Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Record-breaking $198K Win at 3D Casino

5th jackpot win at unusual three-dimensional slot machine site this year 

A $198,180 progressive jackpot win last week at was the unique 3D casino’s biggest jackpot win ever. The winner was playing the enchanting Heavenly Reels slot machine when she won the record-breaking jackpot.

“I’d been playing for awhile that night,” recalled the winner. “I had just about reached the limit I had set for myself and I was actually starting to day dream about things I had to do the next day, what I was going to make for dinner, when I couldn’t believe my eyes! I just stared at that huge number on my screen for what seemed like hours before I finally realized it was true. I’d won the jackpot!”

The winner has been a regular player at’s sister site,, and only recently tried the 3D casino for the first time when she read an article about it in the player newsletter.

“I generally stick to a few favourite games,” she said. “But sometimes I like to try something different and I’m sure glad I did that night!”

Heavenly Reels is a four pay line slot machine adorned with heavenly cherubs and with angel wings spinning on its wheels – so much fun it’s nearly sinful. Although all the slot games at are tied to the same progressive jackpot, this is the first jackpot win on this game which launched in October 2008.

“It won’t be hard to find ways to spend this money at Christmas!” said’s fifth major progressive jackpot winner. “The timing couldn’t have been better.”

“This jackpot rose much higher than usual,” said Ondrej Tuma of “It averages about $150K. Before this win, our largest win ever was our very first jackpot which was won on the Slot-o-Matic.”

After the win, the jackpot was reset to $30,000. and there is actually no reason there couldn’t be another big win before Christmas to make another family’s celebrations a holiday to remember!

WinADay currently has 9 unique slot machines and video poker games which players access through a three dimensional casino lobby complete with animated casino staff to assist them in selecting a game. Another new game, to be known as The Reel De Luxe, will be added before Christmas.