Thursday, February 01, 2024

Springbok Casino Celebrates Leap Year with Leaping Wildlife Feature

This month, Springbok Casino celebrates leap year with a special feature on South Africa’s Leaping Wildlife. From the agile leaps of the Springbok to the majestic breach of a whale, each animal symbolizes the spirit of leaping into new opportunities and adventures.

The feature begins with the Springbok, a symbol of South Africa’s enduring spirit and agility known for its unique 'pronking' – a display of jumping high into the air, as if celebrating the leap year themselves.

Next we marvel at the leopard’s agile leaps and ability to climb effortlessly, inspiring us all to embrace our challenges with grace. Whether we’re in the bustling city streets or the serene bushveld, our extra day this month is a rare opportunity to leap beyond our boundaries.

The Impala’s ability to leap up to three meters high serves as a perfect metaphor for the extra day we’ve been gifted.

Whales breaching off the South African coast offer a breathtaking display, symbolizing the grandeur of nature.

The Klipspringer is a small but mighty antelope, known for its exceptional ability to leap between rocky outcrops, reminding us to stay light on our feet and ready to jump at new opportunities during this leap year.

The Leap Year feature also marvels at the Caracal, a wild cat renowned in South Africa for its breathtaking aerial acrobatics, and Meerkats, known for their upright stance and vigilant leaping to keep watch. It also celebrates the Bushbaby, known for its astonishing leaping abilities between tree branches.­

As we race through the 2024 leap year, the cheetah’s ability to make rapid, powerful leaps while chasing down its prey echoes our need to be swift and decisive, especially with the gift of an extra day this leap year.

The African Wild Dog’s social leaps and bounds remind us of the importance of community and shared experiences.

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Glamma Jets to the City of Love for Valentine’s as Players Spin Bonus Wheel for Free Spins and Other Bonuses

Glamma, Jackpot Capital Casino’s fun-loving hostess, is off to Paris for a Month of Love in the City of Love. Glamma invites players to join her on her amorous adventure by spinning her Month of Love bonus wheel where they can win prizes that include over 100 free spins, a $14 freebie, generous 222% match-ups and more.

Glamma’s Big Adventure began in the fall as Jackpot Capital began its 16th anniversary celebrations. She spent a month in Las Vegas followed by a Christmas ski trip to Aspen, Colorado.

“There’s no stopping me now!” declared the free-spirited adventurer.

This month Glamma’s Bonus Wheel is decorated with pastel-colored hearts.  Prizes hidden behind each heart include free spins on several popular games from Spin Logic including Hyper Wins, Tarot Destiny and Enchanted Gardens II. There are also freebies and deposit bonuses to give extra play time. Players will also enjoy Glamma’s pop-ups with Did-You-Know? information about Paris.

Glamma has chosen three of her favorite slots for this month’s Bonus Wheel prizes. She loves the thrill of high volatility games so Hyper Wins, a three-reel with a Scatter that awards up to 200 free spins, is a game she plays a lot. Symbols morph into Wilds during the free spins and all prizes are doubled.  The future is written in the cards in the mystical Tarot Destiny slot. Scatters award up to 20 free spins where Wilds multiply wins.  Fairies and Gnomes frolic in a tropical garden in Enchanted Garden II.  One bonus feature awards free spins with bet multipliers and the other gives free spins with extra wilds.

Players can follow Glamma’s Journey through our Instagram at the casino ( or on Instagram (, Facebook (, X/Twitter (, or Pinterest (