Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Intertops Gets an A for Customer Service from Leading Sportsbook Watchdog for Quick Response to NBA Betting Questions

After an anonymous test, has been recognized by a leading sportsbook watchdog for its quick and thorough answers to customers’ online betting questions. Looking ahead to this weekend’s NBA Finals, asked several prominent sportsbooks about NBA overnight lines. was the first to respond and gave the most thorough and informative answers.

In an anonymous customer email inquiry, SBR asked sportsbooks a simple question: Do you have overnight lines on the NBA playoffs? While many of those contacted took days to answer, replied with incomplete answers or – amazingly – didn’t bother replying at all,’s Customer Service replied within 30 minutes with a very positive and complete answer.

Yes, Intertops offers overnight lines on the NBA Finals. During the play-offs the maximum stake is increased from US$275 to US$550. The Totals and the Straight up or the Totals and the Spread can be parlayed on NBA games.

„We know that sports bettors trust the information and advice they get from SBR, so we’ve always been proud of our overall B+ rating there„ said Michl Posch of „Since providing the best possible customer service is such a high priority with us, we’re particularly proud to have received the highest score in this test.“

This week, during the NBA Finals, sports bettors are focused on American basketball and Intertops has a full range of odds and props on both the Western Conference series between the LA Lakers and the San Antonio Spurs and the Eastern Conference where the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons are battling it out., this year celebrating its 25th anniversary, took the very first online sports bet in 1996 and has been one of the world’s most popular and trusted online casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms ever since. As always, Intertops welcomes American players to their online casino, poker room and sportsbook.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

EasyJet Passenger Latest Winner in €1,000,000,000 Raffle-style Numbers Game

Stafford, UK woman wins €1000 at and is still eligible to win the billion Euro prize

A UK woman is the latest winner at, a raffle-style numbers game that could yet make her a billionaire. Sarah Jackson of Stafford was on board an EasyJet flight to Spain when she read the company’s “What would you do with a billion dollars?!” challenge in the in-flight magazine. Eager to demonstrate what she’d do if she became an instant billionaire, she bought a ticket and soon learned she’d won 1000€ in a preliminary draw. She is still eligible to win any of the lottery-style game’s subsequent prizes of €10,000, €1,000,000€ & €10,000,000 and she could even win the grand prize of €1 Billion.

“When I saw the ad I thought ‘Gee, I can think of a billion ways to spend a billion dollars!’” said the excited winner. “I’ll start practicing with this 1000€ just in case!” offers the biggest prize pool ever available anywhere and is the first game to offer a single player the opportunity to win €1 Billion Euro,” said Managing Director Joseph Crivici. “And the chances of winning are better than any European state lottery.”

The odds of winning 10 000€ or more at are better than 1 in 10,000. Winning the grand prize of 1 Billion Euros (about £630,000) is twice as likely as winning a large state lottery jackpot. determines its winning numbers through major global stock indices. Winning numbers are made up of the last digit of the closing value of pre-determined indices on the day of the prize draw. The prize pool increases with every ticket purchased. Each ticket has a unique number and there can be only one winning ticket for each prize. 75 million tickets have been made available and each ticket is eligible for as many as five separate cash prizes from €1000 to the incredible €1,000,000,000 final jackpot. tickets are available for €25 each(about £20) at

Backgammon Masters Players Prefer Real Currency over Second Life Linden

In a recent survey conducted by online backgammon game operator, only 20 of 500 survey-participating players had ever heard of Second Life Virtual world currency, the “Linden.” Moreover, of the 20 survey participants who knew of the “Linden,” only two of those individuals communicated interest in using the virtual currency to play in Backgammon Masters. The 500-surveyed were international players, not in the United States.

As part of the survey, BackgammonMasters stated that Linden winnings could be cashed out for the real currencies that are accepted-BackgammonMasters cashier currencies. These include: the US Dollar, Euro, CND, GBP, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Kroner, Hungarian Forint, New Zealand Dollar, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, Singapore Dollar, Polish Zloty, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and the South African Rand.

From the results of the survey, BackgammonMasters concluded that its players were not willing to use the Linden currency in lieu of the USD, GBP or Euros. Participants cited playing for non-virtual currencies, from making bets to withdrawing winnings, as more enticing than using the virtual Linden for game transactions.

At present, the secure online cashier of BackgammonMasters provides automatic currency conversions that are commission-free. In the past this was a timely and costly calculation process. Now, customers make deposits and withdrawals in their native currencies, which eliminates poor exchange rates and high bank charges. In addition, multi-currency deposits are acceptable and converted automatically into U.S. currency by BackgammonMasters. These deposits are used to play Backgammon, Poker, Blackjack and Perudo.

Read more about blackjack and poker games at: is also an excellent source for news and information on backgammon online as well as blackjack and poker.

Lucky Leeds Three Hit the Jackpot at

It’s a hatrick at this week, as three lucky winners from Leeds have all hit the jackpot and with Cantor Casino paying out top cash prizes to all three regular players the very next day, has been growing in popularity.

