Thursday, May 22, 2008

EasyJet Passenger Latest Winner in €1,000,000,000 Raffle-style Numbers Game

Stafford, UK woman wins €1000 at and is still eligible to win the billion Euro prize

A UK woman is the latest winner at, a raffle-style numbers game that could yet make her a billionaire. Sarah Jackson of Stafford was on board an EasyJet flight to Spain when she read the company’s “What would you do with a billion dollars?!” challenge in the in-flight magazine. Eager to demonstrate what she’d do if she became an instant billionaire, she bought a ticket and soon learned she’d won 1000€ in a preliminary draw. She is still eligible to win any of the lottery-style game’s subsequent prizes of €10,000, €1,000,000€ & €10,000,000 and she could even win the grand prize of €1 Billion.

“When I saw the ad I thought ‘Gee, I can think of a billion ways to spend a billion dollars!’” said the excited winner. “I’ll start practicing with this 1000€ just in case!” offers the biggest prize pool ever available anywhere and is the first game to offer a single player the opportunity to win €1 Billion Euro,” said Managing Director Joseph Crivici. “And the chances of winning are better than any European state lottery.”

The odds of winning 10 000€ or more at are better than 1 in 10,000. Winning the grand prize of 1 Billion Euros (about £630,000) is twice as likely as winning a large state lottery jackpot. determines its winning numbers through major global stock indices. Winning numbers are made up of the last digit of the closing value of pre-determined indices on the day of the prize draw. The prize pool increases with every ticket purchased. Each ticket has a unique number and there can be only one winning ticket for each prize. 75 million tickets have been made available and each ticket is eligible for as many as five separate cash prizes from €1000 to the incredible €1,000,000,000 final jackpot. tickets are available for €25 each(about £20) at

Backgammon Masters Players Prefer Real Currency over Second Life Linden

In a recent survey conducted by online backgammon game operator, only 20 of 500 survey-participating players had ever heard of Second Life Virtual world currency, the “Linden.” Moreover, of the 20 survey participants who knew of the “Linden,” only two of those individuals communicated interest in using the virtual currency to play in Backgammon Masters. The 500-surveyed were international players, not in the United States.

As part of the survey, BackgammonMasters stated that Linden winnings could be cashed out for the real currencies that are accepted-BackgammonMasters cashier currencies. These include: the US Dollar, Euro, CND, GBP, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Kroner, Hungarian Forint, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, Singapore Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and the South African Rand.

From the results of the survey, BackgammonMasters concluded that its players were not willing to use the Linden currency in lieu of the USD, GBP or Euros. Participants cited playing for non-virtual currencies, from making bets to withdrawing winnings, as more enticing than using the virtual Linden for game transactions.

At present, the secure online cashier of BackgammonMasters provides automatic currency conversions that are commission-free. In the past this was a timely and costly calculation process. Now, customers make deposits and withdrawals in their native currencies, which eliminates poor exchange rates and high bank charges. In addition, multi-currency deposits are acceptable and converted automatically into U.S. currency by BackgammonMasters. These deposits are used to play Backgammon, Poker, Blackjack and Perudo.

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Lucky Leeds Three Hit the Jackpot at

It’s a hatrick at this week, as three lucky winners from Leeds have all hit the jackpot and with Cantor Casino paying out top cash prizes to all three regular players the very next day, has been growing in popularity.

The three lucky winners, all from Leeds, include Mr Steve Wright, a 30 year old Company Director, who regularly plays on tables and struck lucky on Cantor’s Spanish Blackjack game, winning over £42,580 in one sitting.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been lucky with Cantor Casino, but it’s the biggest win I’ve ever had; their featured games have a low house edge, so if you take the time to learn how to play properly, it can become a hobby with a great bonus. I’ve had my eye on a BMW Z4 and plan to treat myself to one with some of my winnings.” said winner, Steve Wright.

Mr Wright wasn’t the only one to strike gold with Cantor Casino this week though as Catharine R, 32 from Headingly, Leeds also won £26,550 on Spanish blackjack. The third big winner, who prefers to stay out of the limelight, won £11,000., Marketing Director, Mike Leys said, “We’re proud of our high payout percentage so it’s great that our regular players have won and been rewarded with big cash prizes. Last month alone we paid out 97.8%, with next day payouts for all of our winning customers.” is home to the discerning casino player and with its low house edge and big payouts each week increasing players’ chances to win it certainly seems to be the preferred choice for players from Yorkshire.

“As shown by this week’s trio of winners, it’s possible to start a winning streak that isn’t just pure luck, especially if you take the time to really learn how to play Casino Games,” added Mr Leys. “And if you’re unsure of how to play, simply play for fun or on low cash tables at the beginning and never bet more than you can afford.” offers a selection of unique games, alongside familiar casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots.’s innovative games’ such as StatJack™, which counts cards for you, is typical of this innovation. In addition, the arrival of Cantor Financial Odds, which allows players to bet on movements in stock indices with as little as a £1, highlights’s commitment to giving customers exactly the high-quality gaming experience they will be looking for when they visit the site.