Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dog Knows When to Spin and When to Walk Away Winner Credits Dog for Big Win

If she hadn’t listened to her dog, a recent winner wouldn’t have hit the jackpot like she did when her trusted companion urged her to take one more spin on her favourite slot machine.

Player MAGAMILL was having a lucky streak. Within ten minutes of making a $25 deposit, she’d run her balance up to over $300.

“Players attribute good luck to all sorts of things,” said Manager Hannah Morante. “Horoscopes, lucky charms… but this is the first player I’ve known to take winning advice from her dog!”

“I was playing Jacks or Better and I was only betting fifty cents and a dollar per round. I thought that being this far ahead of the game, I should cash in and run with the money,” said the excited winner.

MAGAMILL’s dog Shelby always sleeps at her feet while she plays the online slot machines at

“I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk or if she wanted a treat from upstairs, but nothing would get her to move, for me to leave my computer. Now this is a hundred pound dog, so when she doesn't move and is blocking you, you are not going anywhere!” said MAGAMILL.

At her dog’s insistence, the regular player decided to take one more spin, this time on her favourite game, Wild Heart. She bet the full amount, $15, and spun. To her amazement and delight, she hit two straight flushes and a four of a kind and won $350, more than doubling her account balance.

“I figured I was really ahead now and should probably quit with my $650. But I looked down at Shelby and this beast looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to say, ‘Keep playing, stupid!’ So, I did, next bet $15 again. Yep, you got it, two wild hearts fall down with two Jacks, and I've got $120, for sure, but if I discard the last card, I have a better chance of hitting, and yes, you got it, I hit the fifth Jack on the top line! I couldn't believe my eyes, another 375 bucks!”
So far ahead of her original $25 deposit, MAGAMILL was anxious to cash out. This time her dog agreed and the slot playing team logged off for the night. has nine unique online slot machines and now offers three of the most popular games on mobile phones. The site is well known for its progressive jackpots (available both online and on the mobile games) which are hit every six weeks or so for $150,000 or more.