Thursday, February 09, 2006

Brooke Burke & Deborah Gibson Heat Up Super Bowl Party Treats Hundreds of Players to Hottest Super Bowl Party Ever

Super Bowl partiers might have been shivering in Detroit last weekend, but the Super Bowl Party in Los Angeles was sizzling. Hosted by former Playmate and Wild On star, Brooke Burke, hundreds of invited players and their guests partied into overtime Super Bowl Sunday. Singer Deborah Gibson was among the celebrities that attended the event at Santa Monica's most popular sports bar, Gotham Hall.

The party confirmed as the sexiest gambling site on the internet. There were almost as many scantily clad models as big screen TVs at the party as dozens of Players Only Hostesses and models from adult pay-per-view network TEN strutted their stuff.
Former Playmate Jill Ann Spaulding was behind the camera as official photographer of the event. "After the game, when the band came on, that's when things got a little crazy - and I got some of my hottest shots!" said Spaulding.

"The game itself was in the bag so early on," said Manager, Tim Williams. "It was easy for our guests to be distracted by all the eye candy we invited for them!".

The general consensus among the partiers was that knows how to treat their players.

"Hey man, Players Only ROCKS," stammered one enthusiastic partier on his way back to the open bar. "These guys know how to party!"

Although the Steelers were favored over the Seahawks from the first day odds were posted, betting at was fairly balanced.