Sunday, February 28, 2016

Three Strikes and They're Out

There was no joy in Seefeld after Day 1, the mighty Living the Dream team had struck out. Sadly, all three of the players from Intertops and Juicy Stakes bust during the first day of CAPT Seefeld.

Daniel Montagnolli, who was playing pretty aggressively for the early hours of Day 1 was the first to go. He bust at the first level. Chris Perkins was playing pretty tight but was prepared to get aggressive if and when the situation was right. At level 5, just before the dinner break, he went all in when he later realized he probably should have folded. And he was out. That left Tim O'Keefe as the only member of our team still at the table after the dinner break. Then, 11 hours after they first sat down, he was out too.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 4 – Three Strikes and the Living the Dream Team is Out

Somewhat overwhelmed by aggressive German players, all three team members are out after Day 1.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Living the Dream Team Warms Up for the Main Event at CAPT Seefeld

Living the Dream team members Daniel, Tim and Chris, were a little shaken after busting out pretty early in the 550 Euro tournament they played on their first day in Seefeld, Austria. They'd all won their way to Austria in online satellite tournaments at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker. Good players. But that first day in Austria? Bad cards… weird moves by other players… What can you do?! Then after a good night’s rest – and a better understanding of how their competition plays -- they were optimistic about their prospects heading into the 2000 Euro Main Event that began Friday afternoon.

Tim was up to 42K at the second level and if that had held up he could’ve been sitting pretty. “Hey, I’m saving it all for the Main Event!” he laughed as his team mates consoled him in the casino bar afterward.

Chris was getting good cards early in the 500 Euro tournament he played as a warm up. He was up to 40K quite quickly. Then he made a squeeze play that didn’t quite work out. He shoved it Ace 5 suited in the small blind and was called by Ace-ten. He was out.

“I got my stack in with monster draw,” said Daniel after he too was out. “I opened with a straight on the flash draw. Unfortunately he flopped a straight.”

Daniel had committed himself to a check race and there was no way to fold. He was free to join the team in the bar to re-group and prepare themselves for the 2000 Euros Main Event the next day.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 2 -- What are Ya Gonna Do?!

Daily video reports from CAPT Seefeld will continue through this weekend

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Gamblogger Joins Three Online Players Living the Dream in Austria this Weekend

This week I'm with three online satellite winners from Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker who are in Austria for the 800,000€ CAPT Seefeld poker tournament. In the days prior to the Main Event Chris, Daniel and Tim played as many smaller tournaments and cash games as they could, taking the opportunity to check out their competition. They all agreed that the field is fairly soft and so were a bit disappointed not to have picked up some cash before the big tournament that brought them to the picturesque Tyrolian ski resort.

Video: Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld, Episode 1 -- Checking Out the Competition

Daily video reports from CAPT Seefeld follow three online satellite winners from Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker at the 800,000 Euro tournament in Austria.

“It’s taken me awhile to get used to these European players’ style,” said Chris who came to Austria from Pittsburgh. “They all seem to be extremely cautious or extremely aggressive, not too many that fall somewhere in the middle like I do.”

“The structure of these smaller tournaments sucks,” said Tim O’Keefe from Texas. “They’re too fast. No time to get a read on the other players. I’m looking forward to the Main Event where we have more time and more chips to play with.”

“The way the Main Even is structured, you can easily grind because you get 50,000 chips and sixty minute levels. You don’t have so many showdowns like in the turbo tournaments,“ agreed Daniel, a local poker pro who lives in nearby Innsbruck.

“It’s so deep and the blinds increase so slowly so you can really play your hands and you’re not all in all that often. You’re always deep. That’s very nice!”

"Living the Dream -- no better way to describe this trip!” said Tim. “I've only been in Austria two days and would already say this is an experience of a lifetime! The amazing architecture, history and beautiful scenery have kept me so busy and excited, that I almost forgot we are here to play poker!! Haha It might be too amazing here to play as both Daniel and I have come up short, getting pretty unlucky in a couple of the smaller buy in events so far. No worries though, I'm convinced we are just saving all for the main event!”

“The people at Intertops have done an incredible job here,” he added. “They’ve gone above and beyond for us players. I cannot thank them enough!”

Intertops and Juicy Stakes Poker, the main online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network, have become well known for running online satellite tournaments sending winners to live tournaments in Europe and the Caribbean. Last fall, five online winners went to CPT Punta Cana together and right now there’s an online satellite tournament series in progress that will send five players to the TKPT tournament in St Maarten in April. The series continues until March 6th with Step 1 tournaments in the three-tier series (buy in $2 + $.20) every day at 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm EST. From there, you can win your way to Finals held Sundays at 9 pm EST, where $3000 prize packages are awarded to the winners, or buy-in to those events for $100 + $10.

