Friday, November 16, 2007

Online and Mobile Slots Player Survey Contradicts Stereotypes

Not high rollers, slots players want maximum entertainment from their gambling dollars
Are slots players all a bunch of little old ladies that only bet a penny at a time? How loyal are they to a favourite machine? Do players like slots just because they're easy to play? Or are big jackpots what make online slots so popular?’s survey of online and mobile slot machine players has now concluded and the results confirm some assumptions and dispute some stereotypes.

The survey conducted through the summer and fall shows that not all slots players are old and they’re not all women. Most online and mobile slots players aren’t particularly high rollers, preferring to deposit small amounts and play it as long as they can. They want – and get -- many hours of entertainment for their gambling dollars. However, they play the game more strategically than many might think and aren’t afraid to place maximum bets when the time is right.

Survey responses also show:
  • Two-thirds like slots because they're easy to play but the other third is primarily drawn to the possibility of winning big jackpots on small wagers.
  • Most play only on their computer but 20% said they had at least tried the mobile games.
    Although most don't play on their phone or PDA much or ever, most acknowledged the convenience of mobile games.
  • Most are regulars from and have played there a year or more. 25% joined just to enter the contest.
  • Nearly all play exclusively or mostly at home, not at work.
  • Although most don't wager large amounts -- 78% said they'd never bet more than $100 -- more than half said they'd had wins over $1000.
  • Almost unanimously agree (84%) that the way to win at slots is to stick with a machine that feels lucky.
  • A third play video poker as well as slots.
  • Half have at least tried online poker but only a few play online poker often.
  • All place max bets when the time is right while a third always bet the maximum.
  • Only a third knew that Slotland's African school project is in Malawi.
  • Only a third have visited Vegas.
  • Many only play online but most (60%) also play slots in casinos at least once in awhile.
  • Slots are not a ladies-only game at all -- half of respondents were men.
  • Mostly middle-aged and older but some (16%) under 30 as well.

“I’m proud to say we know our customers pretty well,” said John Lancelet of “So I wasn’t too surprised by most of the results. I must admit though, I thought more of our players were older – interesting to see how popular such a traditional game is becoming with younger people these days, especially now that they can bet on slots on their mobile phones.”

Survey participants were given an opportunity to enter a free contest. A random draw awarded player “SQUIZZER” a $500 bonus deposit to their account.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Virtual Golf Game Offers More Ways to Win Real Cash Prizes with Latest Game Features

Groove Games Limited has added several new features to UTour Golf, the free, full-featured online golfing experience where players can challenge other virtual golfers for real cash prizes.

The new features include increased challenge options where players can utilize handicap play. This feature allows players to offer or request strokes, in order to make the games fair and challenging for both regardless of the players skill rating. The new one-hole challenge mode offers a quick, one-hole game for players and opponents and combined with the new entry fee options, it is now possible to put up to $100 on the line for just one hole.

Personalized play has also been introduced as players can now invite up to eight of their friends to an exclusive tournament with customizable game options; including course played, number of holes and entry fee. A score based Driving Range game also rewards players for their tee shot accuracy.

Michael Haines, Managing Director, Groove Games Limited said “handicapping has been introduced to increase liquidity. Whilst skill ranking systems segment the audience, handicapping levels the playing field so anyone can challenge anyone.”

He continued, “We are marketing to the gambling audience – a move that spans our target across the player interested in casual game play on 18 holes to the person who is looking for the rush of high stakes with as little as one hole. Combine this with strategy and top it up with some risk, the handicap play spices things up for the true thrill seeking sports enthusiast.”

