Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Slotland Gives $15 Casino Bonus for New 'Tikal Treasure' Mayan Slot Machine

Slotland Gives Players $15 to Try New With a $15 free chip to try an amazing new game, and a six-figure jackpot that many players feel is overdue for a win, Slotland.com expects to be extra busy this week.  Their new Tikal Treasure online slot machine will take you to the mystical temples of the ancient Mayans where the treasures of the ancients lay waiting beneath the overgrown jungle.

Until this Sunday 12th June, Slotland will give you a free $15 chip to take a free spin on the new game. (Regular bonus restrictions apply.)

Tikal Treasure is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine. Like all of Slotland’s latest new games, it has eye-popping full screen graphics and brilliant sound effects.

Tikal (also known as T'kal) was the capital of one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya and crumbling ruins still attest to the power and riches of the Mayans. The new Tikal Treasure slot machine mimics the distinctive carvings of the ancient Mayan temples. Ornate symbols from Mayan astrology, stone masks, sun gods and mystical Mayan cats spin on the reels.

The Wild symbol in this game is the head of a Mayan totem pole. When it appears on any reel, animation morphs it into a spectacular symbol covering the whole reel. The Wild symbol then applies to all three rows.

To advance to the Bonus Round, you have to collect orange stone balls, which automatically drop into receptacles below when they appear on any reel. You then have five chances to destroy any block on the reels causing another block to drop down to replace it.

Like all of the online slots at Slotland, Tikal Treasure is tied to the casino’s famously loose progressive jackpot. According to Mayan mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl is a giver of life. In the new Tikal Treasure slot machine, the 5 Quetzalcoatl symbols in a row on a minimum $20 bet wins the jackpot which is currently over $125,000 and considered overdue for a win by many regular Slotland players.

Slotland.com has been offering one-of-a-kind online slot machines and video poker games for more than twelve years. There are now 21 instant-play casino games to choose from at the no download casino – none of them found at any other online casino.

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