My Living the Dream: CAPT Seefeld video series will continue with video reports from the Main Event.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Get a $10 Freebie to Try New Mobile Keno at Miami Club

Miami Club Adds Keno to its Mobile CasinoMiami Club Casino has just added Keno to its new mobile casino for smartphones and tablets. The mobile casino now features 39 of its most popular games including slots like Triple Gold, Monte Magic and Lucky Irish slots as well as video poker games like Joker Poker.

To celebrate the addition of the new game the casino is offering players a $10 free bonus. Until February 29, this bonus can be claimed using coupon code FEBM1610 via the mobile casino cashier.

“This free cash can be used to play any game in our mobile casino,” said casino manager Linda Hernandez. “We’re very proud of our new mobile casino and we’re really excited to have added mobile Keno to our collection of mobile slots and video poker games, so I hope lots of players will use their free bonus to check out our games on their smartphone or tablet.”

Video: Miami Club Mobile Casino now features Keno from WGS Games

$10 freebie available to try mobile casino games until February 29th

Keno is lottery-type game where players choose 15 numbers ranging from 1 through 80. 20 numbers are drawn at random. Payouts are based on how many correct numbers were selected. Choosing six numbers correctly pays double the bet; 15 correct numbers pays 10,000X the wager.

Miami Club, an online casino popular all over the world,  is well-known for its unique selection of games from Wager Gaming (WGS) and for its frequent one-day, seven-day and month-long slots tournaments which can now be played on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well as desktop or laptop computers.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Living the Dream Team is on its Way to Austria for CAPT Seefeld

intertopsjuicystakes-captseefeld2-160.jpgMembers of the Living the Dream team, all online satellite winners from Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker, are on their way to Austria to compete in the CAPT Seefeld poker tournament next week. Daily video reports from the world class ski resort near Innsbruck begin on Wednesday on the Living the Dream poker blog.

Meanwhile, online satellite tournaments where five online players will win their way to the Caribbean for the TKPT tournament in St Maarten in April, continue until March 6th. Step 1 tournaments in the three-tier series (buy in $2 + $.20) are held every day at 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm EST. From there, players can win their way to Finals held every Sunday at 9 pm EST, where $3000 prize packages are awarded to the winners, or buy-in to those events for $100 + $10.

Video: Satellite tournament winners will compete at CAPT Seefeld in Austria

Daily video reports following 4 players at their first live tournament in Europe begin February 25th at

“I can't stop thinking about the tournament in Austria!” said Chris Perkins, one of the online winners joining the team in Seefeld. “For the past few days I have been feeling like I am going to do really well,” Chris said on the Living the Dream poker blog today.

“The structure of this event is by far the best live tournament structure I have played with 50,000 starting stack and 60 minute blind levels. This structure favors my style so much. I really think this is going to be the tournament that is going to allow me more freedom with poker. I don't know why I am getting that feeling, but this just seems like my time.”

“I’m really looking forward to welcoming the team to my home turf!” said Daniel Montagnolli, an Austrian poker pro who was with the team in Punta Cana last fall and who will also be with them in Seefeld. “I love this area and I know they will too! CAPT Seefeld is one of the best stops on the Casinos Austria poker tour. There will be players from all over -- lots of professionals but lots of recreational players as well.”

Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker are the leading online poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network.

Deposit this Week to Claim R2900 Leap Year Bonus February 29th

Sadie Hawkins Would Approve of the Leap Year Bonus at South Africas Springbok CasinoLeap Years come just once every four years and South Africa's Springbok Casino thinks such a special date should be celebrated. They’re offering a massive 2900 Rand February 29th Free Bonus on Leap Day next Monday. Everybody that deposits between February 22nd and February 29th can use coupon code FEB29-FREE to redeem a R2900 free bonus with a massive maximum payout of R3500 on Leap Day, February 29th.

Most people would be hard pressed to explain why there is an extra day in February. Explaining the Chinese calendar which adds a leap month periodically is even more complicated. One thing is for sure though: every fourth February there’s an extra day to play slots.

Video: South African online casino celebrates leap year with R2900 free bonus

Leap Day casino bonus has higher than usual maximum payout.

“What better way to spend this bonus day than doing what you enjoy most?” asked Springbok manager, Daniel Van Wyk. “To keep those reels spinning even longer, we decided to give our players a nice big free bonus for Leap Year!”

