Monday, April 30, 2007

Nokia 95 Named Best Phone for Mobile Gambling Casino Games Developers Agree the Motorola Razr and Sony Ericsson K800i are Great Phones, But the Nokia 95 is Best for Mobile Casino Games
CNET recently named its editors’ choices for Top Mobile Phones. Although the CNET editors’ top-ranked Sony Ericsson K800i and K750i and the new Motorola Razr V3im are definite contenders, the mobile gambling crew at pick the Nokia 95 as the number one choice right now for people that like to play real-money casino games on their mobile phone.

“Phones come with various assortments of bells and whistles these days,” said John Lancelet, Mobile Services Manager at, one of the first online casinos to offer real-money slot machines on mobile phones. “If you like to play slots or video poker on your phone you may be more interested in the size of the screen than whether or not it has GPS or even a camera.”

In addition to a big colourful screen, mobile casino gamblers also need their phone to have reliable internet access and be fully Java capable.

CNET’s Top Ten Mobile Phones: Sony Ericsson K800i, Sony Ericsson K750i, Nokia N95, Samsung i320, Orange SPV C550, Nokia 6300, Nokia E61, Nokia E65, Nokia N93, Motorola Razr V3im, Nokia N73, Samsung i300, Nokia N90, Nokia 9500 Communicator and Sony Ericsson V800.

“They might be good phones for some people,” said Lancelet, “But for the mobile games player I’d eliminate the ones with smaller screens. And we have to cross off phones without excellent internet access.”

The Samsung i320 has excellent internet capabilities and its nice wide screen makes it a good choice for mobile gamblers. It’s a Windows Mobile smart phone though – probably more most players really need. The Nokia 6300 has a 320x240-pixel (QVGA) colour screen that displays up to 16 million colours, but its camera isn’t very good. A camera may not be a mobile gambler’s priority, but since there are other big screen internet capable phones in the same price range with better cameras, the 6300 didn’t make the cut at Slotland. The latest Motorola Razr is an iconic phone that really started the trend toward much larger screens. There are many more phones available now though, and the Motorola Razr V3im doesn’t compare, feature to feature, with many of them. The iPhone isn’t even on the list yet, but with a huge 3.5 inch screen it certainly meets the mobile gambler’s first criteria. Unfortunately, since it runs on a Mac operating system it may not be compatible with all games.

“The Nokia 95 has a huge screen and amazing connectivity,” said Lancelet. “So, for now anyway, it’s our unanimous choice for the best phone for mobile gambling!”

Since launching their first mobile phone slot machine in the fall of 2005, has brought many more of its online favourites to the mobile platform and now offers five unique slot machine and video poker games for mobile phones and PDAs.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Online Poker Tournament Winner to Play in Playboy Mansion Celebrity Event

Playboy Champ Just One of Three Major Tournament Winners at Last Weekend

This weekend, the winner of a special tournament held last weekend at will be at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills playing poker with the stars. The Friday night tournament winner won a prize package that includes his $1500 entry fee in the “Celebrity Poker Tournament and Casino Night to benefit the Urban Health Institute” as well as airfare and hotel accommodations. It was a big weekend at with tournament winners off to Beverly Hills, New York City and the WSOP in Las Vegas.

“Playboy Mansion… wow… This is unbelievably cool!” said the winner. “I just hope I can concentrate on my game with all that eye candy around me!”

The charity event is scheduled to take place this Saturday, April 28 and will benefit the Urban Health Institute (UHI). There will be $50,000 in prizes including two seats in the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event for the winner. This exclusive event features beautiful Playboy Bunnies, the most recognizable sports and entertainment personalities and authentic Vegas-style competition. Along with the poker tournament, a variety of casino games will also be set up at the mansion for people to play.

The proceeds from the tournament will help the UHI ( fulfil its mission to provide direct care, medicine and medical equipment to places hit by man-made or natural disasters.

