Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lucky Fish Hopes for More Good Fortune in Saturday’s Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament Monthly Final

This week, players are winning their way to Saturday’s monthly final in the site’s richest poker tournament ever, the Million Dollar Free Roll series. A player that came close to taking it all last month hopes to win the $75,000 first prize this weekend.

“Just get this over with” moaned one of the other players at last month’s Final Table as the tournament’s eventual winner was dealt a pair of Queens. The hand began a series of winning hands that won “TylerC” the monthly championship and $75,000. But player “Swancott21”, a college student from New York, didn’t give it up easy and held his own until the bitter end.

“I’d win a hand,” said the second place player who was happy with his $10,000 second place, “Then he’d win five hands. Then I’d win a nice pot – and he’d win the next three.”

The rookie player surprised some when he went all in on a 10-7. “What can I say,” he said later, “10-7 anything is my favourite hand.”

“Fastest final table I’ve ever seen“ said another player when “Swanscott21” was dealt 4h8s and forced to fold moments into the final hand.

As part of the fastest growing poker network, PlayersOnlyVIP attracts a healthy mix of new and inexperienced poker players.

“Some of the guys on the network are pretty hard core poker players. I’m just a little fish from PlayersOnlyVIP that got lucky and almost won last month,” said the surprised near-winner. “I’ve won my way to the final table again this month but let’s be realistic – let’s just say if I don’t get eliminated too quick I’ll be happy!”

Free roll tournaments bring out all kinds of recreational players,” said David Anderson, manager of “All you’ve ever got to lose is your tournament entry fee so the pressure’s off. If you win your seat in a qualifier during the week, well, then you have nothing at all to lose!”

The first place player on Saturday will walk away with $75,000 but 29 others will also win cash prizes from $100 - $10,000 for a total of $100,000 this month and every month. The ten-month series will award a total of $1,000,000. Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament
Monthly Final #6: Saturday, March 1st at 4:00 pm ET
Daily Qualifiers: All this week