Ever since the 30’s when the L’il Abner comic strip character Sadie Hawkins decided the unmarried women of Dogpatch should have one day to chase bachelors and catch a husband, Sadie Hawkins dances, where women ask men to dance rather than the other way around, have been popular in North America. In the spirit of Sadie Hawkins’ hillbilly culture, Van Wyk recommends the casino’s popular Hillbillies Cashola, one of its hundreds of online slots and table games from RTG, all played in Rands with service in English or Afrikaans.

Friday, February 19, 2016

What Makes Online Roulette so Popular?

Online roulette is one of the most popular online casino games there is. It pulls a huge amount of players each day, with every respectable online casino having the classic table game in their repertoire. But what makes online roulette so popular with players? What keeps them coming back time and time again?

Online roulette offers the excitement of traditional roulette
But it emits the somewhat frantic nature of placing bets and abiding by table etiquette to allow players to get to grips with games and play at their own pace.
This is particularly useful given the rise of mobile players who are looking for a quick fix of roulette and may only want to bet on one spin of the wheel. This, generally, isn’t something you would do on a physical table where longer sessions are much more fun and rewarding.
Another bonus is the flexible chip values, which, depending upon your digital casino, can be set as high or as low as the player requires. Whereas in traditional casinos, minimum chip values will be determined by the house, which may put them out of budget for players with a smaller gaming bankroll. If you are looking to test the water, 32Red have a variety of user friendly games over at
For those who are still looking for the traditional interaction with the dealer and other players around the table, there’s always live roulette, which replicates the best elements of physical roulette, but allows people to enjoy them from the comfort of their own home. In many ways, live, or video roulette, is more convenient that it's physical counterpart, which is why everyone from 32Red, to Jackpot247 carry a live video version of the game.
Roulette can be rebranded and revamped
Traditional casinos are exactly that - traditional. This closes them to innovation and the latest trends. The same cannot be said for digital casinos, who are generally at the forefront of gaming innovation.
It is also much easier for exciting sponsorship or advertising deals to be struck up with digital gaming service providers, with the best example of this being through the hugely successful roulette games that make use of massive progressive jackpots, which are becoming increasingly popular with the heavy hitters.
Part of its popularity is that it takes the tried and tested roulette format, loading it with exciting mini games and bonus features which brings the table game out of its traditional format, and draws in players who wouldn’t normally have an interest in roulette games. It also makes it possible to cash in on the accumulated jackpot by placing normal wagers, thus making the potential wins much higher.
In fact, research has shown that online casino gaming is the go-to method of gaming throughout the UK, with it seeing the most amount of interaction, surpassing even physical casinos and bookmakers, with part of this popularity no doubt being down to online roulette and how easy it is to pick up and play.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

$8 Freebie to Try New Wedding Bells Penny Slot at WinADAy

Wedding Bells are Ringing as WinADay Casino Launches New Penny Slot with FreebieWith the romance of Valentines still in the air, WinADay Casino has just added a new wedding-themed game to its growing collection of penny slots. The new Wedding Bells penny slot features expanding wilds and a pick-me bonus game that awards instant cash prizes. An $8 freebie and a deposit bonus up to 60% are being offered this week.

$8 Freebie
Bonus code: 8FREEBIE
Deposit Bonus – up to 60%
Bonus code: TRYME60
Both bonuses are valid February 18-22, 2016 only.

Wedding Bells players can bet as little as seven cents per spin up to a max bet of seventy cents by betting from 1 to 5 coins per spin and setting the value of each coin at $.005 to $.05. An elegant Wedding Cake is the highest value symbol, paying 500X the winning bet when five appear. The Wild symbol expands to cover its entire reel, greatly increasing chances for a winning combination.

Video: WinADay Casino's new Wedding Bells penny slot has expanding wild and pick me bonus game

Unique casino has $8 freebie to try the new penny slot (until February 22, 2016 only)

Three or more Love Lock scatter symbols trigger a bonus game where players choose a series of objects to reveal cash prizes. Prizes are higher when the bonus game is triggered by four or five scatters.

“This may be a penny slot but it’s loaded with features,” said WinADay manager Michael Hilary. “It’s animated expanding wild helps create numerous winning combinations and players can win loads of extra cash in its pick-me bonus game.”

WinADay Casino now offers 18 unique penny slots and 32 one-of-a-kind premium slots. Including its 6 video poker games, Keno and Roulette, it now offers 62 one-of-a-kind casino games, most of them compatible with iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

Slots Player Says She Really Didn’t See Her $100,000 Winning Streak Coming

Liberty Slots Player Says She Really Didnt See Her Winning Streak ComingAlthough she said she didn’t have that “lucky feeling” that often comes before a night of casino games, a Liberty Slots Casino player ended up on an incredible winning streak, winning $100,000 in one amazing day.

