Tuesday, May 31, 2016

$2000 in Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker Bonuses during Casino Leaderboard Contest

Casino Leaderboard Contest Paying Bonuses to Blackjack Roulette and Video Poker Players at Juicy StakesI love hitting a natural 21 in Blackjack. Winning over and over again in Roulette also gets the adrenalin pumping. And there’s nothing like a Royal Flush in video poker. For the next week (until June 7th) Juicy Stakes is running a Casino Leaderboard Contest where you can get extra bonuses for these kinds of wins as well!

300 players with the most points will win bonuses up to $300. $2000 in total will be paid to players winning the most points for hitting Natural Blackjacks or Big or Small Suite Blackjacks; building Straights, Full Houses and Royal Flushes in video poker; or spinning five consecutive low or high number wins at the Roulette tables.

Video: $2000 in blackjack bonuses, roulette bonuses and video poker bonuses

Leaderboard contest at Juicy Stakes features online casino games by Cake Gaming.

All four Blackjack games are eligible: Blackjack, Face Up 21, Double Draw and Perfect Pair. A Natural Blackjack (Ace with 10, Jack, Queen or King of any suit) earns one point per dollar bet. A Big Suite 21 (Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in any order) wins 300 points for every dollar bet.

Video Poker players with a Straight win 5 bonus points per dollar bet. A Full House earns 10 points and a Royal Flush wins 200 points.

Roulette players can win leaderboard points by spinning five consecutive wins with low numbers (1-18), five with high numbers (18-36) or hitting every number from 1-36 at least once.

30 players earning the most bonus points between June 1st and 7th will split $2000 in bonus cash. The top scoring player will win $300. $200 and $100 will be paid to the second and third place players. In total, a dozen other players will also receive cash prizes.

Juicy Stakes Poker has casino games from Cake. It is also one of the two leading online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network. Juicy Stakes online satellite tournament champions share their poker tournament adventures on the Living the Dream poker blog.