Friday, June 27, 2008

Cantor Gaming Signs Deal with Popular Cult Classic Brand, Heavy Metal Magazine

Cantor Gaming, operator of, has signed an exclusive deal with the fantasy magazine, Heavy Metal, to produce a range of world-class, online casino games based on the characters in the magazine.

Cantor Gaming has teamed up with Kevin Eastman, owner of Heavy Metal magazine, to bring the characters and storylines to the online gaming market as part of its mission to provide its players with fresh, exciting games from leading brands around the world.

Manu Gambhir, Managing Director of Cantor Gaming said “Heavy Metal has long been a cult classic and our design teams immediately saw the ability to build innovative, cutting-edge casino games based on the brand. The games will be edgy, highly animated and deliver a completely new experience to our players.”

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the hugely successful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand, owns and runs the American-licensed Heavy Metal, which derived and translated much of its early content from the original M├ętal Hurlant publication in France. The magazine is designed in a comic format, targeted at an adult audience and will be turned into a movie during 2010, following a deal between Mr Eastman and a leading studio.

Commenting on the agreement with Cantor Gaming, Mr Eastman said “I am delighted to have reached an agreement with Cantor Gaming to bring the unique characters and storylines to a new marketplace that I am sure will appreciate the vibrancy and originality of the brand.”

Heavy Metal, with its unique visual style and comic book storyline, is the latest addition to which is building up its portfolio of innovative offerings alongside traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots.

This innovation is typified by StatJack™ and Cantor Financial Odds. The former counts cards for the player, allows bets on the dealer’s hand and tells the player the best choice on each hand, whilst the latter brings betting on real-world movements in stock, currency and commodities into the casino world, where players can bet as little at £1 on what will happen in the next 5 minutes.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mobile Casino Games Pioneer Offers Free Slot Machine Ringtones -- Free Money Available to Take Mobile Slots for a Spin, one of the first online casinos to offer real-money slot machines on mobile phones, has produced two special ringtones for ardent slots players. Until the end of June, players that download the free ringtones are eligible to win cash prizes. For slots fans that haven’t tried any of Slotland’s six mobile slot machines yet, there’s even free money to take them for a spin.

There are two polyphonic ringtones currently available. One is kind of funky, the other has a more laid-back island sound. Both chant the slots player’s mantra “Spin, spin, win, win”. Just like Slotland’s unique mobile slot machine and video poker games, both ringtones are compatible with all popular phone models. Each is available in a variety of file formats including MP3 and MP4.

“Your ringtone says a lot about you, they’re quite a personal statement,” said John Lancelet, Slotland’s mobile casino games manager. “If you play slots you know you have to believe that the very next spin could be a win. We tried to capture that idea in the ringtone. If you’re an avid online slots player, this is for you!”

The free ringtones can be heard and downloaded online at Most players will want to download them directly to their phones though, and should go to on their phone’s internet browser for simplest installation.

Until June 30th, mobile games players can enter to win one of ten $50 cash prizes by sending the full lyrics to the ringtones to Contest details are available at now has six games available for mobile phones. The newest is Treasure Box, a unique slot machine similar to multi hand video poker games that has long been one of the most popular games on Slotland’s web site, especially with more experienced players. It’s the only slot machine that allows players to hold the reels after each spin in order to affect the result and get the best potential return. Slotland’s mobile games are described at and can be played at

Like all their online games, all Slotland’s mobile games are tied into the same progressive jackpot, which is frequently hit for well over $100,000. After an $88K win in May, the jackpot is six figures again and, as always, could be won on the next spin.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tonight's Euro Millions Jackpot is Big But Billion Euro Raffle Offers Better Odds Than UK National Lottery, Euro Millions or Powerball

Tonight's Euro Millions jackpot is large since it has rolled over from last week, so there will be a flood of last minute ticket sales before tonight's draw., a raffle-style numbers game, is challenging state monopolies on lotteries around the world by offering better odds and bigger prizes than the UK National Lottery, Euro Millions and Powerball.

Odds of winning the Euro Millions lottery jackpot are a staggering 1 in 76,275,360. Odds of winning the UK National Lottery jackpot prize are 1 in 13,983,816. By comparison the odds of winning €1,000,000 with Billionairio are 1 in 1 million and for an interim prize of €10,000,000 the odds are 1 in 10 million.

Even in the lower prize classes Billionairio ticket buyers have better odds of winning prizes comparable in size to state lotteries. Billionairio players have a 1 in 10,000 chance of winning €10,000 or more -- 58 times better than chances of winning a comparable prize in a Powerball lottery. Odds of winning €1,000,000 are almost 14 times better than the UK National Lottery or German 6 of 49 Lotto. Chances of winning Billionairio’s staggering billion-dollar jackpot are twice as good as winning the German 6 of 49 Lotto or Powerball jackpot.

