Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gambling Commission Report Shows Online Gambling Alive and Very Well in UK

The UK's Gambling Commission has just published new statistics showing that the number of Brits that gamble on their computer or their mobile phone continues to increase.

Hmmm... Why would that be I wonder? Because it's so much fun maybe? Or because Britain is the best market for online gambling companies these days so there's so many great online casinos and poker rooms and sportsbetting sites to choose from?!

Last year, 7.4% of those surveyed had participated in some form of online gambling. This year it's up to 8.6% Course, leave out those who's only form of gambling is national lotteries and it's 5.9%, up from 5.2%.

Mobile gambling is gaining popularity in Britain even faster. About a million and a half people had placed a bet using their mobile phone in the month preceding the survey. As mobile phones get better and better, and the cost of using the internet on your phone goes down, next year's numbers will no doubt skyrocket. (Hey, if you're into mobile gambling, take the Online & Mobile Slots Players Survey.)

For more stats from the UK Gambling Commission report there's an article on