Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Slotland Player Declares Herself Next Jackpot Winner, Advises Others to Quit Playing

Two Progressive Jackpots Near Record Levels of Over $179K and Over $140K

The progressive jackpots at and its sister site, 3D casino, are at record levels and overdue for a hit. But a player known as LUCKYLADY has announced that she will be the ultimate winner and that all others should quit trying to win either the $179K jackpot at or the $140K jackpot at

“I had a dream last night,” the player explained to a customer service representative. “I saw it clear as day – I was playing my favourite slot machine, the Treasure Box, when suddenly the screen said I’d won the jackpot, over $180,000.”

The player is so convinced she’s going to hit the jackpot that she advises other players to quit trying.

“They can keep playing but all they’re going to do is increase the progressive jackpot that I’m going to win,” she said. “I’m telling you, I know I’m going to win!!!”

Each time a player increases their bet to play the progressive, part of their wager goes into a huge progressive jackpot pool. With many players playing many different games, all contributing to the same jackpot, the prize can increase very quickly. Slotland’s jackpot is currently going up about $1000 a day.

“I don’t know if this player’s dream will come true or not,” said Ondrej Tuma of “But I think that part of the fun of casino games – and perhaps the only way to win – is believing that you will win.”

The Slotland jackpot is available on all 16 slot machines at and is currently over $179,000. Slotland’s games, which are not available at any other online casino, include such favourites as the Treasure Box, the Booster and the new Megaspin. The jackpot is separate from the Slotland jackpot and is available only on the six unique games at the 3D casino including the new Slot-O-Matic.