At last year’s event, Academy Award nominated actor, Don Cheadle eliminated Dr. Jerry Buss, Shannon Elizabeth, Mekhi Phifer, James Lesure, Tara Reid, Steve Harris, Oliver Hudson, and poker Pros Gavin Smith, Amir Vahedi, Cyndy Violette and David Williams, and won the grand prize.

The other tournament winners at last weekend were a college student who’s off to New York for the premiere of Drew Barrymore’s romantic new poker movie, Lucky You, and the winner of Sunday’s weekly WSOP satellite tournament who, along with eleven other weekly winners, will be going to Las Vegas to play in the Big One this summer. Details of this Sunday's satellite tournament are at

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tournament Winner Off to New York for Tribeca Film Festival Premiere of “Lucky You”

Big Tournament Weekend Sends Winners to New York, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas

The winner of one of three poker tournaments held at last weekend is off to New York City for the premiere of Lucky You, Warner Brothers’ hot new poker movie starring Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore. Other tournament winners this weekend were awarded trips to the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills and the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Texas college student Cory C., known at as “odessaslim”, won the Lucky You prize package that includes tickets to attend the exclusive Tribeca Film Festival premiere as well as airfare and two nights of hotel accommodations.

“My college roommate moved to NYC a few months ago and I've never been there,” said the young poker player. “So am I looking forward to this trip!? Oh ya!!!”

The tournament, co-sponsored by Bluff Magazine, was held Sunday night at It was clear from the beginning that “odessaslim” was one of the most likely players to end up at the final table, but he had some tough competition.

“I am usually a tight aggressive player but I change it up depending on where I stand in a tournament or my feel for the table,” said the winner. “In this particular tourney I played loose at the beginning because first was the only place that had any value to me and I wanted to have a chance to win. I thought I was the favorite to win when there were nine players left. I was second in chips and the chip leader didn’t want to take control of the table so assumed this role and when it was down to heads up I had a huge chip lead. Some of the players on the BLUFF forum were the only players that I had respect for but they were unable to chip up early and were not a factor.”

His prize was a trip for two, so “odessaslim” will be taking his dad to New York with him.

It was a busy tournament weekend at Also on Sunday night, held the second of their weekly WSOP satellite tournaments and awarded their second $12,000 WSOP Prize Package. The winner of a special tournament held on Friday night won a seat at next weekend’s Celebrity Poker Tournament at the Playboy Mansion. is offering eleven more opportunities for players to win their way to the WSOP in Las Vegas. There will be ten more Sunday night WSOP satellite tournaments where another $12,000 WSOP prize package will be awarded each week. Tournament details and registration are available at is also conducting a unique WSOP Low Bid Auction ( where the bidder with the lowest unique bid will get the final $12K prize package.

From director Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential, Wonder Boys, 8 Mile), Lucky You is the story of human relationships set in the high-stakes world of Las Vegas opening nationwide May 4th. Billie Offer (Drew Barrymore) is a young singer from Bakersfield with more heart than talent. Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a poker player whose emotions at the table often undermine his exceptional skill, especially when he is heads up with his father, poker legend L.C. Cheever (Robert Duvall).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rookie Wins PlayersOnly's First $12K WSOP Tournament

Eleven More Chances to Win Your Way to the WSOP

A relative rookie left the table on Sunday night with the first of 12 $12,000 WSOP prize packages being awarded in weekly satellite tournaments at Robert P., an office worker in California, won the Sunday night tournament after winning his seat at a free roll earlier in the week.

Listen to my interview with Robert the day after his big win:

“Man, I’ve never won anything even close to this kind of a prize,” said the winner. “I’m a humungous poker fan and avid recreational player… But the most I’ve ever won is maybe a few of hundred bucks. I’ve always dreamed of playing in the WSOP – it’s the pinnacle of the poker world so I can’t wait to be there. Las Vegas, here I come!”

With few online poker sites offering opportunities to win WSOP seats this year, the winner was wondering if he’d have to change his strategy for getting to Vegas.

“The past couple of years I’ve paid my way into events like Sunday’s tournament, but this year I’m having trouble finding places to play. Then I found this free roll during the week where I could even win my way to the Sunday night tournament… That seemed like the way to go!”

