Tuesday, October 17, 2006

America Has Been Fristed

Black Friday the 13th for Online Gambling in the U.S.

I don’t often write editorial comment specifically for my blog. If you received this story by RSS, sorry for sending you a rant instead of online casino news. Most of the stories here are from news releases and interesting stories that I’ve found surfing online gambling news. But events that have rocked the online gambling business over the last two weeks move me to come out of the cyber-woodwork and comment on how furious I am about the new anti-gambling laws that have been passed in the United States.

The way this backhanded legislation was pushed through in the middle of the night of the last night of a session, and tacked on to some other bill that everyone was automatically voting for, is disgusting. America has been Fristed. I can’t wait for the backlash from online poker players and sports bettors when they realize that they are no longer allowed to choose those kinds of entertainment! Pleeeeease tell me that right-wing fundamentalist control-freeks are not the majority in America.

I had the pleasure of coordinating Aces.com’s movie sponsorship publicity this summer and have run lots of stories about that here and on my other blog. Aces was part of Sportingbet Plc and has just been purchased by another group. We may not hear much from them for a little while…

There’s also lots of Slotland.com stories here. Slotland.com’s players are mostly European, so that softens the blow of the new US legislation. Watch for ongoing stories, especially about mobile gambling.

MaharajahClub.com is a casino for Indians outside India that’s doing a million dollar poker tournament in Goa, India next year. I’ll be following that. I’ll also be publishing stories from Intertops, WireCard and Orbis.

I hope that Americans that enjoy online gambling – and there are millions and millions of you – will be very vocal and protest what is happening. I hope you continue to play just as long as Neteller and your credit card company will allow you to. (As I understand it, unless Neteller stands up to the U.S. and refuses to comply with that “foreign” legislation, that’s till next summer.) But what I really hope is that this Bill that infringes so blatantly on your right to choose your own entertainment will be overturned somehow.

Don’t worry. When you’re allowed to play poker and casino games again, they’ll still be there. Europeans, Asians and South Americans will keep them busy till you come back. Until then, maybe learn to knit… Go for a walk… ;)