Friday, July 07, 2006

US soccer fans confident Italy will defeat France in World Cup final

Despite an earlier than expected exit by the US men's national soccer team in this year's FIFA World Cup, Americans are still interested in 'the beautiful game'. Bettors at, the world's largest online sportsbook and casino are wagering on the outcome of what should be a thrilling finale between Italy and France this Sunday in Berlin, Germany.

Odds makers have listed the Azzuri as a narrow 2.71 favorite to win the final game and bring home the country's fourth World Cup. Italy, who beat Germany earlier this week in an emotional semi-final match-up, is getting enormous support from bettors in the US and has received 71.2 per cent of total wagers placed on the game. Although France's odds sit slightly below the Italians at 2.97, Americans are not confident that Les Bleus will triumph over Italy as they have only received 7.8 per cent of all wagers, despite France's historical dominance of Italy in previous World Cup encounters, including a quarter-final loss in 1998 and a second round defeat in 1986. The rest of the money is resting on a tie should neither team win the Cup in 90 minutes of regulation time.

"Italy and France have given blood sweat and tears just for the opportunity to win a World Cup for their country, and you can guarantee that soccer fans around the US will be watching to see who brings it home." said Alex Czajkowski at's FIFA World Cup Odds (as of July 7):

Who will win the 2006 FIFA World Cup?

Result -- Money -- Wagers Received

France -- 2.97 -- 7.8%
Tie -- 2.91 -- 21.7%
Italy -- 2.71 -- 71.2%

Who will win the 2006 FIFA Consolation Match?

Result -- Money -- Wagers Received
Germany -- 1.86 -- 98.9%
Tie -- 3.10 -- 0.2%
Portugal -- 4.40