Monday, February 28, 2011's New ‘Bankroll on Demand’ Service Offers Sponsored Poker Players Flexibility and Security, the original and leading online poker staking business, has introduced a new ‘Bankroll on Demand’ service, offering more flexibility and improved security to its players.

Players can now decide how much of their bankroll to use across all of the sites Badbeat is affiliated with on a ‘where-and-when’ basis. Using yet another technology innovation, funds will only be transferred when specifically requested via's proprietary software; adding the benefit of security on players’ accounts when they aren’t playing.

“With our new ‘Bankroll on Demand’ service, we’re offering our players total flexibility with where they play, when they play, and how much of their bankroll they play with,” explained Badbeat Managing Director John Conroy, “We’ll get our players the funds they need, when they need them, so that they can focus 100% on their game, not the backroom admin.”

Poker staking has become an important part of the modern professional poker eco system, with many of today's top and up-and-coming poker talents enjoying the financial backing and professional mentoring of companies such as market leading sponsored players enjoy the type of practical staking that helps their games develop profitably without risking the loss of their own finances.