Sunday night’s tournament was the first of twelve weekly events from now until WSOP. Each Sunday, beginning April 8th, will host a multi-table Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and, each and every week, will award a $12,000 World Series Prize Package to the winner. Players can buy-in for $100 or, like Robert P. did, they can win a free seat at the Sunday night playoff in a series of qualifying satellites throughout the week.

Not a really experienced player, Robert P. was a little worried early in the tournament. “There were a few players that were obviously really good players,” said the ultimate winner. “ And there were a couple that seemed, at first, like they had much better luck than me!”

Obviously he underestimated his own skill and luck.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 Poker Tournaments This Weekend: 'Lucky You' & WSOP Satelite

Sunday Night Free Roll Champ Gets Trip to New York for Eric Bana & Drew Barrymore Poker Movie and Another Sunday Night Winner Will Be On Their Way to the WSOP

This Sunday night, will host a free roll tournament where the winner gets a trip to New York and tickets to attend the exclusive Tribeca Film Festival premiere of “Lucky You”, Warner Brothers’ hot new poker movie starring Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore.

The prize package includes airfare and two nights of hotel accommodations courtesy of The 2nd through 6th place finishers will receive an autographed movie poster and CD soundtrack.

The “Lucky You” free roll takes place at on Sunday, April 22, 2007 beginning at 7:00 pm ET. Step-by-step instructions for Tournament registration can be found at

“Man, we’re just tournament crazy these days,” says Brand Manager David Anderson. “This ‘Lucky You’ movie premiere tournament is in addition to our weekly Sunday night WSOP tournament. Every week we award a $12,000 prize package and send another lucky player to the WSOP! Now someone’s going to New York too!”

In one of the biggest WSOP giveaways this year, will award a total of $150,000 in prizes. Each Sunday, hosts a multi-table Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and awards a $12,000 World Series Prize Package which includes airfare, accommodation and enough cash to register in the ultimate poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Main Event. Players can win free seats at the Sunday night playoff in a series of qualifying satellites throughout the week or buy-in for $100.

In addition to the twelve ‘WSOP Giveaway Tournaments’’s ‘World Series Low Bid Auction’ is yet another way to get a seat at the Rio. In the auction where the lowest unique bid wins, the winner could find himself at the WSOP for a buck or less. Further information on the auction, which began last week, can be found at

In “Lucky You”, released May 4, a man with personal demons (Eric Bana) learns about life from a wannabe lounge singer (Drew Barrymore) and runs into his estranged father (Robert Duvall) at a championship card tournament in Las Vegas. In the world of high-stakes poker, Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) is a blaster—a player who goes all out, all the time. When Huck sets out to win the main event of the 2003 World Series of Poker—and the affections of Billie Offer (Drew Barrymore), a young singer from Bakersfield—there is one significant obstacle in his path: his anger toward his father.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

$12,000 WSOP Prize Package Could Go for a Buck! Auctions World Series Prize Package
In a unique auction starting this week at, a $12,000 World Series prize package could go for a buck or less. The popular casino, poker and sportsbetting site has begun taking bids in its World Series Low Bid Auction. The bidder that makes the lowest unique bid on the prize between now and the close of the auction in June will be able to purchase, for the amount of their winning bid, the deluxe travel package. It includes airfare, accommodation and enough cash to enter the World Series of Poker.

“A chance to play in the Big One, that’s every poker player’s dream,” said Brand Manager David Anderson. “Vegas… World Series… Talk about the perfect place to ‘unleash the player in you’! It’d be great seeing one of our guys at the Final Table!”

To win the auction, bidders must make the lowest unique bid. If they were the only one to bid one penny for example, they’d get the $12,000 prize for a cent. Of course, the odds of being the only one to bid a penny are probably pretty low – but you never know!

“Last month,” explained Anderson, “We did a Low Bid Auction for a plasma TV. The winner of that auction ended up getting a $1500 TV for just fifty cents!”

There were many bids for amounts of more and less than fifty cents, but more than one player bid on them. The winner was the only one to place a bid of $.50.