"I actually didn’t feel particularly lucky that day. I was just really in the mood to play, so I did!” Elizabeth M. told one of the casino’s customer support staff. “I took a few spins on Cool Bananas, then Coral Cash. I went back and forth between the two with not a lot of luck at first. I hit a lot of free spins but no real wins until about an hour and a half into it. After a few decent wins I realized I was on a roll and increased my bets. I got quite aggressive for a while: $18.75, $25.00 and then up to $50 a spin.”

When Elizabeth switched to Cherry Blossoms, she had some good results and found herself with $10,000 in her account.

Video: Liberty Slots Player Won $100,000 on Several Casino Games from WGS

Player didn't really feel especially lucky but had amazing winning streak anyway!

“That’s when I decided to go for it!” she said. “I upped the bets to $200 and the wins started to come. I remember a few $2,000 and $3,000 wins. Then I went back to Cool Bananas because its free spins are great! All free spins wins are doubled and when you're betting $200 at a time that can really make a difference.”

She said she felt like any machine she touched would pay out.

“I played for almost twenty-four hours straight -- you don't want to quit when you're on a streak like that! My biggest wins were $15,000 on three separate occasions: Jurassic Slots, Green Meanies and the new one, Livin' the Life -- which is what I'm doing right now!”

The winner said the $100,000 will go towards paying some debts and then she and her husband will take at least one trip together.

“It’s always exciting to see a player have this much fun and win so much money,” said casino manager Mark Ramirez. “A vacation seems like a great way to enjoy her winnings. I don’t think she needs to go to Vegas, though, when she does this well at home on her computer!”

Liberty Slots offers unique slots games from Wager Gaming Technology. Its new mobile casino features thirty of the best games including Elizabeth’s favorites, Crazy Bananas and Cherry Blossoms. The popular online casino is well-known for its slots tournaments, generous casino bonuses and easy deposits and withdrawals for players anywhere in the world.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Get a $10 Freebie to Try Slotland's New Deuces & Joker Wild Video Poker

Slotland Expands its Video Poker Collection Launching New Deuces & Joker Wild with $10 FreebieIf you're one of those slots players that likes to switch it up once in awhile and play a little video poker, you'll be happy to hear that Slotland has just added a fourth variation on the popular casino game, Deuces & Joker Wild. Until Saturday, you can get a $10 freebie and up to 40% deposit bonus to take it for a spin for free.

Deuces & Joker Wild $10 Freebie
Bonus code: 10FREEBIE
Deuces & Joker Wild Deposit Bonus – up to 40%
Bonus code: POKER
Both bonuses are valid February 17-20 only.

Video: New Deuces and Joker Wild has 5 Wild Cards and a Double Up Bonus

Slotland is offering an $8 freebie and up to 40% deposit bonus for its new video poker game (until Feb. 20, 2016 only)

Deuces & Joker Wild is a standard one hand video poker game played with 52 cards plus a joker. With four deuces and one joker wild, it’s possible to have five wild cards in a hand. With so many wild cards players have lots of flexibility in building a winning hand.

Payout for some hands is much higher than normally found in a video poker games. For example, five Wilds with a max bet placed wins 2000X the bet. A Natural Royal Flush pays up to 800X.

Like the other new video poker games – All American, 10s or Better and Joker Wild -- this new game has a Double Up bonus round. After every win greater than the amount bet, players have a chance to double their win by picking a card higher than the dealer’s.

Dueces & Joker Wild players can bet one to five coins per hand and coins can be valued at $.10 to $5 for a minimum bet of $.10 and a max bet of $25.

“We may have underestimated the popularity of video poker,” laughed Michael Hilary, the manager of Slotland. “All of our new video poker games have been instantly hits so we’re excited to add this new variation!”

Slotland, which recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, now has 39 one-of-a-kind casino games. Since the unique casino creates its own games, none of them can be found anywhere but

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dance Your Way to $90,000 in Casino Bonuses

Friday Raffles Help Players Qualify for Bigger Bonuses during Rock n Slot Casino Bonus Event at Jackpot CapitalJackpot Capital Casino players are hitting the dance floor and rockin’ and rollin’ their way to $90,000 in casino bonuses during the Rock n Slot casino bonus event that continues until March 13th. There will be $15,000 in weekly scoreboard prizes, another $5000 in random draws every week and yet another $5000 will be awarded at the end of the event to the best dancers at Jackpot Capital. By posting photos of crazy dance moves on the casino’s Facebook page players can qualify for a further $5000 in prize money.

