Friday, May 26, 2006 & Add Fuel to Fire as New Yorkers Stand In LIne for Hours

Most Generous Sites on the Net take a bite out of the Big Apple's gas prices and their newly launched gave away over 8 thousand gallons of gasoline this morning to hundreds of New Yorkers excited to be apart of this generous offer. The line up in what on-site traffic officers called the longest gas line in New York City this decade spanned over ten blocks backing up to the Brooklyn Bridge.

From 6AM EST this morning, the Westside Highway Mobil station at the corner of Canal St. & West Side HWY offered up to $40 in free unleaded gasoline compliments of the online poker and casino group. PokerShare’s “deal” was designed to help New Yorkers enjoy their Memorial Day Weekend without having to fret about the high price of gasoline.

Several morning shows and radio personalities interacted and interviewed the drivers who were clearly not only happy with their free gas, but with their 15 seconds of fame. The PokerShare team and gas station management team were all suited up, and supporting the PokerShare Pump Girls, who filled the tanks of eager New Yorkers. With only 6 pumps in service and cars backed up during morning rush hour, NYPD eventually had to shut the party down!

Lucan Toh, CEO of and said, “It's a travesty that with gas prices so high in America, someone like PokerShare who wants to give back and give away free gas gets shut down hours early with thousands of gallons waiting to be given out. But PokerShare is about giving back to the people who support it, so we’ll be back.”

New Yorkers who had heard about the event through flyers, radio and TV promotions, and word of mouth came from as far away as South Jersey. Even off-duty police officers and city officials came to the station to get their share of gas. “I left work to fill up – this is just too good to be true, when is the last time you got gas for FREE,” said one customer. and their newly launched hope that everyone involved will have a better Memorial Day Weekend because of the event. hoped that the event could run a full five hours, but are already planning their next “PokerShare City”, where they will once again help relieve the price of the pump. The most generous site on the Web plans to choose their next city via a poll on the ( website.