Wednesday, April 11, 2007

$12,000 WSOP Prize Package Could Go for a Buck! Auctions World Series Prize Package
In a unique auction starting this week at, a $12,000 World Series prize package could go for a buck or less. The popular casino, poker and sportsbetting site has begun taking bids in its World Series Low Bid Auction. The bidder that makes the lowest unique bid on the prize between now and the close of the auction in June will be able to purchase, for the amount of their winning bid, the deluxe travel package. It includes airfare, accommodation and enough cash to enter the World Series of Poker.

“A chance to play in the Big One, that’s every poker player’s dream,” said Brand Manager David Anderson. “Vegas… World Series… Talk about the perfect place to ‘unleash the player in you’! It’d be great seeing one of our guys at the Final Table!”

To win the auction, bidders must make the lowest unique bid. If they were the only one to bid one penny for example, they’d get the $12,000 prize for a cent. Of course, the odds of being the only one to bid a penny are probably pretty low – but you never know!

“Last month,” explained Anderson, “We did a Low Bid Auction for a plasma TV. The winner of that auction ended up getting a $1500 TV for just fifty cents!”

There were many bids for amounts of more and less than fifty cents, but more than one player bid on them. The winner was the only one to place a bid of $.50.

Bids can be placed online at Bids can also be placed by texting from a cell phone (full phone bid instructions also at Any registered player can place bids and players can place as many bids as they want. Registration is free, however accepts registrations from U.S. residents only. There is a charge of US$1.99 per bid – but the first bid is FREE.