“Do the math – which is the better investment?” asked Managing Director Joseph Crivici. “State lotteries have had a monopoly on lotteries for too long. Ticket buyers that shop around, though, will find that the big state lotteries give relatively unfavourable odds. That’s why Billionairio is catching on so quickly in the UK and all across Europe!”

Why do people buy state lottery tickets when the odds are so bad? Why do ticket sales skyrocket – making the odds of winning even worse – when jackpots get especially big?

“People don’t think about the odds. They just think about how great it would be to win millions,” said Crivici. “The bigger the prize, the more they want to win it. With Billionairio they can have it both ways – a billion Euro jackpot and better odds than any state lottery.” offers the biggest prize pool ever available anywhere and is the first game to offer a single player the opportunity to win a billion Euros. The prize pool linearly increases with every ticket purchased. Each ticket is eligible for as many as five separate cash prizes from €1000 to the incredible €1,000,000,000 final jackpot. tickets are available for €25 each (about £20) only at

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cantor Gaming Launches

Poker is latest move into online gaming space for financial services company

Cantor Gaming, an affiliate of the global financial services company Cantor Fitzgerald has launched, the latest addition to the company’s growing presence in the online gaming world.

Now live on the Entraction Poker Network, Cantor Poker will offer new and existing customers the ability to play on various live money tables, up to 19 daily freerolls and numerous big bonus weekly tournaments, attracting thousands of players from hundreds of tables around the world.

Cantor Poker offers a terrific 60% rake back incentive, representing double that of many competitors, incredible match bonuses and an easy download and registration facility enabling novice and experienced players to start playing within a matter of minutes. Players can either play for real money or for fun with tournament entry fees starting at €1 and going up to suit each player. Players will also have access to a 24-hour cashback service.

Manu Gambhir, Managing Director of Cantor Gaming, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring poker to our customers as part of our expanding portfolio of games. We have already launched, giving customers the opportunity to play blackjack, slots and other games, so the launch of a sister poker site was the inevitable next step."

“Customers of Cantor Poker can expect to benefit from the highest standards of customer service and one of the most trusted brands, given our strong track record in serving customers in financial, sports and gaming marketplaces, “ he added.

Although Cantor is best known as one of the leading financial brokerage firms in the world, its move into the gaming sector in recent years highlights the opportunity to transfer decades of experience in safe, secure transaction and payment processing, using cutting-edge technology, to the rapidly expanding online gaming markets.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Backgammon Masters Raises Monetary Aid to Chinese Earthquake Survivors is raising donations to help the survivors of the recent Chinese earthquake. For every $1 donated by members of the online Blackjack, Poker and Backgammon community, Backgammon Masters will donate $5.

All month long, players can donate by buying in to Blackjack and Backgammon tournaments at rates from $4.50 to $200. In addition, players can compete in tournaments that pledge 100% of the prize money to UNICEF, the charitable organization aiding child survivors of the earthquake. These tournaments are ongoing throughout the month. Players can also donate earnings from other online games by depositing into the special donations account set up at the cashier.

Backgammon Masters isn’t the only online gaming company taking up the cause, but they do offer the highest match rate. When questioned about why their donation was so high, especially in comparison to the billion-dollar company PokerStars’ $1-to-$1 donation, the Backgammon Masters CEO responded, “I’m not really sure why they [PokerStars] aren’t investing more in their donation, but it doesn’t really matter as long as they are doing something to help and raise awareness. We feel that it is important to encourage charitable gaming and to make this type of community outreach in the online casino world a common occurrence. Some people may be surprised that we are doing this, but we’ve always known that casino owners and players have huge hearts and pockets.”

In addition to their desire to reach out to the earthquake victims, Backgammon Masters’ other connections to China have encouraged its generous donations. They offer a Chinese dice game (also called Perudo) on their website and much of their website traffic comes from the Asian Market.

For additional information about the Blackjack and Poker games at BackgammonMasters, visit:

Also check out - the premiere online source for Backgammon news and information -- to learn more about online blackjack and poker.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

First Online Sportsbook Celebrates Euro 2008 with Full Range of Odds and Props

Intertops favours Germany to take the title but doubts the Pope will sing about it
This month, soccer fans around the world are focused on Austria and Switzerland – hosts of Euro 2008, the biggest soccer event of the year. Those that want to put a little money on the action will find a full range of odds and props at, the world’s first online sportsbetting company.

Since it was founded 25 years ago, Intertops has covered six Euro tournaments and, with their widest offer of bets ever, has odds on every game in this year’s month-long tournament that begins Saturday.

