have been offering lately, it'll be interesting to see if anyone offers odds on whether or not a driver will be killed due to bump drafting this NASCAR season.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brooke Burke & Deborah Gibson Heat Up Super Bowl Party Treats Hundreds of Players to Hottest Super Bowl Party Ever

Super Bowl partiers might have been shivering in Detroit last weekend, but the Super Bowl Party in Los Angeles was sizzling. Hosted by former Playmate and Wild On star, Brooke Burke, hundreds of invited players and their guests partied into overtime Super Bowl Sunday. Singer Deborah Gibson was among the celebrities that attended the event at Santa Monica's most popular sports bar, Gotham Hall.

The party confirmed as the sexiest gambling site on the internet. There were almost as many scantily clad models as big screen TVs at the party as dozens of Players Only Hostesses and models from adult pay-per-view network TEN strutted their stuff.
Former Playmate Jill Ann Spaulding was behind the camera as official photographer of the event. "After the game, when the band came on, that's when things got a little crazy - and I got some of my hottest shots!" said Spaulding.

"The game itself was in the bag so early on," said Manager, Tim Williams. "It was easy for our guests to be distracted by all the eye candy we invited for them!".

The general consensus among the partiers was that knows how to treat their players.

"Hey man, Players Only ROCKS," stammered one enthusiastic partier on his way back to the open bar. "These guys know how to party!"

Although the Steelers were favored over the Seahawks from the first day odds were posted, betting at was fairly balanced.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

American’s Behind Team USA at Olympics Despite the Odds Players Favor U.S. Teams to Bring Back the Gold from Turin

The mostly hotly contended medals at next week’s Olympics are skiing and hockey – Olympic gold that players expect to be brought back to America! – where America bets – is offering a list of Olympics props. Predictably, SportingbetUSA players feel strongest about sports they see as America’s turf.

“I don’t care about ladies figure skating… let the French have that one!” said one player. “But I definitely want to see the Men’s Hockey Gold back in America where it belongs!”

“I know the odds makers think Czech Republic has a better chance of beating Canada for the gold in Men’s Hockey,” said manager Tony Delgado, “But I guess our players are more patriotic than that -- we’re seeing a lot of money on the U.S. team.”

American downhill star Bode Miller isn’t the favorite to win gold in Men’s downhill either. Odds on Miller to win one gold medal currently sit at 7-4, two gold at 9-2, and three gold at 20-1. Odds on him getting shut out of a gold medal are 4-7. Nevertheless, bettors seem to think this is another Olympic gold medal that belongs in America and are putting their bucks on Bode.

The most medals the US has ever won in one Winter Olympic Games was 34 in 2002 at the Salt Lake City games, including 10 gold medals. odds makers have set 28.5 as the over/under number of total medals for the U.S. delegation. Odds on the U.S. leading the medal count in Turin are 9-5, behind only Germany at 5-9.

AFC Favored in Pro Bowl, Hawaii Players Put Their Money on the Steelers/Colts Roster

With a roster loaded with Super Bowl Champion Steelers players, and the Colts’ unstoppable Peyton Manning, the AFC is favored in this weekend’s NFL Pro Bowl. currently has the AFC line at –180 (money line) -4 (spread) 68.5 (total) with the NFC team, led by Seahawks quarterback Mark Hasselbeck, at +160.

The NFL Pro Bowl pits the best players from AFC against the cream of the NFC on Sunday, February 12 in Hawaii. The Indianapolis Colts top the league with seven players – including Peyton Manning -- heading to Hawaii. Two All-Stars from Pittsburgh -- Alan Faneca and Troy Polamalu -- are also earning bettors’ confidence in the AFC team.

“After last weekend’s Super Bowl win, it’s only natural the AFC team would be a popular bet,” said Manager, Rene Queseda. “The Steelers were the favorite in the Super Bowl as well, despite having a worse season than the Seahawks. Aces customers actually bet the Super Bowl pretty even and it looks like the Pro Bowl will go that way too.”

Fans, players and coaches select the AFC and NFC All-Stars. Each group's collective vote counted one-third toward determining conference rosters. Millions of Pro Bowl votes were cast via cell phones, a more than 100-fold increase over wireless votes the previous year.

Retro Vegas-style recently added Three Card Poker, a new game quickly gaining popularity on the Las Vegas strip. Photos of Deborah Gibson, Snoop Dogg, Lauren Holly, The Backstreet Boys, Michael Buble, Robin Leach, Sugarland and other celebrities at’s poker table backstage at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas are online at:

Odds for the Pro Bowl as well as basketball and golf odds and props are posted at