Monday, October 23, 2006

There IS Something You Can Do About New U.S. Anti-Gaming legislation

Pass around videos that show Frist and gang for what they really are, send emails to the Senators and Congressmen, write to the media!!!

Poker Patriots provides players, operators and affiliates of the online gambling industry with the tools, training, resources and support needed to fight the Internet Gambling Prohibition Bill. They believe Americans should have the freedom to play, bet, wager, or gamble on their favourite games of skill and chance, be it poker, blackjack, bingo or backgammon. Join the revolution!

The APCW (Association of Professional Casino Webmasters) is asking for the help of players, webmasters, and online casinos to fight the hypocritical, lying, corrupt American political machine. Please watch their videos, download them, and send them to your friends and family! also has phone numbers and addresses for US Senators, Congressmen and media.

These APCW videos would be funny if your freedom wasn't at stake:

How the US Congress Betrayed the US People

The Truth About the Corrupt Politicians who Passed the Gambling Ban

Sen. Frist and the Online Gambling Ban (A.K.A. Mr. Bill Goes to Washington)