Two years after missing out on the World Cup title in its own country, Germany is favoured to claim the Euro title. has odds on who will win the final match as well as every quarter- and semi-final match leading up to it. also has odds on everything from whether or not it will rain in Vienna the day of the final to whether or not Germans will get a tax free day should their team win the title.

Will German Pope Benedict sing “We Are the Champions” if Germany beats Italy in the final? With odds at +66500, oddsmakers would appear to doubt it.

“The most popular bet is who will win the final,” said Michl Posch of “But we’re seeing a lot of action on the games leading up to the final as well. We’ve got so many betting propositions for each of those games – who’ll score the first goal, who’ll lead at the half, which player will score the first goal…”

Going into the tournament, the bookmakers at are hoping for a final pairing of Austria vs 2004 champ Greece. Their worst-case scenario would be a final showdown between Germany and Italy with the Germans winning after a penalty shootout.

Anyone looking for that extra kick will appreciate Intertops’ wide range of LIVE bet offers on every game. Customers can enjoy the game on their TV and place their wagers until shortly before the final whistle. The live odds change according to the action on the field.

Experienced bettors are particularly fond of parlay bets, which allow greater winnings by combining the odds for single wagers and boosting the total odds. Intertops has “Germany to win Euro 2008 and Patriots to win Super Bowl XLIII” at +1700. And the book is covering the US elections as well with bets like "Spain to win Euro 2008 and Obama to become president” at +900.
“We expect the total wagering turnover during Euro 2008 to be equivalent to our turnover for the 2006 World Cup where twice as many games were played,” said Posch. “Soccer fans get extremely excited about this championship and they love to wager on it.”

Dozens of Euro 2008 odds and props are posted in American, Decimal and Fractional formats at

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Player Hits Jackpot Before Even Making a Deposit

American Wins Nearly $15K on Bets Made with Free Bonus Money

A new player at online casino has won a large progressive jackpot without wagering a penny of her own money. She won the $14,593 progressive jackpot after placing a bet using the free bonus money she’d received as a new player.

“Most online casinos require you to wager many times the amount of your progressive jackpot winnings made from free bonus money before you can withdraw them, but we don’t,” said CEO Oliver Smith “We don’t let our players wait long for their winnings either. Like all our winners, this jackpot winner received her money immediately. And as well we do not deduct the amount of the free bonus before payout, what you will find almost everywhere else."

The lucky American player was enjoying one of her first games of Caribbean Stud when she hit the jackpot.

“I guess you’d have to call it beginner’s luck,” said Kerri T. “I hadn’t even made a deposit to my account – all it had in it was the free $25 they’d given me to get started. Next thing I knew I was withdrawing nearly fifteen grand!” offers more than 300 online casino games provided by Real Time Gaming, one of the world’s top casino software developers. The Caribbean Stud jackpot network is one of 12 progressive jackpots offered to players. "Shopping Spree", currently the biggest jackpot, is waiting to pay nearly $900,000 to the next lucky winner. is pleased to welcome players from the United States. New customers receive a 100% Match Up Bonus on their first deposit.

Slotland’s New Slotris Slot Machine is Reminiscent of Iconic Falling-Blocks Video Game’s new Tetris-like online slot machine is two games in one, both inspired by the popular game of falling-blocks considered by some to be the best video game ever. The wheels on Slotland’s new Slotris online slot machine spin the familiar multi-coloured cubes and the same squares fall into place on the grid of the adjacent bonus game puzzle -- just like the video game that has mesmerized millions for decades.

There are two ways to win Slotland’s new game, Slotris. There’s a traditional three-wheel single payline slot line with spinning symbols –coloured blocks rather than cherries. When three matching symbols line up, the player wins.

But the coloured boxes don’t just spin on the slot machine wheels. Afterward, the same symbols fall into place in the grid beside the slot machine. Players can win this bonus game by guiding the blocks into place. Every solid-colour line multiplies the player’s bet and ten lines wins the jackpot.

“I’ve wasted a lot of hours playing Tetris over the years,” said a player trying the new game. “But there was never any money on it! A little wager makes it a lot more fun!”

Like all Slotland online slots and video poker games, Slotris is tied to the Slotland progressive jackpot – known for being frequently hit for amounts well over $100,000. Recently it was hit for almost $200,000 and a $116,332 jackpot was just won in December by TRILIGHT33.

The new Slotris game makes 10 unique slot machines and video poker games for this pioneering online entertainment site. Six of the most popular web games are also available on mobile phones.

“It’s a lot of work to keep developing completely new, unique games,” said Martin Smith of “Our games are all original though. You won’t see them anywhere else.”

Slotland has earned the trust of players all over the world and takes pride in their reputation for excellent customer service and quick and easy withdrawals of winnings.