Bids can be placed online at Bids can also be placed by texting from a cell phone (full phone bid instructions also at Any registered player can place bids and players can place as many bids as they want. Registration is free, however accepts registrations from U.S. residents only. There is a charge of US$1.99 per bid – but the first bid is FREE.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

$150K ‘WSOP Giveaway Tournaments’ Begin This Weekend

12 Weekly Tournaments Will Send 12 $12K Winners to the Big One in Vegas

In one of the biggest WSOP giveaways this year, will award a total of $150,000 in prizes during the twelve weekly ‘World Series Giveaway Tournaments’ that begin this weekend and continue through to the WSOP. Each Sunday, beginning April 8th, will host a multi-table Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and, each and every week, will award a $12,000 World Series Prize Package to the winner. Players can win free seats at the Sunday night playoff in a series of qualifying satellites throughout the week or buy-in for $100.

The weekly $12,000 World Series Prize Package includes airfare, accommodation and enough cash to register in the ultimate poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Main Event, which will be held in Las Vegas July 6 – 17 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

There are five ways to get a seat in the Sunday night tournaments: win one of the Free Roll Satellites held twice at day at; avoid the Free Roll crowds by entering a Sit ‘n Go Cash Satellite; or win one of several daily multi-table cash satellites. There will also be special Gold Chip Satellites for regular players that have earned Gold Chips. But even those that don’t win a free seat at the Sunday night match can get a shot at the weekly $12,000 prize with a direct $100 buy-in. Complete tournament details can be found at

In addition to the twelve ‘WSOP Giveaway Tournaments’’s ‘World Series Low Bid Auction’ is yet another way to get a seat at the Rio. In the auction where the lowest unique bid wins, the winner could find himself at the WSOP for a buck or less. Further information on the auction, which began this week, can be found at

The 2007 World Series of Poker $10,000.00 buy-in main event is by far the biggest, most prestigious poker tournament of the year. Last year’s winner took home $12 million and this year’s prize pool could be even bigger. With at least thirteen at the Main Event, this year’s winner could well be a player.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Grandma Wins $775 on $15 Pull

Wild Hearts Paid Off and Grandson Gets New Shoes!

The big jackpot is still waiting to be won at, but smaller wins that make big differences happen every day. For one of the popular slot machine web site’s thousands of grandmas, a recent $775 win on a $15 bet meant paying off some debts and buying her grandson new shoes.

“Of course it’s exciting to win a huge jackpot – and we’re certainly overdue for a big progressive jackpot winner,” said Hannah Morante of “But smaller wins can make big differences, too. We see lots of players win a few hundred on a small bet, and we’re excited every time!”

The lucky granny, known at as “MAGAMILL”, was going through a stack of bills one night, wondering how they’d ever get paid off.

“I sure don’t rely on winning at the slot machines to pay off my debts,” said the grandma, “I just decided to play that night to forget about bills for awhile.”

After making a small deposit she went straight to her favourite slot machine, Wild Heart. She made a maximum bet of $15, which may not be much for some but for MAGAMILL it was more than she’d usually bet on one spin. Fortunately, that’s when good fortune came calling.

“On my third pull, to my amazement appeared two kings, one Wild Heart, another king, and oh my god, another Wild Heart! Not on one line, not on two lines, but on all three lines!” recalls the ecstatic player. “I had just won $775. Imagine betting just $15 and winning that much!”

MAGAMILL considered quitting while she was ahead, but she felt lucky and kept playing. In five minutes, she’d gotten her winnings up to $1000 and that’s when she cashed out. Her win that night didn’t exactly pay off the mortgage, but it was more than enough to buy her grandson something he badly needed – new shoes. has winners like this every day but every six weeks or so the big progressive jackpot gets hit for well over $100,000. Since there hasn’t been a jackpot winner since January, the feeling around is that it must be about time. The only question is which of Slotland’s nine unique slot machines will the winner be playing? And will they be at their computer or will they be playing one of the five real-money games now available on mobile phones?