Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New VIP Program Means Extra Benefits for Regular Players at WinADay Casino, like its sister site, is already known for its exceptional customer service. The customer service staff know their most frequent players quite well and periodically give them special bonuses and treats, but the unique online slots and video poker site has now formalized its priority services benefits by creating its official VIP Program.
As a welcome bonus VIPs receive $50 when they enter the Bronze level, another $100 when they get to Silver and another $200 when they reach Gold. These are in addition to 100% VIP match bonuses of $100 to $250. Players are invited to join the first level of the VIP program when they have been with the site for at least 60 days and deposited $5000.

WinADay gives a monthly bonus to players that play its designated game-of-the-month, this month the the Jacks Show video poker. If a VIP player wins they will receive double Game of the Month Bonuses -- $1000 instead of $500. Other VIP benefits and terms and conditions are on the website:

The human touch is what sets WinADay’s customer service apart but some new technology is also helping players get support when they need it. The new Live Chat system now offers all players instant, live, one-on-one customer support.

WinADay has just added several new slot machines, most recently Leprechaun Luck which last month produced a $96K jackpot winner. Still primarily a slots and video poker site, WinADay has introduced other traditional casino games lately: Roulette 5 (5 wheels, 2 zeroes), La Roulette (European rules), Slot21 and Keno. There are now 17 games, all instant play, no downloading or installation required.

Just hit last month,’s progressive jackpot is already back up to nearly $70,000.