Friday, September 03, 2010

Evander Holyfield Wins Live Poker Knock Out at Poker in the Park

World heavyweight champion beats Shropshire dad that won online qualifier at

Evander Holyfield won the celebrity “Beat the Champ” poker tournament live at Poker in the Park last night. As always, preparation paid off and Evander ‘Real Deal’ Holyfield rose to the occasion to win the special tournament held last night at Poker in the Park in London’s Leicester Square.  Thousands of poker fans attending Europe’s largest poker festival watched the game between the five-time world heavy weight champion and the Midlands father who faced him on the felt.

“It’s like fighting,” Holyfield explained before the live tournament. “If you want to win you have to prepare so I’m preparing for this tournament just like I prepare for any challenge.”

Preparation paid off for Holyfield who has been an ambassador for, the unique online poker site that sponsored the live celebrity tournament, since he discovered the difference real cards can make to online poker.

Evander Holyfield with Leif G. ("GutShotRot") at Poker in the Park 2 September 2010. Click to enlarge

Leif G. ("GutShotRot") won his way to the live Poker in the Park tournament by winning a series of qualifying tournaments at – the only online poker room to deal real cards rather than computer-generated cards.

“That was amazing,” said the Ludlow, Shropshire man after going heads up with Holyfield.  “He is one intimidating opponent, that’s for sure! What a thrill! I’ll never forget this!”

Last night’s prize pool of €2300 split was split 75/25 between the winner and runner up -- but GutShotRot returns to his local with full bragging rights.