Every Monday players will receive bonuses up to $500 each based on how much they’ve played the previous week. $5000 raffle draws on Fridays will help players play their way into a higher bonus category in time for Monday bonusing. The more they play earlier in the week the better players chances of winning these random draws.

Players will be ranked in categories named after types of dancers and at the end of the event players at each level will receive an additional bonus. Two players that reach the top Dance Floor Pro (“Dancing is my life”) station will receive a $500 bonus. 5 that make it to the Free Bird (“Music makes me lose control”) station will get a $300 bonus. 7 that rock their way to the Dancing Drunkard (“I am a pro after a couple of drinks”) category will get $200 and 11 players that reach the first station -- The Wall Flower (“I prefer standing at the bar”) -- will each get a $100 bonus.

Video: $90,000 in casino bonuses awarded during RockNSlot event at Jackpot Capital Casino

$15,000 awarded weekly to frequent players as well as weekly raffle draws
 100% up to $150 deposit bonus is also available and can be claimed by entering bonus code DANCELEGEND when depositing.

Jackpot Capital Casino offers a wide selection of slots and table games from Realtime Gaming (RTG). The most popular games are also in its mobile casino.

$2000 in Special Jackpots for Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker Players

Juicy Stakes Awarding Special Jackpots to Blackjack Roulette and Video Poker PlayersThis month we can win bonus prizes at Juicy Stakes Casino by hitting special jackpot events in Blackjack, Video Poker or Roulette. A total of $2000 will be awarded between now and February 24th!

Players can win special jackpots playing any of the casino’s four Blackjack games: Blackjack, Face Up 21, Double Draw, Perfect Pair. The first 20 players to hit a Heart Blackjack (natural Blackjack in Hearts) will each win an extra $20. 15 players will receive a $10 bonus for Small Suite 21s ( 6, 7 and 8 ) and 1 lucky player will get $300 for a Big Suite 21 ( Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ).

Five consecutive wins with red numbers wins an extra $5 for thirty American Roulette or European Roulette players. Four players that hit every single number from 1 to 36 (even over several sessions) will get a $1000 Roulette jackpot.

Video: $2000 in special jackpots for Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker

Juicy Stakes is giving jackpot bonuses for certain blackjack and video poker hands and some roulette wins

All ten video poker games (Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Double Joker Poker, Tens or Better, Joker Poker Kings, All American Joker Poker Aces and The Saloon) will also pay special jackpots. Four of a Kind pays $5 to up to forty lucky players, a Flush pays $10 to up to twenty players and ten players that get a Royal Flush will get an extra $40. 

Although Juicy Stakes is best known for its busy poker room, where current online satellite tournaments will award trips to a live poker tournament in the Caribbean, it also offers a wide selection of casino games from Cake.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Massive $20,000 Prize Pool Expected for Lincoln Casino's Big Valentine Slots Tournament

Lincoln Casinos Big Valentine Slots Tournament Prize PoolWow! The prize pool the for month-long Big Valentine slots tournament now on at Lincoln Casino is expected to be well over $20,000. The first place player will take 25% with the remainder divided amongst 20 other players. This special Valentines tournament is being played on -- you guessed it -- the Cupid’s Arrow slot game.

The Big Valentine 'Play for the Pot' Slots Tournament

Game: Cupid’s Arrow
Continues until March 1
$3 entry gives players $125 to play with on the game; unlimited re-buys are available.

The pot will depend on how many players there are, but Lincoln's manager assures me it will be at least $20K.

“We expect the prize pool to be significantly north of $20,000, if any of our past events are anything to go on,” said Ryan Wilson, the manager at Lincoln Casino. “First prize will be at least $5,000, which is not a bad return for a $3.00 ticket!”

Video: $20,000 prize pool expected for Lincoln Casino's Big Valentine slots tournament

Month-long tournament will be played on Cupid's Arrow slot from WGS.

Cupid’s Arrow, a twenty payline slot game from WGS, has teddy bears, cinnamon hearts, Valentine’s chocolates and engagement rings spinning on its five reels. Three or more scatters (a Valentine’s gift box) trigger 15 free spins. Cupid himself is the Wild symbol that doubles any win that it's part of. Players can bet from one penny up to $10 per spin.

Lincoln Casino features dozens of unique games from Wager Gaming (WGS). Its recently upgraded mobile casino for smartphones and tablets features some of its most popular games including Cool Bananas, Funky Chicken and Fat Cat. Players earn comp points playing any of its games including table games -- unlike most casinos that only give comps for slots. This month comp points are doubled when playing the new Mine All Mine slot.

