Monday, May 15, 2006

Two Huge Progressive Jackpots Overdue for a Hit’s ‘Free Ride’ Progressive Jackpot Approaching $250,000

Two of’s three progressive jackpots are sky high – one well over $200K -- and all are statistically due to be hit. On average, Aces’ jackpots are won twice a week, usually for about $50K each time. The Hook Line & Sinker slots jackpot was just hit on Friday and is way over a hundred grand already. This week two progressive jackpots are setting record highs.

Current Progressive Jackpots*:

Caribbean Stud $161,698.84
Free Ride $237,550.68
Hook Line Sinker $124,470.33

* At as of May 15 08:43 MDT (Las Vegas)

Progressive jackpots raise the stakes for card and slots players. By adding a dollar to a bet to play the progressive, players become eligible to win huge jackpots.

“We’re part of the biggest online gambling company in the world, so our progressive jackpots are played by literally millions of players,” said Rene Quesada, Manager. “That’s why they get so big even though they get hit pretty often.”

Part of the excitement of progressive jackpots is watching the jackpot ticker constantly changing as millions of online players up the ante by adding the progressive to their bet. At, an hour can add $10,000 to the pot.

“I never used to play the progressive until my friend won $36,000 that way,” said player “WANNABET” of Kansas. “I’d just spin and hope for the best. Then I realized you can never win the really big money unless you top up your bets. Now I do it all the time – it’s way more exciting with $200,000 on the line I’ll tell ya!” players can add the Progressive Bet playing Caribbean Stud, Bermuda Poker or slot machines.

Current progressive jackpot values are updated in real-time at