The three lucky winners, all from Leeds, include Mr Steve Wright, a 30 year old Company Director, who regularly plays on tables and struck lucky on Cantor’s Spanish Blackjack game, winning over £42,580 in one sitting.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been lucky with Cantor Casino, but it’s the biggest win I’ve ever had; their featured games have a low house edge, so if you take the time to learn how to play properly, it can become a hobby with a great bonus. I’ve had my eye on a BMW Z4 and plan to treat myself to one with some of my winnings.” said winner, Steve Wright.

Mr Wright wasn’t the only one to strike gold with Cantor Casino this week though as Catharine R, 32 from Headingly, Leeds also won £26,550 on Spanish blackjack. The third big winner, who prefers to stay out of the limelight, won £11,000., Marketing Director, Mike Leys said, “We’re proud of our high payout percentage so it’s great that our regular players have won and been rewarded with big cash prizes. Last month alone we paid out 97.8%, with next day payouts for all of our winning customers.” is home to the discerning casino player and with its low house edge and big payouts each week increasing players’ chances to win it certainly seems to be the preferred choice for players from Yorkshire.

“As shown by this week’s trio of winners, it’s possible to start a winning streak that isn’t just pure luck, especially if you take the time to really learn how to play Casino Games,” added Mr Leys. “And if you’re unsure of how to play, simply play for fun or on low cash tables at the beginning and never bet more than you can afford.” offers a selection of unique games, alongside familiar casino games such as blackjack, roulette and slots.’s innovative games’ such as StatJack™, which counts cards for you, is typical of this innovation. In addition, the arrival of Cantor Financial Odds, which allows players to bet on movements in stock indices with as little as a £1, highlights’s commitment to giving customers exactly the high-quality gaming experience they will be looking for when they visit the site.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Backgammon Masters Celebrates UEFA Champions League Final with 5K Freeroll Tournament

BackgammonMasters Online Backgammon Operator is hosting a Backgammon FreeRoll tournament in honor of the UEFA Champions League Final tonight in Moscow. The Freeroll tournament will be held online at after the game in Russia, along with a private party in Moscow City itself.

Tonight’s UEFA Championship Final between Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United and Avram Grant’s Chelsea (owned by the Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovitz) is estimated as having a worldwide viewership of over 35 million. In light of this, BackgammonMasters knows that many viewers will be sitting at home after the game on their computers looking at live interviews and stats on their favorite teams and also participating in the BackgammonMasters post game 5K freeroll in the spirit of healthy competition and championship skill games.

A spokesperson BackgammonMasters said, “We find that we have a huge increase of traffic to the site after big sporting events in Europe because people are at home and they are already in game mode, and our site is the place where they come to release post game tensions and basically have some competitive fun.”

BackgammonMasters also offers 21 Blackjack games, Poker games and Perudo games all in one Game Lobby. The prize pool for tonight’s Backgammon Tournament is set at $5,000 and the tournament kicks off at 10 GMT. Registration is accepted at any point up until the start of the tournament.

Read more about BackgammonMasters has more information on blackjack and poker games. is an excellent source for information on online backgammon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Online Casino Pays Out Largest Ever Customer Win in Greece

€940,966 jackpot is largest win ever in Greece and’s biggest casino winner to date

Last week, congratulated a lucky Greek customer on his €940,966 jackpot win by flying him and five of his friends and family to London to receive his winnings and celebrate his incredible good fortune. After toasting his win at Sportingbet’s London offices, the young accountant and his entourage were taken to lunch after which he and his proud fiancĂ© went on a shopping spree.

Mr. K Vasileiadis staked a relatively small amount (€27) on the Super Seven’s online slot machine and won the massive jackpot of €940,966. This is the largest online casino win in Greece ever, and the biggest casino win on

“This is a huge win and I am delighted for Mr. Vasileiadis,” said’s CEO. “He is a loyal and valued customer and I am sure he will enjoy spending the money. I hope that the experience of this win will stay with him for a long time to come.”

Vasileiadis, who usually plays at for a few hours each weekend, said the massive win has certainly changed his life but that he has no plans to leave his job. His fiancé said that their wedding would probably be bigger and sooner than planned though.

Everyday hundreds of people win at, and Mr. Vasileiadis’ success is an excellent example of how online casino’s can and do produce real winners.

“We believe that the customer journey from depositing to winning should provide them with the ultimate gaming experience,” added the CEO.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Popular Poker and Blackjack Gaming Sites on Identity Theft Alert

After a recent identity theft case that sentenced Fouad Mourtada to three years in prison, online businesses are currently on high alert. Mourtada was charged with opening a false Facebook account under the name of Moulay Rachid, the Moroccan Prince. Additionally, BackgammonMasters' Mexico site found users with the names of Prince William, Tom Cruise, Madonna and other famous icons. These accounts were found to be fake as well.