Register for the Big Valentine slots tournament under the Tournaments tab in the casino.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Online Satellite Tournament Series Sending Poker Players to the Caribbean

Just as the last group of online satellite tournament winners at Intertops Poker and Juicy Stakes Poker is packing for their trip to compete at CAPT Seefeld in Austria, another poker tournament series has just begun.  This one will send five online poker winners to the Caribbean! Daily Step 1 and Step 2 tournaments in the three-tier satellite tournament series continue until March 6th. The winners of the five $100,000 TKPT Satellite Final tournaments will each receive a $3000 prize package to compete at the $100,000 TK Poker Tour Main Event in St Maarten April 26 – May 1.

“We all know playing poker is fun,” said Intertops’ Poker manager. “Well, we like to add to that fun and excitement by giving our online players a chance to experience some live tournament action in exotic locations!”

“We had great feedback from the players we sent to St Maarten for the TKPT tournament last fall,” added the poker manager at Juicy Stakes.  “So we’re happy to include it on our tournament calendar again this year!”

The winners of the three-tier online satellite tournament series now in progress at the two leading poker rooms on the Horizon Poker Network will win a prize package that includes $1100 buy-in for the TKPT Main Event, April 26 to May 1 as well as five nights at the exclusive Sonesta Maho Beach Resort (including all meals and beverages), a $100 cash game buy-in and $600 to help with travel expenses.

When they’re not at the poker tables the players can take advantage of everything the luxurious resort has to offer: a large pool with cascading waterfalls, four tennis courts, a swim-up pool bar, five restaurants and bars and a nightclub.

Video: 5 online satellite champions will go to the Caribbean for TKPT St Maarten

Win your way to the Caribbean or buy in at any stage of the three tier online tournament series.

You can buy-in to a Step 1 tournament for just $2.20 and win your way to one of five $100,000 TKPT Satellite Final tournaments, or simply buy in at any stage. Every Sunday there’s also a Last Chance Wild West Satellite that you can buy into for only $1 + $.10 and win a ticket to jump directly into one of the five $100,000 TKPT Satellite Final tournaments.

You can register for any of these TKPT online satellite tournaments by clicking on the Tournaments tab in the poker rooms:

Step 1 ($2+$0.20)
Prize: 1 ticket for any Step 2 tournament
Daily February 1st  – March 6th at 11am / 2pm / 4pm/ 6pm/ 8pm/ 10pm EST

Step 2 ($10+$1)
Prize: 1 ticket for the $100,000 TKPT Final
Daily February 1st – March 6th, 9pm EST

Last Chance Wild West Satellite ($1+$0.10)
Prize: 1 ticket for the $100,000 TKPT Final guaranteed!
Every Sunday, February 7th – March 6th, 7:30 pm EST

$100,000 TKPT Satellite Final ($100+$10)
Prize: $3,000 Package
Every Sunday, February 7th – March 6th, 9pm EDT

Like other online satellite winners that Intertops and Juicy Stakes have sent on live tournament adventures, the TKPT players will share their live tournament experiences on the Living the Dream blog which will have daily video reports from St Maarten April 26 – May 1.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

South Africa's Springbok Casino Celebrating Valentines a Day Early with 140 Free Spins

South Africas Springbok Casino Celebrating Valentines with Free Spins the Day BeforeSouth Africa's Springbok Casino is celebrating Valentine's Day the day before the most romantic night of the year with a Valentines free spins offer. On February 13th (only) players that have deposited in February can get 140 free spins on the Realtime Gaming's new God of Wealth slot game.

“A lot of people have something special planned for Valentine's Day so we thought it would be better to give our Valentine’s Bonus the day before,” said Springbok’s manager, Daniel van Wyk. “And while we were at it we decided to add a touch of Chinese New Year as well by featuring our new Chinese-themed slot!”

On Saturday, everyone that’s deposited so far in February can receive 140 free spins on God of Wealth by using coupon code LOVE-SPINS. If you haven't made a deposit can simply make one and then you can claim your free spins right away.

Video: South African online casino celebrates Valentines a day early

140 free spins and up to R1400 deposit bonus available.

A Valentines deposit bonus is available as well. Get a 140% bonus (up to R1400) by using coupon code PR-VAL. This bonus is available until the end of February.

Dedicated to the Chinese god of prosperity, the God of Wealth slot has a wild symbol that doubles any win it’s part of and a scatter symbol that awards up to 10 free spins. During free spins the Dragon, Tiger and Ox symbols are replaced with Wilds.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Get a 50% Bonus for Super Bowl Bets at AllYouBet American-style Sportsbook

He’s looked lost all season long, but Peyton Manning can come good in what could be his last pro game by grabbing his second Super Bowl ring in California this weekend.

