Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Keno Tips on Facebook from WinADay Keno Player no download casino is better known for its one-of-a-kind online slot machines. But it also has an really unique online Keno game. And now one of their most enthusiastic Keno players is sharing tips and strategies for enjoying and winning Keno on the WinADay Casino Facebook page (! If you have any questions about Keno or maybe even a suggestion or two of your own you can post your comments on the Keno article page and she'll reply.

“The first thing that hits you when you go to WinADay’s Keno is what a wild and crazy looking game it is!” said “Georgia”, who plays Keno regularly in Las Vegas and in local casinos and discovered WinADay’s unique Keno game about a year and a half ago. “I mean, Keno is basically a card with some numbers on it but the way they’ve done it, with all the mechanical, alien looking stuff, it’s really cool!”

“The numbers pop up quite quickly and I like being able to play 7 tickets at a time. That keeps the pace. And I like the Bet Meter where you can see the possible payoff.”

“All the bells and whistles are great. Love ‘em. But honestly, one of the first things I do is check the payout chart to see if there’s a reasonable chance to win some reasonable money.”

“In Vegas casinos seem to pay out more when you match all 15 numbers. If you can actually do that you can win quite a jackpot. But WinADay Keno pays out better when you just match a few numbers. You get lots of smaller wins and that keeps you going.”

“Georgia pretty much ONLY plays Keno which is different than most of our players,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary. “Most of our players mostly play slots and take a break sometimes for other casino games, like Keno. They’re going to appreciate the advice from a more experienced Keno player so we’re really grateful to Georgia for sharing.”

You can read Georgia’s keno tips and advice column on Facebook ( where slots, video poker and keno players interact with each other.

As I told you last month, WinADay instant casino has just launched its 28th game, Enchanted Gems. And don't forget, most of their slots games are tied to the same progressive jackpot which is currently over $175,000.