Monday, March 21, 2011

Gioco Digitale and Jadestone Score a Scopa

jadestone-italy-160.jpgGioco Digitale and Jadestone Networks confirm the immediate success from the market launch of the two local multiplayer card games Burraco and Scopa in Italy. The two companies will now continue to expand the business with more enhancements in order to achieve an even broader audience.

The two Italian favorites Burraco and Scopa were launched in December last year and in January respectively and within days from launch they achieved relevant positions in their respective genre. As a mark of this success both Burraco and Scopa are today offered also on in Italy.

The Italian network now boasts very large player liquidity in Italy. In fact, over 20.000 players have been seated at the tables with peaks of almost 2.000 players at the same time. And perhaps even more exciting, about 30% of the player base is female. During the initial live period, more than 450.000 cash tournaments of Burraco and Scopa have been played and the interest increase day by day.

"Apart from delivering the numbers, the games have largely appealed to a new audience for us" - says, Paolo di Feo, CEO of bwin Italia - “And in the months to come, we will make great enhancements in order to achieve an even bigger audience”.

Tobias Nissen, General Manager of Jadestone Networks, comments on the success in Italy: "We took the launch of these Italian favorites very seriously, perfecting the games together with local experts. It’s clear that the Italian players expect high quality and the fact that we today are one of the leaders is a great testament to our success."