The good news for punters is that AllYouBet American-style online sportsbook is offering a fabulous 50% bonus offer on deposits so that they can make the most of mighty Manning as MVP at +400 – or maybe blast their bucks on opponent Cam Newton, a big favorite at -143.

The Denver Broncos’ quarterback has rarely lived up to his billing since the road to San Francisco opened up in September, while injury problems have also led to widespread speculation – which he this week refused to deny - that he will retire after Sunday’s game.

However, the post-season is when the true greats stamp their authority, and Carolina Panthers could be the subject of one final Manning mauling at Levi's Stadium.

Looking at AllYouBet's lines, there could be real value with Manning’s handicap of –2 at –115 to be the QB to make most completions as he could score big irrespective of whether his team comes out on top or not.

With all eyes on the 39-year-old, AllYouBet is offering plenty more Manning markets ahead of Sunday’s game. Will his first pass attempt be complete? How many TD passes will he throw? What will be his longest pass completion in the game? And more…

As for the game itself, Denver has the experience to keep things tight and, with the league’s No.1 defense battling the No.6, scoring could well be kept to a minimum. That means that under 675.5 ‘Total Offensive Yards’ at -115 and 36-42 ‘Total Points’ at +400 could be good value.

With dozens of markets available, from yardages to points and everything in between, AllYouBet punters have a ton of reasons to make the most of their 50% bonus - which is on deposits up to $100 with code SUPERBOWL50 - between now and the start of Sunday’s game at 6.30pm ET.

AllYouBet offers competitive odds on all kinds of professional sports including football, soccer, tennis and hockey. Players from North America are welcomed with a $100 Welcome Bonus.

Video: American-style online sportsbook offering 50% deposit bonus in time for Super Bowl Bets

Can Peyton Manning live up to all the hype around him and lead the Denver Broncos to victory in California this weekend?

Get a $12 Freebie to Try Slotland's New 'All American' Video Poker

lotland Unveils Yet Another New Video Poker Game Giving Freebie to Try New All AmericanSlotland players have been asking for some video games to go with the unique casino’s collection of one-of-a-kind slot games. With the All American launching today -- its third new video poker game -- they’re getting more than they asked for. Similar to Joker Wild and 10s or Better video poker which launched over the last few weeks, this new game has a Double Up feature for increasing wins.

This week there’s a freebie and a deposit bonus to try it.

Video: Slotland launches All American, it's 3rd new video poker game

$12 freebie and deposit bonuses available for new video poker game's first weekend.

All American Casino Bonuses
All bonuses are available February 4 - 7, 2016 only.

$12 Freebie, bonus code: 12FREEBIE

70% Deposit Bonuses, bonus code: TRYME Available for deposits of $25-$300 (redeem once only)

Up to 50% Deposit Bonus, bonus code: PLAYPOKER 20% bonus for deposits of $25-$49, 30% for deposits of $50 - $99 and 50% added to deposits of $100 - $199. May be used up to 6X per day.

Decked out in patriotic stars and stripes, All American is a single hand video poker game, played with 52 cards. It uses standard poker hand ranking with a higher payout for the Straight Flush, Straight and Flush winning hands and top payouts for a Natural Royal Flush. Players are dealt five cards and can then hold up to five of them before drawing new cards. After a winning hand they can take their winnings and continue playing, or play the Double Up round where they can double their win by picking a hard higher than the dealer’s.

“Video poker is an easy game to play and it moves along quite quickly,” said Michael Hilary, the manager of Slotland. “Lots of slots players like to switch it up a bit and play a few hands of video poker now and again so we’re really pleased to have several for them to choose from now.”

One of the very first to offer real money online slots Slotland, which recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, now has 38 unique casino games. Another new video poker game is expected to launch within the next few weeks. Most of Slotland’s premium slot games are tied to one site-wide progressive jackpot which is currently approaching $150,000 and due for a win.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Intertops Sportsbook has Stake Back Offer on ‘First Touchdown Scorer’ Book

It may be all or nothing for the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos in Santa Clara this Sunday, but we get two chances of victory with Intertops Sportsbook. Intertops is offering the dozens of great markets that sports fans would expect and a couple of great Super Bowl betting bonuses.

As a special treat, Intertops - as it celebrates 20 years online - is offering an incredible deal in its ‘First Touchdown Scorer’ book, with losing stakes up to $100 returned as a free bet if the chosen player attempts a rush or makes a reception and is stopped inside his opponent’s 10-yard line before the game’s first TD is scored.

