Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Poker-Pro Wannabe Gets Chance at a Million

Regular Aces.com Player Wins Place in Million Dollar Free Roll Elimination Round

A young player who’s honed his poker tournament skills in Aces.com’s regular Wednesday Night Free Roll has qualified for the online elimination round in the Vegas-style site’s Million Dollar Free Roll.

The Million Dollar Free Roll online elimination round begins July 22 and will likely continue for two or three days. The top twelve players will be flown to a secret tropical resort for the face-to-face Final Table. One of them will walk away a million dollars richer. The Wednesday night regulars at Aces.com hope it’s their buddy Brill.

Brill played in our last Million Dollar Free Roll,” said Aces.com Manager Rene Quesada, “He finished about 400th out of about 5000. I can tell you though, he’s played a lot of Texas Hold’em since then – could be a real contender this time ‘round!”

“I’ve had a lot more online tournament experience since then,” says the confident Aces.com player. “Last year was just practice – this year I’m playing to win!”

The confident player is hoping his Brill Strategy can help him win the million.

“I have a strategy that I've formulated over the years that seems to work for me,” says the recent college graduate. “I call it my ‘Brill Strategy’. Without giving too much away, I'll say that I’m a semi-conservative player who has an aggressive streak and I feel I have a good knack of knowing how much to bet at certain times, and how to extract the most chips from an opponent in a given pot. Of course, no matter how good a player you are, you need to get lucky. And sometimes the luckiest thing that can happen, is avoiding being unlucky.”

The Hold’em hopeful is also a fan of the most popular new game in Las Vegas, Three Card Poker.

“Three Card is pretty easy,” he said. “It’s nice for a change after a few intense hands of Hold’em! Would be nice to pick up that $1000 Tournament prize at the end of the month too!”

Aces.com’s June card tournaments include $1000 prizes to the players that win the most at Blackjack, Three Card Poker and Caribbean Stud in the month of June.

There is no direct entry into the $1,000,000 main event -- players must win their seat in one of three free heats held daily until July 21. The tournaments, which are free to enter, are at 4 pm. 9 pm and 1 am (Eastern Time) every day; registration begins two hours prior to each. Anyone can join these games by entering the poker room at Aces.com. The top six, nine and fifteen players respectively advance to the Online Elimination Round that begins July 22.