Sunday, January 10, 2010

Australian Lotto Millionaire Still Lives in Caravan

While some gamblers day dream about what they’ll do if they hit the jackpot, some can’t imagine changing anything.  Paul Cousins, an Australian Council worker who won $5 million on the Lotto, still lives in his caravan and has no plans of retiring from his job repairing potholes for the local shire, but he is enjoying the air conditioning in the new car he bought with his winnings.

"I bought a pack of ciggies, had a few beers and some Chinese takeaway and went into work like normal the next morning," said the frugal multi-millionaire, wearing a pair of thongs, Stubbies and a flannel shirt as he sat outside his caravan talking to The Sunday Telegraph.  "I'm just the same simple bloke."

The Australian lotto winner says his next “extravagance” will be a new bed.