Player Created Tournaments and Stats Tracking are just a couple of initiatives which have been undertaken to build the community and social networking aspects of UTour Golf giving players the tools to engage with each other and shape the way they play.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

IntertopsPoker Sponsors Richest Online Forum Challenge Tournament Yet

Host doubles prize money, adds World Poker Open prize package to cash prize
Intertops presents the
November 24 & 25
More than a thousand online poker players will compete for a prize pool to top more than $10,000 – and bragging rights for their favourite poker community – at the next Online Forum Challenge ( on November 24 and 25. Sponsored by IntertopsPoker (, players can win cash and prizes for themselves– including a satellite seat at the World Poker Open in Tunica – and represent their favourite online poker forum in a huge inter-forum challenge tournament.

“For many serious online poker players, their online poker community is a second home,” said Michl Posch of Intertops. “A little rivalry between forums really builds a community so we’re happy to get involved by donating great prizes.”

Online Forum Challenge Owner, Jason “Wolf” Rosenberg said, “As the premier facilitator of multi-forum events, we are very happy to be working with Intertops. We look forward to seeing who the big winner will be.”

Day One of the tournament is a free roll with a $2,000 cash prize from Intertops and $500 in forum prizes. Day Two is a $5 + $.50 buy-in with $2,000 added to the buy-ins at stake, as well as two bonus prizes. Intertops will be depositing $200 a month to the winner’s account for a full year. They will also pay the winner’s way to the World Poker Open in Tunica, MS next January where they’ll have a chance to win a $10,000 buy-in for the WPT Main Event.

November 24, 3:00 pm EST
Prize Pool: $2,000 PLUS $500 in forum prizes

$5 + $.50 Buy-in
November 25, 3:00 pm EST
Prize Pool: $2,000 added to buy-ins + $2,400 Intertops Poker Payday + satellite seat at the World Poker Open in Tunica.
The World Poker Open prize package includes a seat at the World Poker Open “$1,000 + $60 Super Satellite” at MGM’s Gold Strike Casino Resort next January, as well as travel expenses.

Players must pre-register at To be eligible for these events, players must first be registered at Tournament details, including prizes and registration, are available at

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Video Poker Game Pays Out Third $100K+ Jackpot

Slotland Player wins $100,317 Progressive jackpot Playing Striking 7s’s favourite video poker game has been hit once again for a major jackpot. Striking 7s, which is available on both the web and mobile game platforms, has paid out three major jackpots. This time it was a $100,000 jackpot won by player “SWTGEORGIA”.

All of Slotland’s fourteen slot machine and video poker games are tied to the same progressive jackpot. There have been major wins on Magic, Booster and Golden 8 this year but the jackpot has been hit playing Striking 7s more than any other slot machine or video poker game on the site. COWGYRLHOST won $155,917 last year. Then CHEWEMUP won $97K this spring, also on Striking 7s. And now SWTGEORGIA has won $100K on the same game.

Striking 7s is a video poker game, with a unique Doubling Feature. It has been one of the most popular games on the community’s web site since the day it was introduced. After a win, Striking 7s players are offered the option to “Double or Collect”. If they choose to try and double their winnings, another five cards are dealt and the player has one chance to pick the hidden high card.

A mobile version was launched in January making Striking 7s one of six real-money games that Slotland players can play on either their computer or their phone. Slotland’s mobile game players use the same account that they play with online and can deposit and withdraw from their mobile phone just as they would online. The last player to win a large jackpot playing on their phone was OLYMPIAGOLD who won $163 playing the mobile version of Lucky Stars in early 2006.

Recent progressive jackpot winners:

COWGYRLGHOST $155,917 (€109,510) Striking 7s
OLYMPIAGOLD $163,114 (€115,160 Lucky Stars (Mobile)
CHEWEMUP $97,170 (€68,530) Striking 7s
IRINGION $116,828 (€81,960) Wild Heart
JAMKAT2 $113,418 (€89,067) Treasure Box
TOPNOTCHED $179,166 (€126,470) Golden 8
NEWMAN32 $165, 318 (€119,610) Booster
7736492 $146,761 (€105,840) Magic
SWTGEORGIA $100,317 (€70,650) Striking 7s’s progressive jackpot is already back up to over $68,000(€47,000).