A spokesperson said that “We’ve seen a trend in the industry for people to register popular names, as we call them Gold usernames such as backgammonking, pokerking, blackjack-king and celebrity names which are just as popular. We see people in game forums even buying and selling these usernames. For these people it's status, kind of like having a custom license plate. As long as the games are for fun, we are not concerned.”

Though these players with “Gold usernames” have only played in Poker, Blackjack, Backgammon and other fun online money games, gaming companies are beginning to look out for these accounts following the Facebook case.

However, some governments are concerned because of the insults that fake accounts cause their famous leaders. Though Mourtada was released from jail after serving only 43 days of his sentence because of pressure from Human Rights organizations and petitioners, the case has resulted in a new awareness that usernames can be a serious matter. Ali Ammar, Mourtada’s lawyer, said that “This is a cultural problem; this is the first time a Moroccan poses as a very important personality on the Internet. This is already a common practice in European countries.”

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bluff Europe’s Neil Channing Issue Out Now

Channing Inflicts Some Bad Beats to Win the Irish Open, while ‘Jesus’ Wins

The May Issue of Bluff Europe is winging its way around the newsstands and card rooms of the UK as we speak. This month they get hold of one of the most modest players who just so happens to be on a bit of a roll, Neil Channing. For this month alone, the Londoner was bigger than Jesus.

Neil Channing is a name who is new to many poker players around Europe, but he’s been on top of the UK poker scene now for the last decade. Having deliberately turned down his chance of fame on the original recordings of ‘Late Night Poker’, Channing shunned his fifteen minutes of televised fame to keep doing what he does best – beating some of the biggest cash games in Europe. Now Channing tells Bluff about how winning the Irish Open has blown his cover, what the win means to him, and more – all of this while he was partially clothed in a boxing gym in the east-end of London.

Meanwhile, Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson was winning a poker tournament of his own in America. Chris Ferguson managed to make it third time lucky at the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championships this month, and Bluff Europe managed to catch up with the man many feel to be the best heads-up tournament player in the world.

With the World Series of Poker fast approaching, they couldn’t leave their Vegas-bound readers in the lurch, so this month’s issue also includes a six-page special on ‘Beer and Roving in Las Vegas’. If you’re heading out for the Series, or just wanting to know where the best places are to eat, drink and gamble are, don’t miss out.

This issue has a full report on the EPT Warsaw where Michael Schulz of Germany won £489,674 (€626,968), Shelley Rubinstein reports on the PartyPoker European Challenge II in Vienna, and Bluff Europe examines what happens when professional poker players take rubbish starting hands and play them like they’re aces.

Finally, Bluff Europe is offering its players an exclusive freeroll in conjunction with Betfair. Two of the best online players in the world, WSOP Europe Main Event winner Annette Obrestad and Sorel Mizzi, will be logging in on Tuesday 20th May, at 8pm BST for the $2,000 prize pool freeroll. Both of the pros will have a $250 bounty on their heads, while the remaining $1,500 will go into the prize pool. All you have to do to take part is sign up using the links on or use the bonus code “BLUFF”. Then, head on over there, generate 10 Betfair Points ($1 in rake), and away you go! Qualifiers will be pre-registered for the tournament.

All of that on top of the usual high-calibre writing you’d come to expect from Bluff Europe, with contributions by Jennifer Tilly, Dr Pauly and Adam Slutsky, and strategy from Brian Townsend, Mike Caro, Phil Laak and Paul Jackson – what more could a poker player want?!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Las Vegas and Monte Carlo – Two $10K Trips Celebrate Online Casino’s 10th Birthday’s 10th Birthday Party Continues Through May continues its 10th birthday celebrations this month by awarding first-class trips to the casino capitals of the world and by launching five new games. Everyone playing at the renowned online casino in May is automatically entered in a free draw for one of two first-class travel packages valued at $10,000 each. One European player will be flown to Monaco and an American winner will be the online casino’s guest in Las Vegas.

The world’s first online gambling company is making all the arrangements First Class: first class flights, a suite at the Bellagio (or equivalent in Monte Carlo), show tickets, chips and spending money.

“We’re very proud of the ten years of trust that we have with players around the world,” said Michl Posch of “We thought birthday parties in the casino capitals of the world was a good way to celebrate!”

As it does every month, IntertopsCasino will add several new games to its existing portfolio of 350. On May 6th, Microgaming’s new Cashapillar, HoldEm High, Sure Win, Alley Cats and Quest for Beer slot machines will be released. Cashapillar is a cute 5-reel, 100 pay-line video slot that will "worm" its way into players’ hearts with its massive jackpots - up to 6,000,000 coins in the free spins feature.

The Trivia 500 promotion was so popular last month that is extending this chance to win bonuses through May. A game in itself, Trivia 500 gives players a chance to win bonus money by answering trivia questions.

Two $10K casino trips, five new games, and a special bonus trivia game may seem like a lot of celebrating for one month but vows to continue its tenth birthday celebrations again next month.

As always, Intertops welcomes American players to their online casino, poker room and sportsbook.