Friday, January 27, 2006

Easy New Three Card Poker Game Launched at one of the first to offer online version of easy new game taking Las Vegas by storm

The most popular new card game in Las Vegas, Three Card Poker, is now available at retro Vegas-style This is a great game for people that want to be part of the incredible poker phenomenon sweeping online casinos everywhere, but find regular poker rules and strategy a bit daunting.

“No other online casino looks and feels as much like Las Vegas as ours,” says Manager Rene Queseda, “So naturally we’re one of the first online casinos to offer the most popular new game in Vegas.”

Three Card Poker is really two games in one: “PairPlus” and “Ante and Play”. Players can bet on either one or both, and in different amounts.

PairPlus is a simple game in which players are dealt three cards and are paid according to their value. There is no raising or discarding. It doesn’t matter if the dealer qualifies or even beats the player’s hand, or if the player has placed a bet on the Ante Game. If their hand has a pair or better they win.

Ante and Play begins with a wager on the ante. After viewing their three cards, players can either raise by putting an equal bet on play, or fold and lose the ante bet. Because there are only three cards, mathematical probabilities are different and hand rankings are therefore a little different than with traditional five card hands with a Straight Flush being the highest ranked.