Friday, May 25, 2007

$2500 Free Roll for Bluff Europe Readers Sunday Night

Players can pocket big prize while risking nothing

Bluff Europe Magazine, in conjunction with William Hill, has announced a guaranteed $2,500 free roll tournament for its readers. This means that poker players have the chance to pocket a big prize, while risking absolutely nothing themselves. The big event is set for Sunday the 27th of May at 17:00 GMT.

Online poker players who want to take advantage of this great overlay can download the software at, and register for the free roll using the password WHBLUFF. They will be asked for a $2 buy-in for age verification, which will be immediately refunded back into their accounts within 48 hours. Players should sign up for the tournament in advance. Advanced registration for the tourney will be held 7 days prior.

“Free rolls are a great way for new players to gain experience in multi-table tournaments without risking their cash,” said Michael Caselli, Editor-in-Chief of Bluff Europe. “For the more experienced player, the positive equity gained from playing a generous free roll such as this is a hard to resist. But the most important thing that people log on and have a great time.”