Video: Super Bowl betting bonuses at Intertops Sportsbook

Super Bowl stake back offer and deposit bonus available at Intertops.

So take Cam Newton (+750) or Demaryius Thomas (+900) to open the scoring and win big if they do, but maybe pocket a free bet if they don’t! With nerves set to be high at the start, a look at either D/Special Team to score first is also worth considering (Carolina +1600, Denver +1800), while a Broncos win by 1-6 points (+400) looks hot in what will be a tight game.

“With Super Bowl markets covering everything from total points and highest scoring quarter to the coin toss and first coaches challenge, there’s great value and something for everyone at Intertops,” said Intertops’ bet manager.

To give players some extra cash for the big game, Intertops is giving one of its biggest bonus offers ever adding an extra 50% (up to $100) to customers’ deposits made right up until game time on Super Bowl Sunday.

After the game, 20 customers will each win a $500 free bet in the $10,000 Super Bowl Grand Prize Draw. To qualify for this draw, customers simply have to wager — pre-match or live — on any of the online sportsbook’s huge range of Super Bowl betting options. Every dollar wagered earns one ticket in the draw.

The full-featured online sportsbook offers competitive odds on dozens of wagering options on Super Bowl 50. Intertops Sportsbook, the world’s first online sportsbook, recently had a complete mobile-friendly redesign and now has more wagers and attractive new parlay options that ever before.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

$120,000 'Love Pyramid' Casino Bonuses at Intertops Casino

Love is in the air at Intertops Casino where players are travelling back to the time of Cleopatra, one of the history’s greatest lovers, for $120,000 Love Pyramid casino bonuses. Every week until February 29th the online casino, popular all over the world for nearly 20 years now, will give away $30,000 in casino bonuses.

At Intertops Casino you'll automatically earn reward points whenever you play any of its hundreds of real money casino games from Realtime Gaming.  Each week the top 300 players get bonuses up to $500 each based on how many points they’ve earned that week. The top twenty players each week are also entered in a grand prize draw for a $1000 cash prize.  Every Thursday, 50 players that have played earlier in the week get additional bonuses up to $150.

Video: Love is in the air at Intertops Casino during $120,000 Love Pyramids casino bonuses event

Earn reward points by playing casino games, win weekly bonuses up to $500.

“With Valentines Day coming up this month’s casino bonus promotion just had to be focused on love,” said Intertops’ casino manager. “Other great lovers came to mind but for me Cleopatra is the ultimate Queen of Romance!”

Love Pyramids continues until February 29, 2016. Contest details and current player scoreboard rankings are available at:

Intertops Casino is known all over the world for its efficient and friendly customer service, quick and easy payments and huge selection of online casino games from RTG including the new God of Wealth. The new Chinese-themed slot game, introduced just in time for Chinese New Year, has a free spins feature and a Wild that doubles wins.

Monday, February 01, 2016

$1400 Valentines Freeroll Slot Tournament Begins Today at Grande Vegas Casino

A two-week freeroll slots tournament with a $1400 prize pool has just begun at Grande Vegas Casino! We have until Valentines Day to achieve the highest score on the Enchanted Garden slot game from Realtime Gaming.

$1400 Valentines Freeroll Slot Tournament
Entry fee: $0
Guaranteed prize pool: $1400
Game: Enchanted Garden
February 1 – 14, 2016

A special Valentines Casino Bonus is also available until February 14th.

Valentines Deposit Bonus Offer 
140% up to $140
Coupon code: PR-VT2016
Valid until February 14, 2016 only.

Enchanted Garden is a unicorn fantasy that awards seven free games when a Garden symbol appears on the first reel and reel five reveals a Fairy Princess. Firefly symbols in the feature game win additional free spins. Its progressive jackpot, currently over $5300, can be randomly triggered at any time.

In honour of Chinese New Year, also coming up this month, Grande Vegas Casino recently introduced God of Wealth. The new Chinese-themed slot game dedicated to the Chinese god of prosperity is available in its download, instant-play and mobile casino.

Video: Valentines slots tournament and casino bonuses at Grande Vegas Casino

$1400 in prizes for tournament played on Enchanted Garden from Realtime Gaming.

"Tournaments give players a chance to compete against other players and give them a shot at some nice prize money," noted Grande Vegas manager Robert Miller. "Enchanted Garden is one of our most popular games, especially since it made its debut in our mobile casino as well, so we're pleased to feature it in this month’s tournament."

Offering hundreds of slots and table games from Realtime Gaming (RTG), Grande Vegas Casino brings a touch of Vegas to computers, smartphones and tablets all over the world.